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The time has come for you to forget everything that you know about playing Halo on Xbox Live. Time to let go of that coveted Battle Rifle. Time to learn a new control scheme. Time to embrace new hazzards and master new weapons. Time to map out some new stomping grounds. All bets are off. No one is safe.

Tied the Leader’s most prolific machinimaker, TTL Hoovaloov, knows this. His attention to the details of a game are as razor sharp as his skill with a video editor. For a full tactical briefing on the bomb that was dropped on our comfort zone, click below. Don’t watch it here, fare gamer. Get thee to YouTube. Hoov went to all the trouble to provide this analysis in high resolution, after all.

Gaming is a discipline. To keep things interesting, that discipline is a moving target. Just when you thought you were the most dangerous kid on your block, the game changes. Will you adapt? Will you overcome? Will you be willing to bust yourself back down to Apprentice and undergo boot camp all over again?

Don’t be left behind, ye citizens of the Halo Nation. Abandon your posts in Halo 3, and prepare to get some in the new arena. You have two months to say goodbye to the instinctive memory that has been encoded into your controller-wielding hands. On 03 May 2010, combat will evolve again.

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  1. #LINK D0304 T1013
    pastor wrote...

    totally freaking sweet Hoov. That was everything i wanted and more. Thanks dude!

  2. #LINK D0304 T1015
    DDAY10thMTN wrote...

    Wow Hoov! simply Wow!

  3. #LINK D0304 T1022
    Cuteness wrote...

    IGN Rewind has nothing on this.

  4. #LINK D0304 T1025
    Louis Wu wrote...

    I’d say this is the best overall analysis I’ve seen so far – awesome job! Loved the thoughts about Spartans vs Elites, Arena, and Invasion.

  5. #LINK D0304 T1029
    Goody wrote...

    Awesome, Hoov. A lot of stuff in there I overlooked. 5/3/10!

  6. #LINK D0304 T1031
    Willy wrote...

    Grenade launcher to replace the brute shot… say it isn’t so :(

    Nice video Hoov; I agree IGN missed a lot of things.

  7. #LINK D0304 T1039
    DEEP NNN wrote...

    Very well done. Hit some points I hadn’t thought of and didn’t disagree with anything I had already surmised.

    A very positive and rewarding video. So rare in the Halo Nation of “Where is the BR?”, “Jetpacks suck.”, “I don’t want to be an Elite.”

  8. #LINK D0304 T1055
    NEC VAYDER wrote...

    Damn Hoov! Awesome breakdown dude!

  9. #LINK D0304 T1107
    ttl ranger wrote...

    That was brilliant, Hoov! Thank you for taking the time to put that together.

  10. #LINK D0304 T1112
    Mercury wrote...

    Definitely the best analysis yet. I agreed with every point you had. especially on the concept of spartans vs. elites. Now I’m almost expecting two overarching team game types in the MP menu being arena or invasion, with slayer/flag/territories being a second option to those. Excited to find out.

  11. #LINK D0304 T1155
    Lumbearjack wrote...

    Excellent analysis, I hadn’t even noticed that Elites could potential become game type exclusive. Whether the game type is invasion or invasion slayer the Elites are only ever shown with Elite team mates, from 3:18 to 3:25 you see two instances of Elites, both with elites as the only visible team mate. That essentially confirms that they will be ‘invasion’ game type exclusive.

  12. #LINK D0304 T1159
    TTL testa killz wrote...

    Excellent work Hoov! I totally agree…that guy at the end did get totally pwned!

  13. #LINK D0304 T1214
    Psyanyde wrote...

    Great analysis Hoov! I hadn’t picked up on the 3d radar yet, and I really hope you’re right about active roster!

  14. #LINK D0304 T1214
    Ulyseto wrote...

    Killer Phrase: “On 03 May 2010, combat will evolve again”

  15. #LINK D0304 T1219
    The 1337 gUY wrote...

    Dude, you have eyes of the hawk!


  16. #LINK D0304 T1228
    ghettomole wrote...

    that was amazing dude really cleared up a few things an made me want to play even more, if i could freeze myself till may 3rd belive me i would

  17. #LINK D0304 T1233
    CaptainCaterpie wrote...

    If someone’s at a higher altitude to you, I don’t think there’s a shadow on the red dot of the radar. I think it’s just because he was jetpacking and therefore moving pretty quickly. But I agree with the darker red for them being lower, and everything else in the video. Great work Hoov.

