D0823 T1615 Y2010The Great Journey

In less than one month, warring citizens of the Halo Nation will drop their tired old Battle Rifles in the mud of Valhalla and make tracks to the shiny new virtual warzones that await us all in Halo: Reach. For the individual gamer [that lone gunman on the grassy knoll – if you will] this journey poses interesting new challenges. For the leader of a gaming clan, the experience is far more complex.

For a virtual community that unites gamers on a team, updates to a franchise are more than just a new list of acheivements or a menu of new armor abilities. When that game launches, new frontiers are revealed for them to seize. The border opens. The wagon trains are mobilized. Entire civilizations are migrated en masse. Launch Day for Halo: Reach will be nothing short of a virtual land rush, as the members of various states in the Halo Nation blitz inland to control territories similar to their holdings in the previous title.

The road to the new game is pocked with danger and risk. Harmonious relationships that band a team together are thrown into total disarray. The landscape changes. The engagement changes. The entire dynamic of their shared interaction changes. All bets are off on the brave new land.

Along with the tweaked control scheme, the gamers who populate a clan must become reacquainted with one another. Fighting on the new battlegrounds, that time-honored deadeye sniper may morph into a crazy-brave combat pilot. In the fog that leads to these discoveries, certain portions of a clan’s membership base will become lost. Attrition is inevitable when a team leaves its comfort zone.

The benefit of this migration to new action, of course, greatly outweighs any of the risk. For a gaming community, a new game is like a stimulus package. Players become reinvested. Absentee warriors return to work, driven by the call to solve new and interesting problems. The bore of sleep-walking through rote-learned tactics for conquering familiar places is replaced with the delicious chaos of an unknown combat scenario in an alien environment.

The Good Game Network relishes this challenge as much as we understand the risk. Since the inception of our alliance in the playing of Halo 3, we have followed one another through several games now. Longevity is our quest. Survival is our charge. With the launch of a new Halo title, we are eager to return home to the game that inspired the creation of our online society.

Don’t take it from me. A GGN Representative from each Affiliate Clan has sounded off about what Reach means to them – and theirs…

ATF AnTi PRO: Overlord/Founder
Arm the Flag
“One word comes to mind when I think of what Reach means to us: Unification. With Halo 3 dying down and new games coming out in the past year or so we have all been scattered across many virtual battlefields. With Reach we shall once again fight side by side as it was meant to be.”

BSG Surgeon: Community Leader
Buddy System Gaming
“The thought of having my group unified under a single title again is awesome. Knowing that this is Bungie’s last Halo hurrah and they will make it unbelievably swell is awesome. When I first popped Halo 3 into my tray I had 30 friends all playing the same thing and online. I’m hoping to see that number blown away this time. That too will be awesome!”

wastedWOLF: Overlord
Fallen Unity
“To FU reach means a reunion with some of our poeple that refuse to play Call of Duty. Not only with our players but other clans as well the people in this community and others. New challenges new maps new drinks wow so much to learn. There is some people in FU that are tired of Red Dead Redemption, COD, and others so a new halois a breath of freash air.”

A Mad Bloke: CdGOverlord
Cirque D’Geezer
“The Cirques are virtual soldiers and ultimately Spartans. We are on the Modern Warfare battlefield but Halo: Reach will reunify and acquaint us with friends, old and new. We are far from hardcore, but our teamwork and camaraderie rivals any group.”

Pete VenkmanPHD: Resident Ghostbuster
Halo Charts
“HC is buzzing with excitement. Our teams are gearing up and teeming with activity. It will be very rejuvenating to have a new game, and new maps in which to take on some challenges. September 14th cannot come fast enough for the Halocharts teams and community!”

ConsumedFever: Council Member
H 3 Wheelmen
“To the Wheelmen Reach is a new begining filled with old friends. We are seeing countless new faces arrive, and many old friends find their way home to us.”

Godlywayz: Lead Ambassador
Ironworks Gaming Crew
“When we think of enjoying our time together, Halo is a game we all think about. That’s what Reach means to us. Reach, as every Halo iteration, means that the good times can keep on rolling. Thanks, Bungie. We’re looking forward to it.”

ANUBIS x MT: Overlord
Master Theory
“For MT, Reach means bringing back the passion for competitive game play, that slowly fizzled out in the last days of Halo 3. New maps and Armor Abilities mean we have lots of work to do as a team, creating strategy’s, hours of watching game films, and figuring out roles. Those challenges light a fire, inspire, and rally us, all at the same time. I’m looking forward of another 2 or 3 years of Halo, and MT will be ready to converge as a respectable and united force, right from the start.”

