D1006 T1024 Y2010Bungie Ties The Leader

“Death for you, Gunslingers…”

That was both the threat and the invitation to dance. In recounting the events of a Humpday Challenge against the Forum Ninjas from Bungie.net, it was Urk that held palaver with us in a place of bones and predicted our fortunes. His grim prognosis was nothing short of prophetic.

Behold the uniform of Team Onyx. They are an imposing sight. Aren’t they? If they cross your path, you will need to bring your very best game to survive their attack. As a team, these gamers passionately enforce the notion that Bungie makes games that they want to play – and play well. Last night, the TTL Gunslingers met their defeat in battle against the finest killers from the ranks of the creators of Halo Reach.

Game: Invasion Slayer
Map: Spire
Outcome: Bungie Wins 100-89

We were robbed of our humanity [and our pride] for the first bout of the night, forced to inhabit the hunched form of the Elite invaders. Our opponents controlled the vertical high-ground and rained fire down from above. Bungie taught a harsh lesson in resource management as well, controlling the territories and the reinforcements that they yield. On too many occassions, we allowed them to steal our own spoils of war and use them against us…

Game: Capture the Flag
Map: Hemorrhage
Outcome: Stalemate – Bungie wins by Kill Count

A classic standard of Halo gameplay was selected out of foolish sentimentality by this gamerblogger. The Gunslingers were unable to breach the iron-clad defenses of the Onyx base. Waves after waves of strike teams crashed upon their shields, surrendering the kills that would end up earning Bungie the bragging rights for victory in a second consecutive round…

Game: Team Slayer
Map: Boardwalk
Outcome: Tied the Leader wins [barely] 100-99

With the match decided, there was nothing left for us to defend but our dignity. Team Onyx kept their forces tightly knit into a deadly web of crossfire. They seemed to have an uncanny knack for luring us into their killzone, and then tightening the noose around the bravest [or most foolhearty] of us. After giving up a dangerous lead in the first half of the match, the Gunslingers adapted – choosing to exchange fire over longer sightlines instead of marching into the slaughter like lambs…

Previsouly, the Gunslingers emerged victorious from a Humpday Challenge against Bungie. That was in a different game – a different time. On Reach, everyone plays for keeps. Our record against The Maker is now even. One win. One loss. Last night, Bungie tied the leader.

It must be said that the statistical outcome of these matches is less important than the fact that they happen at all. These Humpday Challenges are a prime example of what makes Bungie so special as a development house. Their gesture of sharing a friendly match with the people who play their games is a catalyst that sparks to life the blue flame of community. They are curious about us. It makes us curious about each other. From there, Reach is what we make of it together.

As always, and even in defeat, it was our pleasure to sample the gameplay of the very people who wrought it from code. The TTL Gunslingers say thankya for the chance to be schooled by the masters of their own domain. What do we say now? There is only one thing to say…

Good Game.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D1006 T1230
    stuicide wrote...

    Good Games Bungie! Was a very close match and those always make for the unmistakable white knuckle Halo experience we’ve been experiencing for a decade. Say Thankya!

  2. #LINK D1006 T1235
    testa killz wrote...

    Great games everyone! This was a really fun experience.

    Thankya big big!

  3. #LINK D1006 T1246
    TTL Demag0gue wrote...

    Great games and great to network with the Makers. Really enjoyed the experience!

    Say thankya!

  4. #LINK D1006 T1253
    Bunny wrote...

    I definitely had a great time. All of the games were trying. We will see you on the battlefield.

  5. #LINK D1006 T1301
    Sunburned Goose wrote...

    Thanks for the taste, it was a fun time inspite of walking into a Banshee mortars a few too many times :|

  6. #LINK D1006 T1335
    tkblingx2 wrote...

    Nice write up, tell L not to kill me for the last kill next time! :)

  7. #LINK D1006 T1419
    TTL Gunny wrote...

    Great retelling of the night’s carnage. Sounds like it was an intense night. Good Game!

  8. #LINK D1006 T1724
    Tortacular wrote...

    Good games all.

    Some very close matches, we could’ve played a best of 11.

  9. #LINK D1006 T2020
    TPA Nightmare wrote...

    Nice writeup! Looks like it was neck and neck the whole way.

  10. #LINK D1007 T0751
    TTL G RODD wrote...

    Looks like it was a lot of fun!

    ...and good write up, it seems to have recaptured the evening.

  11. #LINK D1007 T1110
    FaithKeeper wrote...

    I love that not only do the creators take time out to game with us, but that it means something to them. So cool.

    Good Games, guys!

  12. #LINK D1012 T0144
    commandoelite45 wrote...

    bungie i have a question i would like to face you i think it would be very cool

  13. #LINK D1018 T0747
    nicholas wachter wrote...

    good games hope one day me and my bro can vs. you guys.
    our gamertags are:
    my bro:xOMFGXEXTREME

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