D1013 T1446 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: September

Please join us in wishing the Official Clan of Tied the Leader a good game on their Third Gunniversary. That’s right…

We are, on this very day, three years old.

What a long, strange campaign it has been. 1,095 days ago, our original 7 members [all of them still Overlords in the ranks of the Gunslingers] began sending “Clan Invites” through Halo 2. At the time, we had no idea that our efforts would be so richly rewarded with friendship, camaraderie, and experience points.

Since then, we have not strayed too far from the cradle that incubated the seeds of our ever-warring video game community. Members have come and gone. Games have launched and been succeeded. Opponents have risen and fallen. The Gunslingers remain, devoted to their mission to enjoy the game, as well as each other.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a self-aggrandizing highlight reel? Don’t bother with singing that awful Happy Birthday song. Just click on the button that makes the pictures fly through the air. As always, our thanks go out to OboeCrazy for committing our finer moments to video and classical music.

Here is Quicktime for those that roll Hi-Res.

As we head into Year Four, our momentum is breakneck. Our SPARTANS [and Elites] are eager for a warfront expansion of Mythic proportion. We continue to answer the Call of Duty. Our COGs are ready to spin again in the Gears Of War machine.

And, of course, we are Prepared to Drop!

Happy Gunniversary.

Good Game…

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D0923 T0208 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: August

The ranks of the Halo Nation have thinned over the course of the past year. Can you feel it? Can you?

Would be SPARTANS are on sabatical. They seem to think that they are rock stars, or Jedi, or even car theives. Let’s not even touch on the issue of Duty, and its unmistakable Call.

Yet, there is one group that refuses to go gently into that good night. It would be too much to say that they rage against the dying of the light. Halo’s race is not yet run. Nevertheless, these Halophiles never stray too far from home. I am talking, much as I always am, about the TTL Gunslingers.

Have you seen us lately? We are in there – in Matchmaking. In Halo 3. Month in and month out. Week in and week out. Day by day… one game at a time.

You can bet that we are just around the corner of your next Big Team Battle. And, by rights, you can bet that your next game just might be good. Win or lose. Tie or DNF.

Among the many leading our charge is one Oboe Crazy. She is a passionate gamer with a musical sense of timing and combat. These compilations are her celebration of the team that she calls home.

We all say thankya, Oboe.

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D0818 T1537 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: July

At Tied the Leader, this front page has been enjoying somewhat of a sumer vacation in recent weeks. Your friendly neighborhood gamerblogger will safeguard his pride by not asking if you had noticed.

We have been getting outside from time to time [no, really]. We are planning a LAN. And, of course, we are playing our favorite game. There is always time for that. When the green ring on the box comes alive, there will be blood.

There are times when it seems that not much more can be said about that. We have stated our case. We have chiseled our charter into what passes for stone in cyberspace. We have built our army and mustered our allies. We play the game for the opportunities it grants us to interact [either peacefully or violently] with our fellow gamers…
May the lead trade sides on several occassions throughout the match!

As gamers, the game is our stage. Here is a look back on some of our favorite plays, executed recently in the warzone lovingly maintained for us by the fighting men and women at Bungie Studios.

This assembly of highlights exists not to rub the noses of the fallen in their own blood, but to celebrate the fact that gamers are active participants in their own quest for entertainment. They are their own playmakers, their own closers, their own gold medalists.

Enjoy, as we have… Love, TTL.

p.s. Don’t miss Yours Truly at 2:15 in the timecode, executing a one-wheel reverse-endo in a Warthog – flag on board! They don’t pass out medals for that…

p.p.s. Mad props to Oboe Crazy for shining the spotlight on our better moments!

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D0714 T2105 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: JUNE

Can the Halo Nation accommodate yet another series of combat montages? The staunchest critics of machinima would say “NO!”

This gamerblogger says “Why not? Bring ‘em on!”

Capturing the more explosive events from an unscripted encounter is a celebration of the individual that plays the game. It’s a salute to the fact that, in the midst of countless explosions and confrontation, every gamer gets a chance [sooner or later] to play the role of the hero.

Creating an alternative storyline using a game engine is certainly clever, but the game is the thing at Tied the Leader. In playing the game, a gamer writes their own story – with themselves as the main character. And, they do it on the fly. Submitted for your approval, or at least three-and-a-half minutes of your viewing pleasure, we proudly present some of the more vivid moments captured by TTL Gunslingers during combat maneuvers for the month of June.

