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In the weeks leading up to Reach’s fall, our Midworld Forum was home to an ARG. That’s an “alternate reality game” for the uninitiated. These mysterious roleplays have long been a major component of the experience of following the Halo franchise, and its various releases.

You may have heard about our little social experiment. Regretfully, it escaped off our webring, and ended up in the hands of some ravenous problem solvers at Bungie.net. When we realized that industrial players were making the rounds to disavow all knowledge of our maneuvers, we enacted strict radio silence. Sorry to kill the buzz, if it reached you.

While the riddle ended up being solved behind our closed doors, we decided that we might share the answer with curious onlookers. We welcome you to experience a post-mortem of what we called ASCH. It was our own homespun project to ramp up enthusiasm for our return to the UNSC.

Click to explore.

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