D1107 T1237 Y2010Dust Off!

What does the Halo Experience mean to you? It is a question with an infinite number of answers. With more than a month under our grenade belts on Reach – not to mention a solid decade in the service of the United Nations Space Command – playing Halo can hold unique expectatons for each of the millions of gamers who spin any of six discs in their tray.

For some, Halo is a universe to explore, disecting every moment and every corner of the story missions. For others, Halo is an arena, with endless possibilities for engagement against sentient targets. Halo can be a foundation on which to build, a stage from which to entertain, or a lounge where one can socialize. The facets of the action play to every specialty – every fighting style. A mutliplayer engagement can be a dogfight, a sniper duel, a firefight between posses, or a street war between sects.

For this gamer, Halo has always been a heist operation. My Halo Experience is about theft and capture. My proudest moments of glory occur without me firing a single shot. The war stories that send my pulse into overdrive are search and rescue operations. My reward comes from my passenger putting a point up on the scoreboard. They don’t pass out medals for that. They don’t need to.

My Halo Experience is intact in Halo: Reach. How about yours?

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D0328 T1303 Y2010Wheelman Commendations

Last week, we watched as the curtain was raised on a new system to be included in Halo Reach that will keep players invested in pursuing their own campaign against the virutal combatents that fight in the Battle of the Halo Nation. The new focus will be on the specialist that finds their niche and elevates a single facet of the game to the level of art. The aim will be to reinforce those behaviors.

In the words of lukems “There are guys [who] just want to drive people around.” Submitted for your approval – and entertainment – are a cadre of such guys. Halo3Wheelemen.com has collected some of the best moments played by the dedicated Warthog pilots from Affiliated Clans in the Good Game Network. The theme of this highlight reel is similar to Bungie’s impending Commendation system – to discover who is the best of the best.

Behold the future Onyx Wheelmen of the Halo Nation. They are poised on the border of the Reach Beta, ready to strike with steering wheels in hand and nerves of steel. Keep an eye out for them. On May 3rd, they will be hunting for you.

As always, these offerings are best experienced in High Definition.

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D0304 T0931 Y2010Game Changer

The time has come for you to forget everything that you know about playing Halo on Xbox Live. Time to let go of that coveted Battle Rifle. Time to learn a new control scheme. Time to embrace new hazzards and master new weapons. Time to map out some new stomping grounds. All bets are off. No one is safe.

Tied the Leader’s most prolific machinimaker, TTL Hoovaloov, knows this. His attention to the details of a game are as razor sharp as his skill with a video editor. For a full tactical briefing on the bomb that was dropped on our comfort zone, click below. Don’t watch it here, fare gamer. Get thee to YouTube. Hoov went to all the trouble to provide this analysis in high resolution, after all.

Gaming is a discipline. To keep things interesting, that discipline is a moving target. Just when you thought you were the most dangerous kid on your block, the game changes. Will you adapt? Will you overcome? Will you be willing to bust yourself back down to Apprentice and undergo boot camp all over again?

Don’t be left behind, ye citizens of the Halo Nation. Abandon your posts in Halo 3, and prepare to get some in the new arena. You have two months to say goodbye to the instinctive memory that has been encoded into your controller-wielding hands. On 03 May 2010, combat will evolve again.

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D0816 T2337 Y2009Welcome to Hoov's File Share

Do you know TTL Hoovaloov?

If you have been a constant reader of this gamerblog, you have likely beheld his mastery of the rich media. This Gunslinger wields a digital editor like he does a Sniper Rifle. He throws the funky beats like he’s hurling plasma on any map of Halo 3, turning his carnage into a dance.

If you have not been a constant reader, it seems extremly likely that you have been shot in the middle of your face by Hoovaloov on Xbox Live. Either way, you may see your own ugly mug below…

Welcome to his File Share. Hoovaloov has focused the spotlight on many of us in the past. This is his time to shine. That is, after all, what a File Share is good for… Hat’s off to The Maker for giving us the means to tell our own war stories.

There ain’t nothing wrong with a man that takes pride in his own work. Should we not admire the success of our opponent? Here is your chance to tell Hoovaloov that he plays a ‘Good Game’.

Halo 3 is a stage. Please enjoy while our resident auteur takes a bow.

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D0401 T0103 Y2009No Scope? Nope!

At the end of the day on which we celebrate the fool, this gamerblogger came across a jewel of a gift presented by his faithful Halo Clan. Lovingly crafted to commemorate the occassion in which pranks are the objective, the following montage was cultivated from gameplay lifted from Halo 3 via Xbox Live.

As you view this masterful piece of violent pop-culture, please keep in mind the following caveats, listed below…

1. I, XerxdeeJ, of sound mind and avatar, cannot effect a long-range kill with a Sniper Rifle worth a damn. Sincerely. This is not an attempt at humility intended to curry favor from those gamers I intend to lead as one of their Overlords. The long-barrel in Halo 3 might as well be a boat-oar in my hands. I am more likely to kill someone with the SRS99C-S2 AM if I employ it in the manner that one would wield a sledgehammer.

