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Four Gunslingers from Tied the Leader would like to sound off with our heartiest “Say Thankya!” to the industrial players and title gamers that contributed to a fantastic weekend in Seattle, Washington. Over the course of Labor Day Weekend, we made the rounds to partake in social events occuring in conjunction with the Penny-Arcade Expo.

This was the first occassion on which this gamerblogger attended an official convention. [By they way, PAX-goers, what the hell was up with all the kilts?] Very little can – or should – be said to describe the experience. It’s a very subjective undertaking – motivated more by personal relationships than any tactical agenda or propoganda. The entire weekend yielded a broader perspective as to all of the various demographics that inhabit and propell the gaming universe.

When you meet The Makers of a game, you gain startling enlightenment about the machinations that drive forward your favorite pastime. The grueling hours. The unforgiving deadlines. The unrealistic expectations. The compromises that govern the decision making. While the act of creating a game may become less magical with this newfound understanding, you gain a deeper appreciation for the would-be magicians. As they become mere mortals in your estimation, it can be said that their accomplishments seem all the more impressive.

Gamer community reigns at PAX. Combatents step out from behind the avatars to wage a more social contest in person. Posses clash. Sects intermingle. We Gunslingers broke bread with allies from the Good Game Network. We raised glasses with the Spirits of Fire from the realm of Hawty McBloggy. We crashed after-parties teaming with dionysian hoardes from The WorkPLace of Bungie.net. We payed homage to our Godfather from Halo.Bungie.Org.

Speaking of Halo.Bungie.Org, we even accepted a challenge that was issued on their front-page. It’s what we Gunslingers do. It turns out that chatter from the beta for Halo Reach was right on target. The pistol is, in fact, most effective against Elites.

Good Game to all who allowed us to cross their path. Thanks for the hospitality. Thanks for the camaraderie. Thanks for making the act of playing these games more rewarding than shooting at a piece of paper that does not fight back. It was a pleasure to meet you and to know your face.

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  1. #LINK D0906 T0215
    TTL Bjorni wrote...

    Great first pic, you can see why you lead our Snipe Squad Deej. ;)

  2. #LINK D0906 T1001
    SoF Xerone wrote...

    Nice. :) The rest of the Spirits and I ( and don’t forget GW) had a great time as well. Thanks for hanging out!

  3. #LINK D0906 T1024
    BSG Saucy wrote...

    Pro tip- using “little can” right after mentioning an excess of man kilts doesn’t invite pleasant imagery to a readers mind. Other than that a good blog as always.

  4. #LINK D0906 T1723
    Quantifier wrote...

    The synergy between you and that sniper rifle is like nothing i’ve ever seen.

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