OcR Envy: Overlord
Outcast Reborn
“To OcR, Reach means “Rebirth” HA. Seriously though, each new Halo or CoD game means equal playing field to our member base. We clean out all of our competitive team rosters and start fresh. Every single member is looked at as the same skill level until they prove they are the best of the best. It really rejuvenates everyone who wants to play competitively to try their hardest. We will lose some, we always do. But the majority will return even those who have been missing for some time.”

Compton OTAH: Overlord
Clan O7AH
“Sweet sassy molassee Reach is going to be great for O7AH. Everyone and I mean everyone is psyched for it. We are all getting together for the release to bring it in right. The best thing about it for out group is that there is really something for everyone in the box. Forge for creative people, Firefight for those of us who want to team up but not against other people (although we can do that too if we wish), Campaign for some sweet Halo cannon action complete with credit earning to draw us back again and again, and finally the sweet sweet multiplayer which is where the game shows it legs. Halo reach = Sexy time for O7AH once again folks.”

kilaM0Mjaro: Overlord
“To the PraetoriaGuard it means reuniting us all in one game. Our members are very close on forum but lately there are small groups that play several different games. We are looking forward to long hours of playing ourselves into a frenzy of laughter. We also began as a Halo Machinima group so with our film guy having HD now and REACH’s forgeworld…we are looking forward to Episode 8.”

NEC VAYDER: Community Leader
NorthEast Core
“To the NEC, REACH means a reunification of gamers that are right now scattered all over the virtual map. Camaraderie that has been somewhat missing because of the vast number of great 360 titles that have drawn us away from what originally brought us all together. I cant wait until 09/14/10. Bring it.”

SSG Jayman: Founder/Overlord
Sword and Shield
“With Sword & Shield Gaming squarely divided between CoD and Halo (nearly all Knights play both games from time to time) I see Halo: Reach as the game that will unify our clan (and community) back to a single game. Modders, cheaters, and matchmaking follies has left most of our MW2 fans wanting something else. I see Halo: Reach as the life boat they are looking for, it is a blend of CoD and Halo gameplay. CoD: Black Ops will no doubt attract people back to the CoD franchise but I feel that by that time, Reach will have hooked and unified everyone.”

TTL Stuicide: Overlord/Minister of Personnel
TTL Gunslingers
“Reach will mean a lot to the Gunslingers, as any new Bungie title does. It will provide a fresh place that will bring all of the members back to one title, if only for a few months. It will allow us to find a common ground to get competitive on, and to just spark that place inside everyone when an exciting new game is out. However, now Halo has to compete with other titles, even in it’s own release year. Other games will capture our imagination, but Reach should be one of the few tentpoles that will stand over the next several years.”

WCF Ganzuelo: Overlord
Will Clan 4 Food
“COD was addictive and it changed the face of our clan. Our members got out of the mind frame of hanging out and having fun and replaced it with Prestiging. Reach will bring back those COD guys and appeal to even the most hardcore players. With Reach a month away we are seeing a steady stream of new members and old members coming into our lobbies and having a great time. With all the goodies Halo Reach has I think this will make a lasting impact on us all as Halo 2 once did.”

CzarCastic: Captain
8-Bit Brigade
“I think the release of Halo Reach will bring us back together, if only for for a short time. The landscape has changed since Halo 2 was first released. At the time, Halo 2 was the multiplayer game. It brought us together. It helped shape the direction of our community. In a way, Halo Reach will do the same thing. However, we won’t be creating our path this time around. We’ll be redirecting it. With so many multiplayer choices across all of the various consoles, it’s hard to say that Reach will be enough to reunite us for more than a few months. If that’s the case, then we’ll have to adapt. We’ll certainly take the time that we can get, but I think ultimately, this will merely be an opportunity to decide how we’re going to shape the future of our community in a video game world where gamers have so many choices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing friends that I haven’t played with in years. More importantly, though, I think I’m looking forward to figuring out how to make sure it’s not another few years before I play with these friends again.”

The race is on. Are you running alone? Bad move, player. If you played Halo 3 all by your lonesome, it’s time to leave that lone wolf stuff behind. Many clans are planning the great journey. They would be glad for your skillset. Don’t make the same mistakes of isolation in Halo: Reach.