2. TTL, while prolific with combat montages, makes it a point to never set our antics to Death Metal, Cookie Monster Rock, Hardcore Rap, Breaking Benjamin, or any other threadbare forms of music. We have long prided ourselves on this point. If this reminds you of your montage, the joke is on you as well…

3. A Disclaimer lifted directly from the end credits:
“XerxdeeJ did none of these things in this video.”

Thanks for the sucker punch.


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D0221 T2353 Y2009The Art of Warthog

Playing the great game of Halo affords a gamer the chance to act out so many different roles of their choosing. The archetypes are the same that one may find on an actual battlefield. Sniper. Rifleman. Pistoleer. Heavy Gunner. Guard. And let us not forget the Pilots. Once a player embraces their favorite function on the battlefield, they can hone their craft until it is elevated to the level of art.

One such artist, a Gunslinger who we know as Fezzer, has compiled some of the finer moments of his performances in the various threatres of combat that comprise the Halo 3 Experience via Xbox Live. It has been said that a cat always lands on its feet. The same can be said for the Warthog, provided it is being helmed by a faithful member of our Roadkill Squadron.

Enjoy. Please refrain from flash photography, and hold your applause until the end of the show.

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D0105 T0021 Y2009Gunslinger Highlights, VOL 6

Happy New Year, Constant Reader.

At Tied the Leader, we have our New Year’s Resolutions all laid out. Not suprisingly, they are mostly the same as the resolutions we made last year:

1. Play some good games.
2. Deal in lead.
3. Prepare to drop.
4. Quit smoking. [check!]
5. Lose ten pounds. [yeah, right]

4 out of 5 ain’t bad. As a gesture that the Gunslingers intend to charge into 2009 much as they did into 2008, Oboe Crazy has been up to her old tricks, taking average blokes like us and casting us in the role of the hero.

Have a watch, and then get back to work. We are back to business as usual. Stay tuned for updates from numerous warfronts as they become available.


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D1214 T1638 Y2008How sweet...

If you are a constant reader of this masthead for gamer culture, you are no doubt acquainted with a gamer by the name of Oboe Crazy. Being a woman, Oboe is subjected to only the finest behavior of her warring peers. Being a Captain of the TTL Gunslingers, it just so happens that she has dozens of teammates to insure that her griefers are met with swift retribution.

If you find youself doing a dance on our Oboe, there is likely a Gunslinger lurking just around the next corner with a particular interest in seeing you suffer.

The joke is [in fact] on you, my sweet idiots.

Good game.

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D1117 T0031 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: October

And now for something completely different…

Oboe Crazy makes her triumphant return to TTL’s center stage with yet another offering to highlight the finer moments of gameplay waged by her Gunslingers over the course of a month.

This time, however, the focus is on those instances in which the game surprises us with its utter unpredictability. Sooner or later, the fog of war obscures even the keenest eye. It is those occassions that make the grade this bout. What began as a “blooper reel” became a parade of “WTF!”

In October, we all had an opportunity to deliver the ultimatum:
“Trick or Treat!”

Xbox Live, it would seem, is not without its own appetite for a good prank. It could be said that these pearls of sheer confusion only stoke the replayability of the game.

Editor’s Note: Gamevee failed us this news cycle. Pardon our dust while we stretch the capacity of YouTube to display Oboe’s final cut… Watch this space for upgrades.

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D1026 T1616 Y2008Stupid Fun

After a long hiatus, resident machinima auteur TTL Hoovaloov is back with a piece that he calls the “Stupid Fun ‘Tage”. You may remember this gamer – whose friends call him “Hoov” – from such previous works as Beta Carotage or Lagtacular. His most recent offering is a parade of evidence of the replayability of Halo 3 via Xbox Live.

This montage could have just as easily been called the “Splatter ‘Tage” or the “Oh My God ‘Tage” or the “Did You See That? ‘Tage”. This is why we fight. Nothing can prepare a Halo National for what might come next when two teams clash on the digital battlefield.

Is it any mystery that Warthog Pilots have more fun? Snipers have their enigma and their rare skill. Attackers have their collection of stolen flags. Defenders fight for the glory [and the medals] that come from a shutout.

The crazy cowboys from the motorpool, however, see all of the very best moments that the Halo 3 physics engine affords a gamer. And, they see it from the driver’s seat. Even within the confines of an expressed combat specialty [Hoovaloov is a Gunslinger of the Roadkill Squadron], there are unexpected moments that can inspire shock and awe in even the most jaded veteran.

DISCLAIMER: “OPERATION SWEET JUMPS” is a trademark of this gamerblogger. I invented that. Well, I didn’t invent the Warthog; nor did I invent a fondness for seeing it catch some air. However, I did coin the phrase to describe the practice of going off-mission on a joyride when a 20 point lead has been accrued in Team Slayer. All rights reserved!

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