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With week one of the fall of Reach behind us, all we can say at Tied the Leader is “good game”. Great game, in fact. There is no place like home. The TTL Gunslingers have wasted no time getting familiar with our new space.

Everything is upgraded. The array of options is bigger. The maps are bigger. The ‘splosions are bigger. The armored shoulders are bigger. Even the Halo Nation itself is bigger – already bigger than it ever was upon launch of previous titles.

Our borders have opened up to many new combatants. Fortunately, our virtual society does not shun its immigrants. Fresh meat for the grinder is always welcome. Some of you are future friends. The rest of you are necessary fodder for our cannons.

If you are playing your first multiplayer games in a Halo title, we offer you a warm welcome. Sincerely. Thanks for joining the fray. We only have one rule for you new people. Everyone fights. No one quits. This delicious medium for entertainment requires that we create action for each other. We are all moving parts in a chaotic system. When we fail to finish the fight, that system breaks down.

There are times when you won’t want to see a match to its logical conclusion. We can admit to that – each of us. There will be times when the riot mob corners you, scared and alone. Sooner or later, we all end up like this poor fellow…

That was TTL Demag0gue, a Gunslinger and author of the Reclaimer webcomic. Even a gamer with 90 sworn clanmates ventures off the reservation for an odd pickup game from time to time. Just like the lone wolf heroes of far-flung war stories, everyone is confronted by that scenario in which the only objective is to survive.

You are not alone, new guy. There are many players on the grid who would watch your back, if only you would put the effort into finding them. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that those gamers with the matching gamertags don’t want to meet you. Odds are, they are desperately trying to marshall enough allies onto the battlefield to sustain their respective movements.

Make some friends. Keep them close. Register for the forums of anyone that amuses you from the front page at H.B.O. Post a Classified Ad on the Bungie forums. Complaining about quitters won’t change a thing. Human nature is read only. There will always be cowards found on the battlefield. Seeking out the gamers that wont quit? That will be a challenge, but it will change your entire experience. If you want to play a good game, you have to get tactical.

Take it from us. We have seen lone wolves adopted by loyal packs hundreds of times over. You might think that you are not serious enough about all of this to introduce yourself under an assumed name on [gasp] The Internet. Yet, here you are – reading the last paragraphs of a blog article about a video game. If you have come this far, perhaps you can come a little further.

And, for those of you that drop your weapon and run away as soon as the scoreboard takes a turn that you didn’t choreograph? Your probation is waiting. The time-out corner beckons. The Quitter Ban is real! We have seen your protestations on the Bungie Forums. They are beautiful.

Every fights. No one quits.

Get some.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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    SSG Jayman wrote...


  2. #LINK D0920 T0726
    Cozmo23 wrote...

    You dont do your job i’ll kill you myself.

    Great stuff Deej.

  3. #LINK D0920 T1220
    Mondo Titan wrote...

    Good article. And way to stay with that game Demagogue. A lesser man wouldn’t have taken that kind of poor spawn abuse.

  4. #LINK D0920 T1343
    Wiser wrote...

    Im looking to meet up with some like minded individuals, my friends list is weak with H:R players.

    GT = Wisersum

  5. #LINK D0920 T1427
    IRON Midge wrote...

    Good write up, very spot on with all points.

  6. #LINK D0920 T1635
    Javs wrote...

    Well written article here! I’m one of those new faces to Halo: Reach. I haven’t played Halo since the 2nd was out and then I was just at my friend’s house a lot. Getting used to the gameplay of multiplayer and controller layout but I know think the game is “Very cool”, just short of loving it :)

  7. #LINK D0920 T1637
    Defai wrote...

    Im looking for some people who like to play customs, and just have fun in mathcmaking. Add me if you are new, ill play and help you learn a bit too :D

  8. #LINK D0920 T1722
    Arokyo wrote...

    Awesome write up. As an old school gamer I’m learning more and more that playing solo is getting harder and harder to do. Simply because 1 person can’t stand up to a team of friends (organized or not) that call out locations. It’s hard to find new friends on live though with everyone in party chat and those that aren’t think trash talking everyone (incl their own team) into submission is the best way to play. I’ll be watching your site and community here and see what it takes to make your friend’s list ;)


  9. #LINK D0920 T2317
    Uncle Roy wrote...

    Yea, I read that far. Friends list stays low… (lack of responsible, friendly, cheerful adults). Laidback and super chill is my motto… Good Game sounds like something I’d say in mist of a violent onslaught by the oppenent. GT: M Peterklaasi see you on the frontlines.

  10. #LINK D0921 T0113
    MTopola wrote...

    this is a perfect article explaining what halo and xbox live should be about

  11. #LINK D0921 T0347
    Paul Shelley wrote...

    All I have to say is

    “Dear Halo Nation, We regret being quitting bastards, we regret coming to Reach and we most definitely regret that the core just banned your raggedy ass for three days!”

    In all seriousness, take your lumps like a gamer and find some more reliable friends if you are having a hard time winning.

  12. #LINK D0922 T0735
    JDubbs11 SoF wrote...

    Great article. As someone who was new to XBL and Halo when Halo 3 was released I have since found what I believe to be my online home and community.

    For those just starting out looking for the mature gaming experience there are places for you it just takes time and a commitment to yourself and a community.

    If you have navigated the web this far you are only a few clicks away from the GGN and possibly your new home.

    Never give up hope of finding a community. Unfortunately because of all of the immature people on XBL many people (organized groups and clans) have their Halo voice settings to team and party only. So if you are not on their team you most likely cannot communicate with them. If you do get teamed with a good group be polite, social and simply ask the question “Do you belong to an online Halo community”? As long as you are polite and mature they are more than willing to share information.

    Remember for most of the community Halo and gaming is not a job, gaming is a hobby. To make the most out of your hobby you need a good group of friends to do battle with on the virtual battlefield. Seek them out and your hobby will become much more enjoyable.

  13. #LINK D0923 T1055
    Josh wrote...

    Hile Gunslingers! I was an avid Halo 2 online player and played a fair amount of Halo 3. Reach has brought me back to the love I felt playing online in Halo 2, but it seems the joints have become a bit rusty. I am looking for a like minded group of players, where there is no animosity between players. I read over the application and it all sounds great, but I’d like to hone my skills a bit more before I attempt to enter Midworld. Great post by the way!

  14. #LINK D0923 T1947
    T wrote...

    Hey hit me up online, my gamertag is Krebotchi. I need players and friends that don’t pretend to hate the game. NO QUITTERS. I want to play some arena but every time I do it by myself I get owned and my entire team quits on me. Help a brotherin out!

  15. #LINK D0923 T2009
    Trikie wrote...

    Spent a couple of days creating a 3 part invasion map called D-DAY and am incredibly pleased with the way it has turned out game type D-DAY Invasion. Sad thing is that not enough people on my friends list has Reach and so I have been unable to play it properly. Can anyone out there help me out on this


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