D0314 T2000 Y2011Affinity for Defiance

Have you become Defiant yet? If you haven’t, you gotta go and get yourself some new maps. Remembering Reach is as fun now as it was when it first fell. With the new vistas of carnage live for download, the action is at the ready. Click below to behold a recon scouting report by TTL Hoovaloov.

Tied the Leader’s affinity for these new battlegrounds is certain. The developers behind this offering have defended their perfect record for giving our favorite games a shot in the arm. Halo 2. Left for Dead. World at War. Reach. Black Ops. The Gunslingers have played them all, and we have enjoyed the third-party contributions to every one of them. We say thankya for the new toys!

Certain Affinity is a unique beast in the parade of coders that craft the environments that serve as vessels for our imagination. They pick up where The Maker leaves off. They extend the life of a killer application that begs to be played into the very ground that is pounded by our boots. The ability of these cartographers to translate their skills to augment so many unique worlds is really quite impressive.

As for the Defiant Maps? Each of them is as different to each other as they are to the arenas that came before them.

Condemned boasts the most tragic view of the planet below to date. Think of the illegitimate child of Orbital and Anchor 9, only on a really bad day. The experiment gone awry at the core of the map will provide some nasty combat surprises.

Highlands explores more of Reach’s craggy terrain. You can have a vehicle, but you will need to be nimble to negotiate the nooks and crannies of the unforgiving landscape. Flag plants are on high, so prepare for an uphill battle to claim the banner of your opponent.

Unearthed, if played correctly, is the most fun that you might ever have in a Warthog. Your combat wagon can achieve top speed on this excavated pan. Let slip the rockets of war. Enemies are in endless supply, and so is the ammunition.

See you in the fray. Get some.

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  1. #LINK D0314 T2004
    Sunburned Goose wrote...

    Pays to be a forum rat.

    3P4KX-74M6M-4GFKV-MHD2H-KT9WZ – mine

  2. #LINK D0314 T2016
    Lupes wrote...

    Gotta love e-mail notifications.

    G4DTH-4PKJ3-HH3C9-P72DK-FC6KZ – my own.

  3. #LINK D0314 T2020
    Duff wrote...

    Sweet! Keep an eye out for me on the battlefield. I’m kinda rusty!

    4KCTW-DTJCF-T2JXP-7Y4V9-7VMTZ – used.
  4. #LINK D0314 T2029
    ConsumedFever wrote...

    Blast… To slow :(

  5. #LINK D0314 T2043
    Eisen Feuer wrote...

    yeah, the 360 decided to hide the ‘enter code’ thing from me.

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