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Three years ago, the gates of Halo 3 swung wide to admit an anxiously waiting public to finisht the fight. Our Hero had been left hanging off of a cliff. Our multiplayer battlegrounds were in desperate need of an upgrade. Our respective warring societies were perched on starting blocks, waiting for the crack of the pistol to mark the arrival of the street date.

Three years later, we have run that race all over again. Reach has fallen, and it is an upgrade of the same magnitude. When the TTL Gunslingers migrate to a new title, we rarely look back. The next evolution is always a welcome milestone in our campaign as gamers. However, on this – the third birthday of Halo 3 – attention must be paid.

Would you cast a reminiscant glance over your shoulder with us? Would you experience the odyssey of virtual combat that was Halo 3 on Xbox Live one final time? Your tour guides will be two of the most stalwart Captains of the official Halo Clan of Tied the Leader. TTL L Askan was and is our first line of offense. TTL Tortacular was and is our last line of defense. Together, they encompass two vastly contrasting experiences that have illustrated the past three years of our life as a team.

As always, these offerings are best viewed in a higher resolution. Hats off to TTL Hoovaloov, the architect of this victory lap. The victory belongs to all of us – to the players and the makers. Halo 3 was an experience for those that love it. Good games were had. Virtual armies were raised all across the Halo Nation – ones that still fight in Halo: Reach. We Gunslingers will be forever grateful for the impact that Halo 3 had on our little social experiment. If Halo 2 was our cradle, Halo 3 was our academy.

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

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  1. #LINK D0923 T1215
    Fezzer wrote...

    NADE THE HOG!! Probably one the best TTL traditions of H3.

  2. #LINK D0923 T1217
    TTL Demag0gue wrote...

    Rawkin’ montage, guys!

  3. #LINK D0923 T1248
    TTL DDay wrote...

    Great work Hoov…

  4. #LINK D0923 T1326
    Tex wrote...

    “Wake me when you need me.”

    Ahh, I’ll never forget you, Halo 3. You ended my trilogy of a crush not with a bang, but a whimper.


  5. #LINK D0923 T1508
    Tortacular wrote...

    Thanks to Hoov for making me look good!

  6. #LINK D0925 T1629
    bs angel wrote...

    What an amazing montage. Great job to all involved!!

  7. #LINK D0926 T1233
    pandaboy wrote...

    I just played through the campaign again this past weekend and halo 3 is just plain amazing – love the game!! Love the multiplayer

  8. #LINK D0926 T1322
    Nazzer wrote...

    I just finished the first Halo again, and now I’m replaying Halo 2. Soon I’ll replay Halo 3.

    It’s hard to believe that it’s over.

    “Were it so easy.”

  9. #LINK D0926 T1446
    Shane wrote...

    nice montage and happy birthday halo3!!!!!

  10. #LINK D0926 T1606
    hyghwayman wrote...

    Nice job TTL, great video also.

  11. #LINK D0926 T1610
    bob the builder wrote...

    Great after seeing triple kills non-stop with lazers i was like “they are saving the best lazer for last” hehe and they did!

  12. #LINK D0926 T1626
    Shadowbellum wrote...

    I am good at Halo, but DANG!

  13. #LINK D0926 T1628
    H3WM il Duce wrote...

    “Fezzer wrote…

    NADE THE HOG!! Probably one the best TTL traditions of H3.”

    H3WM disapproves of this activity… Awesome editorial as always Xerx!

  14. #LINK D0926 T1640
    mordzy wrote...

    H3 was a game changer. perhaps the single most memorable game i have played, will play… a piece of art/history.

    This video brought back great memories, great work… done the game justice.

  15. #LINK D0926 T2128
    Mini-Me wrote...

    Reminds me very much of the Defend The House community montage from a few weeks ago. Hmm.

  16. #LINK D0927 T0031
    El Burritoh wrote...

    Ah the memories… Nearly brought a tear to mee eye, so it did….
    Beautiful work, Hoov. Awesome editing!

  17. #LINK D0927 T0123
    Hoovaloov wrote...

    Thank you all for your kind words! I’m glad you all are enjoying it.

  18. #LINK D0927 T0636
    Haze wrote...

    Goodnight sweet prince.

  19. #LINK D0927 T0647
    Tortacular wrote...

    Thanks for the kind words, peoples. It was nice to see this come to fruition two and a half years after we decided to do it.

  20. #LINK D0927 T2007
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    Dig it.

  21. #LINK D1007 T1145
    Hun Sing Redcorn wrote...

    Reach is so easy to beat i’ve beat every Halo game three times over this week including Reach.

  22. #LINK D1021 T0237
    diwali messages wrote...

    You ended my trilogy of a crush not with a bang, but a whimper.

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