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Proclaiming one’s loyalty to a specific gaming franchise can be a temporary state of being for a gamer. By the very nature of the industry, those franchises have a way of evolving. Those evolutions are not always in a direction that is parallel to our expectations as the Users.

All too often, gamers outgrow the games that they love. Sometimes it is the other way around. When gamers find a comfort zone for their preferred stance in virtual combat, they can be hesitant to embrace anything that changes the landscape. Anyone that witnessed the bastardization of Unreal Tounament into a third-person arcade exhibition understands this.

When a new new offering for a beloved franchise approaches its street date, the gamers that call Tied the Leader home hold their collective breath. The air becomes thick with questions spoken and unspoken. Will we be able to migrate to this new title? Will the developers change the game so dramatically – for seemingly no other reason than the sake of change – that we will no longer want to play it?

Gladly, the news emerging from the industrial gravemind has all been favorable. Today’s revelation is no different…

Xbox 360 GamesE3 2010Halo: Reach

This investment system reinforces what the TTL Gunslingers have always known and held dear. Even when fighting from behind perfectly-matched avatars, a gamer has to adopt a specialty if they are to serve effectively on a team. Offense + Defense + Pilot + Sniper = Win. We have always broken down our clan into squads that insure that the right gamers would fulfill each crucial role.

“There are guys [who] just want to drive people around. We haven’t done a great job of reinforcing that kind of behavior in the past.” ~lukems

While this statement might be true in terms of recognition by the software, the gameplay found in a multiplayer match of Halo is all the reinforcement that some of us need. This gamerblogger is the founding member [and Captain Emeritus] of the Roadkill Squadron. That’s the mobile infantry and combat motorpool of the Gunslingers. What lukems refers to as “driving people around”, we refer to as “rescuing flag-carriers from hostile territory and dusting off while our tailgunner deals insult to injury over the rear bumper of our Warthog!” Those moments are rewards in and of themselves.

This is not to say that the new player investment system is superfluous. Nay! Please, give us a more profound measure of our intended prowess than a pile of old Wheelman Medals that collect dust. If anything, today’s announcement is a signpost that Halo Reach is well on track to deliver the same in-game experience that has inspired us to maintain a foothold in the Halo Nation for years.

Luke Smith has been one of those gamers to grace my passenger seat with the banner of his enemy – as have been several of his partners in crime on the development side. Bungie knows what makes Halo great, and we all say thankya. Oftentimes, the artist is too close to their own work to understand the experience it creates for an audience. With emerging details like these being brought to light, it is very easy to say that this is not the case for Halo Reach.

They make the games they want to play. We are thrilled to agree.

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  1. #LINK D0325 T1257
    Viktim Viktor wrote...

    Good stuff, as always. May 3rd cannot arrive soon enough.

  2. #LINK D0325 T1437
    DEEP NNN wrote...

    I know there is more to come from this investment system. Too early for me to bother pass final judgment.

    I will say that you’re correct that for some of us, the support roles are full of rewards already. I suppose it might be good to get tagged with a little graphical icon or other but I wasn’t looking for that myself.

    I hope it does work though. It would mean more people playing REACH for longer and that will be good for all of us Halo fans.

  3. #LINK D0325 T1445
    spawn031 wrote...

    I cant wait, this will be a great change and bungie always knows whats best. :)

  4. #LINK D0325 T1552
    chuckiej wrote...

    When I saw this on G4, I knew you’d be all over it Deej. The new system is very encouraging and you can tell from his title, which I hadn’t heard before, that stuff like this is why they hired Luke in the first place. Good stuff!

  5. #LINK D0325 T1629
    chris wrote...

    So basically, this system is Ubisoft’s Persistent Elite Creation system? This isn’t new. Just new to Halo/Bungie

  6. #LINK D0325 T1634
    ChazFox wrote...

    They talk a lot about customising your Spartan, which makes sense since you’ll always be playing as a Spartan in the Reach campaign, but I haven’t heard a single thing about customising Elites. I hope us Elite Players don’t get screwed over for customisation like we did in Halo 3 (Because really, 5 sets of armour and no “Recon” equivalent is just lame).

  7. #LINK D0325 T1759
    Vay wrote...

    Good read….who doesn’t love a little customization?

  8. #LINK D0325 T2127
    JJ wrote...

    It sounds interesting but I wonder how much effort will be required to get the full rage of customisation opportunities? As in, will I be bothered to do a whole heap of ‘challenges’ just to get a fancy waist coat? Time will tell!

  9. #LINK D0326 T0019
    c0ld_burn3r wrote...

    This is a great new idea for Halo fans. It will show you what your actual game style of play really is. In big team this will be so helpful. I’m sure the elites will be customized, but the main focus is going to be on the spartans. I can probably speak for most halo players when I say: “Elites in multiplayer usually means a less experienced player”

  10. #LINK D0326 T0702
    LouieBlack wrote...

    Excellent writeup as always Deej. When I read the info about specification recognition I was all too excited. When a hog crosses the “50 yard line” and starts beating back the competition long enough for teammates to set up map control, its a great feeling. Now bungie is going to reward such tasks. Schweet!

  11. #LINK D0327 T2359
    EliteCreature wrote...

    Bungie does really well with creating games for any sort of gamer, from casual to serious. Gotta love that they are trying to help those of us who have busy lives be able to enjoy the game even more!

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