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Last week, we watched as the curtain was raised on a new system to be included in Halo Reach that will keep players invested in pursuing their own campaign against the virutal combatents that fight in the Battle of the Halo Nation. The new focus will be on the specialist that finds their niche and elevates a single facet of the game to the level of art. The aim will be to reinforce those behaviors.

In the words of lukems “There are guys [who] just want to drive people around.” Submitted for your approval – and entertainment – are a cadre of such guys. Halo3Wheelemen.com has collected some of the best moments played by the dedicated Warthog pilots from Affiliated Clans in the Good Game Network. The theme of this highlight reel is similar to Bungie’s impending Commendation system – to discover who is the best of the best.

Behold the future Onyx Wheelmen of the Halo Nation. They are poised on the border of the Reach Beta, ready to strike with steering wheels in hand and nerves of steel. Keep an eye out for them. On May 3rd, they will be hunting for you.

As always, these offerings are best experienced in High Definition.

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    LouieBlack wrote...

    i luv Deej THIS MUCH!! (you can’t see but my arms are spread really far apart! =P )

  2. #LINK D0329 T1203
    TTL Dren wrote...

    Okay some of those guys are really quick with that bubble. Some really amazing plays. Looks like you have studying to do DeeJ. :-)

  3. #LINK D0329 T1246
    BSG Saucy wrote...

    Yay it’s up, congrats to everybody that made it and thanks for finishing it.

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    Term Papers wrote...

    Thank you very much! it does help! I will give a try on that and see how things goes!

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