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And so it was that Reach fell. And millions of gamers saw that it was good.

Never has a society of people been so desperate to witness the total destruction of a planet. With the usual foreplay phase at the hands of the Bungie marketing machine behind us, we can commence blowin stuff up.

On our world, safely rooted in reality and tucked away from Covenant incursions, signs of life are starting to wink into existence. The midnight release sent many gamers home with their quarry in hand. As the sun rose on Day One of the fall of Reach, many gamers devoted themselves to being first to fight.

Earlier in the week, it was proselytized that value of Microsoft stock might actually get a bounce from Noble Team. That is all well and good for The Maker, but what about the rest of our fragile recession economy? At Tied the Leader, we make no apologies about the fact that we cater to adults that still play video games. These are people with careers, and look at how many of them failed to show up to work!

What you are looking at below is a snapshot from the custom-built Xbox Live Status Report that we use to track the virtual whereabouts of registered members on our forum. Look at all the slackers. That’s a lot of sick time! And, it is only the population of MidWorld that we are talking about. We are just one little corner of the Halo Nation.

Loss of global productivity aside, this is the best thing about the launch of a new Halo title. Nothing unifies our community like fresh orders from the UNSC. Beholding a friends list completely dominated by one title is a rush. It’s like showing up at a banging night club and realizing that you know everyone there. Plus, they all have guns and infinite lives. Quite a party.

Cry havok, and let slip the dogs of war.

Get in there and get some, people!

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0913 T1506
    Big Country wrote...

    Nice write up Deej

    I post this comment from my desk :(

  2. #LINK D0913 T1527
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    I compliment you on your work ethic, Big.

  3. #LINK D0913 T1532
    TTL AmericanNightmr wrote...

    I took the day off to write a paper that I learned was not due for 2 weeks today. The video game gods have smiled upon me and I am blessed.

  4. #LINK D0913 T1546
    Viktim Viktor wrote...

    Will this cursed work day never end?!?

  5. #LINK D0913 T1550
    Morpheus wrote...

    Sadly, me….not so much. My Xbox 360 has been overheating lately, so I had to sell it. I couldn’t make enough money to get a Slim by today(had to buy an extra copy of Reach for my contest winner), so until Wednesday, I’m just sitting here with the box in my hand and I guess reading the letters/journal.


  6. #LINK D0913 T1550
    TTL Demag0gue wrote...

    Vacation days are wonderful things!

  7. #LINK D0913 T1706
    Chief wrote...

    I spent the day waiting outside the GAME store at the launch event in the UK from 7am so I was first to get my hands on the game. XD

  8. #LINK D0913 T1716
    Quantifier wrote...

    Another workaholic here, but i’m not bitter, not at all (so much)

  9. #LINK D0913 T1808
    Cozmo23 wrote...

    Hope the boss doesnt frequent the TTL Blog ;)

  10. #LINK D0913 T2103
    TPA Nightmare wrote...

    12AM – Get Legendary from EB, then try to sleep with box in room.
    7AM – Get up and go to class, passing box on the way.
    1PM – Pickup reach console from different, non-midnight release shop.
    2PM – Get home and play before it hits the shelves in the US!

  11. #LINK D0914 T0734
    Vay wrote...

    Been a long time since I have stayed up til 3 AM to play some games.

  12. #LINK D0914 T1804
    SSG Jettstream wrote...

    Great writeup Deej,
    My first time being part of a launch like this, and it’s because of everyone in the GGN. I have 82 people on my friend’s list since launch all have been playing Halo Reach. Amazing!

  13. #LINK D0914 T1836
    shlugendah wrote...

    Since I’m self employed, the boss said ok. :) I got my game at the Best Buy midnight release, along with my Noble Team beanie and inflatable plasma sword (2 of each, actually, since I made a date out of it and my wife waited in line with me). Then I got home and proceeded to finish the campaign 30 minutes before it was time to take the kids to school! First 24 hour day I’ve had in a long time.

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