The clan system is portable, and it is being transported to a whole new world. Service guarantees citizenship, and teamwork insures victory. We will see you on the beach, be you on our team or not. A good game awaits us all.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0817 T0644
    Vay wrote...

    Bring it!

  2. #LINK D0817 T0746
    Cozmo23 wrote...

    Great read Deej. Way to throw in a little Oklahoma history in there! 28 more days!!!

  3. #LINK D0817 T0831
    TTL DDay wrote...

    Great to see all of the GGN unified under the banner that is Reach….

  4. #LINK D0817 T1102
    SSG Jettstream wrote...

    Awesome read Deej!

    I for one am glad to see the unity of the GGN members moving to Reach, i’ve only been around these parts for a little over 6 months, this community blows me away every time I turn around. I wish my Friends List could have more than 100 entries.

    My armor is polished, and boots are one the line…Let’s do this.

    Good Games to one and all!

  5. #LINK D0817 T1318
    HammerShot wrote...

    I am really hoping that Reach does bring the Halo Community back into full swing. Maybe even as strong as Halo 2 was… Here’s hoping, See you all on the Battlefield!

  6. #LINK D0817 T1702
    SnowConstruct wrote...

    Can’t wait to play! However, it makes me sad to think this wonderful story of discovery, conflict, beauty, devotion, heroism, sacrifice, tragedy, and sorrow is coming to a close. Thanks, Bungie for a decade of sheer enjoyment.

  7. #LINK D0817 T1831
    Halo_Fan wrote...

    Like everyone has said… I just cant wait until 9/14/10 ! Im sure it will bring back the amazing halo 2 feeling that everyone had!

  8. #LINK D0817 T1903
    modern wrote...

    cant wait wish i owned a time machine, thank you bungie! and great read.

  9. #LINK D0817 T2041
    sk8ter boi 102 wrote...

    This may be the last halo, but squads will rejoice at whatever bungie can make next. Halo may not have been the end, or some what a new begining. Who says it has to end at halo? The Grunt Squad will be happy with anything bungie has to offer. (BTW they need to bring back the Grunt symbol from H3)

  10. #LINK D0817 T2135
    PG Chaz wrote...

    Awesome to hear from all our GGN buddies! I look forward to Reach bringing all of us together!

  11. #LINK D0817 T2237
    Spartacus wrote...

    Another clan testimonial for this: The Delta-Hawks, we’re a really small clan and too many of our members are going inactive, even on our website, not just on Xbox Live. Reach is like a new beginning for us, we’re looking forward to all the new opportunities here, both for old members coming back and for new members. I’ve always been a team-focused guy myself, I absolutely cannot wait to crash through the Legendary campaign with my 3 closest friends in the clan, Spinotech, Michael 360 NL, and Delrich9. And when Maverick finally gets a new 360, I’ll do it again with him too, because we’re all a team in this.

    Can’t wait to kick some Covie a$$ and take some names down to add to the clan.

  12. #LINK D0818 T1118
    Vesticular 187 wrote...

    Very exciting stuff. My friends list has been a bit depleted since Halo 3 virtually fell off the map. It’ll be great to join the masses once again. Get ready for some all-nighters!

  13. #LINK D0818 T1151
    Chang wrote...

    This post sucked.

  14. #LINK D0818 T1715
    someguy wrote...

    halo reach will blow everyone away, best of luck everyone see you out there on the battlefield (elite cry) i must go my brothers need me

  15. #LINK D0818 T1722
    KingBlackLion wrote...

    cant wait, myself and the pride are stoked for reach to come out

  16. #LINK D0820 T1517
    Kaine Nar Rano wrote...

    Long have we waited so dearly for new challenges to face, and now….we will finaly be able to strive and work together to achieve the impossible. [Places his spec-ops armour on] Let the games begin…

  17. #LINK D1022 T0456
    friend quotes wrote...

    When I first popped Halo 3 into my tray I had 30 friends all playing the same thing and online. I’m hoping to see that number blown away this time.

  18. #LINK D1109 T1140
    They guy over there wrote...

    It’s an interesting article, but i don’t like the fact that you’re basically telling everybdoy who’s not in a clan to go find one and join it. I have plenty of fun playing Halo Reach, usually i’m just on it for a game or two, so i don’t really bother organising friends to join and stuff. Besides, most of my friends on LIVE aren’t playing Reach most of the time.
    However, if you are in a Clan, good for you and have fun.

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