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Greetings. Please join me on a stroll that leads to the clearing at the end of this path. You see, the time has come to shut down this phase of a project that began over six years ago. As has been suggested on more than one occassion: TTL is not what it used to be. We would not have it any other way.

Since this project began with the simple idea that gamers could use the games they play to be excellent to each other, I have lived a lifetime of adventures in cultivating the language that flowed from this blog. It’s been a privilege to showcase the creativity of the membership that rallied to the banner I raised. It was an honor to share war stories with gamers infinitely more skilled than myself. It was a blast to form friendships I will have for the rest of my life.

But, alas, this is my last blog post as the toastmaster of the community that thrives here. Tied the Leader will remain standing. This movement is about more than one person expressing an opinion. What was created here was a product of their talents more than my own. An entire staff bristling with trusted agents is waiting in the wings to carry the mission forward.

Check out the next evolution of TTL.
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The storefront is being rebuilt. Some new proprietors have been appointed to keep the shelves stocked with our very specific brand of mayhem. The time has come for me to stop being a pundant on the periphery, and join the circus that has kept me so entertained throughout this campaign as a gamerblogger.

I won’t be too hard to find, depending on your preferences for playing fantastic games. If you like the games I want to play, it will be my job to keep you entertained, and to learn from your exploits. Don’t be a stranger.

As for now, please allow me the distinct pleasure of introducing you to my coworkers, some fine creators that you may have seen mentioned on these pages once in a while…

Thanks to anyone that ever gave this column the time of day.
Thanks to everyone that ever expressed their opinion.
Thanks to the gifted artists that raised the flag higher.
Thanks to the allies that played on my team.
Thanks to the opponents that completed the equation.

Good Game.

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