This isn’t a parade of “MLG awesome sauce”. These are the every day people that play the game for fun. And fun they have. Don’t worry. It’s not set to speed-metal.

Coming soon… JULY!

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D1029 T2311 Y2007Lagtacular

Announcing the launch of Tied the Leader Studios. During the Halo 3 Beta, it came to our attention that there was legitimate multimedia muscle in our community. As we slayed and played on the first 3 Multiplayer maps of Halo 3, a Gunglinger named TTL Hoovaloov emerged as a machinima auteur.

You may remember him as the architect behind L Askan’s Beta Carotage [WMV and MOV]. Or you may not. The point of the matter is that machinima is so effortless at the controls of Halo 3, that gamers who never hassled themselves with puppeteering and editing will be lured into the scene.

Please welcome TTL to the Table. As an amusing meditation, we offer you LagtaculaR. Rather than a rant against the inevitability of network congestion, this is a whimsical look at how the rules of our virtual world are bent when the machine breaks down.

Hoovaloov can frame up his creative process better than I. Here are some Director’s Notes from the man himself:

I made this video as a fun way to look at something all gamers experience – lag. Last week, I was playing a game of Halo 3 online when all of a sudden, I was spasmodically warping around the map and people were randomly dying. It was so funny at the time that I had to watch the Saved Film to see how it thought the game played out. I started messing around with neat camera angles and panning shots, and pretty soon I had decided I was just going to make a video about it. It was a completely unexpected idea, but I wanted to showcase the game because it told a story so naturally. Soon the ideas were flowing, and I had it all edited within three days of playing that game. It was fun to see how lag can make even the most strategic game of Team Slayer devolve into utter chaos. I hope you all enjoy it!

For those of you who crave a higher quality than the immediate gratification of YouTube, we offer versions of LagtaculaR in both WMV and MOV formats.

Cheers, Hoovaloov! Give the man his props, Constant Reader.

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D0611 T2016 Y2007Halo 3 Beta [Carotage]

Dear Bungie Studios,

Thank you for The Beta. It was the easiest test we ever took. Are you sure that was not a finished product? It sure did look, sound or feel like one from where we stood – or sat [on our couches] more accurately.

That was awful nice of you to invite us to your barn raising. We were more than happy to jump up and down on the foundation. It held up pretty well. Sorry that the custom-game-cat got out of the virtual bag. We swear, we only took a peek – once or three times at the most. Hopefully, you still got some good information out of those of us who held fast to the mission as it was issued.

So, you ran us rats through your habitrail of madness and war. You took some notes – a hoard of rabid naysayers looking over your shoulder the whole time… Time to finish the development process. Any patience we had is decimated by a peak behind the curtain between us and the Windows.

Don’t believe the haters, now. For the term of The Beta, TTL went uncharacteristically silent. Instead of trying to capture the dialogue on our site, we sent people packing to yours. It’s always been a nice place that you have there. A little rowdy, perhaps. Your bouncers are a lot more forgiving than ours. There seems to be a lot more love for you in our house than there is in yours. Or, at least, less hate. That’s why we wanted to check in on you. We give you credit for being able to sort out “opinion” from “feedback”. But just in case you need a reminder… You are doing a bang-up job on Halo 3.

Don’t change a thing, unless you absolutely have to. The game works. That’s all you ever wanted to know… Right? The game works like a dream. Well, after we learned the new control scheme, that is… There were a few panicked moments in which we dropped a Power Drainer in our base when we meant to reload; but it’s not like you didn’t warn us about that.

That Warthog is a beast. Don’t tame it. We all want to live in a world in which the Chief’s pimpin ride can treat a grenade like it was contraband fireworks from just over the state line. The haters will just have to relearn that Plasma Pistol again. If they are above that, they don’t deserve to dish.

You got it right. Again. You don’t need us to tell you that you did, and you don’t them to tell you that you didn’t. Just keep your chins up and finish the job. We will all be in line at Midnight on a warm September evening.

If we were going to ask for something – you know, just for the sake of argument – we might ask that the next build for Halo 3 be sporting a nice shiny clan list. We sure do like clan lists here at TTL. It’s like a key for any door that the Gunslingers want to walk through together. Stumbling into Halo 3, a lot of us were fumbling around in the dashboard trying to find each other.

And, finally, if we were absolutely hopeless fans, we would suggest something catchy for the announcer to say when one team evens the score in a slayer match.

We’d let you come up with that one, though.

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