  18. #LINK D0304 T1233
    SonOfTheShire wrote...

    I really hope Elites are playable in all gametypes, even if they were at a disadvantage.

    Also, the “Blooming” or “Blossoming” of the Sniper Rifle (Although it’s in other weapons it’s most notable in the Sniper) doesn’t seem to last long – a full second at most – could it maybe indicate a cooldown/delay?

  19. #LINK D0304 T1247
    ArdAtak wrote...

    Best analysis so far. Blows IGN’s version away. Very Very well done sir.

  20. #LINK D0304 T1313
    TruthPastor GBG wrote...

    My hat is off to you on this well done and properly narrated analysis! I learned many new and helpful things that I am excited to see!


  21. #LINK D0304 T1346
    Red3314 wrote...

    I think active roster is drop in drop out mulitplayer, becuase roster is a list of people and active means, well, changing so perhaps now we could join games mid progress

  22. #LINK D0304 T1408
    elitebrawler133 wrote...

    maybe the whole spartan elite health thing is that the elites have slightly stronger sheilds that make up for the lack of health

  23. #LINK D0304 T1427
    paulus wrote...

    Hey when you was on about the compass i think the one with jetpack is like longitude and stuff like you get in planes

  24. #LINK D0304 T1450
    Viktim Viktor wrote...

    Awesome stuff, as always, Hoov. Thanks for pointing out some of the goodies we’d missed over at the circus tent.

  25. #LINK D0304 T1503
    Venom0425 wrote...

    Did you notice the different slight armor changes? bungie obviously tried to make it unnoticable, but a few times you see a black fin on your helmet that makes it look like mark V, as well as a few shoulder differences, and a few other things. Also you never pointed color.

  26. #LINK D0304 T1528
    Brandon wrote...

    Yes finally all guns can make headshots possible! I haven’t seen abilities like this since Halo: CE! Man this looks awesome! Too bad I didn’t buy ODST otherwise I would be playing the Multiplayer Beta right now!

  27. #LINK D0304 T1534
    Hoovaloov wrote...

    Thank you for all the kind comments! I’m glad you are all enjoying it!

    I did notice the new color choices and armor permutations and how each ability is incorporated into the armor. Also, there seems to be hints to lock-on rockets returning, and of course, no dual wielding.

    Thank you all again for watching! See you on Reach in just under two months! :)

  28. #LINK D0304 T1545
    STEFiRoTH wrote...

    the active camo ability appears to jam your radar when deployed possibly what bungie was talking about with pros and cons of all armor abilities thats all u missed great vid

  29. #LINK D0304 T1602
    Chaos wrote...

    Im not quite sure about the clan stuff in active roster I like IGNs theory of you being able to drop out and in in Active Roster. But other than that Youre video was AMAZING you caught on to soooooo much stuff I couldnt. I think you ruined the mystery a bit though.

  30. #LINK D0304 T1602
    chippyprice wrote...

    MAN this thing PWNS IGN rewind!!
    way better reasoning way better ideas! duuude!

  31. #LINK D0304 T1606
    Yipyap wrote...

    I think that headhunter thing may mean every time you get a kill you collect a skull. maybe your guess sounds right too its probably an objective typed swat like the one from HALO3 you cant leave out one of all time favorite gametypes

  32. #LINK D0304 T1619
    Krevil wrote...

    Good job with this, I, along with many others agree with what you say. And with Active Roster, I’m hoping too.

  33. #LINK D0304 T1649
    Mike0918 wrote...

    That was 100 times better than IGN rewind. You pointed out stuff i didnt even notice, and ive watched a bunch of times. good job.

  34. #LINK D0304 T1655
    Paine wrote...

    Much better than the IGN rewind. I must say though, you may have missed addressing the beat down. Although not certain, you can see the animation is changed from the original lunge animation, and it now looks a lot closer to the Halo CE “dip shoulder” animation. This leads me to believe that the lunge from normal beatdowns has been removed and replaced with a sort of “one-step” beatdown. Only time will tell.

  35. #LINK D0304 T1735
    Comatose wrote...

    see I wish I would have made the heads up display connection with the whole evade possibility that the elites would have, i noticed later on though that there was no duel wielding. and im sure ppl where walking over potential duel wielders. so possibly not in the alpha? or not in reach at all? Hopefully they took it out for (anti-n00bz) sake..

  36. #LINK D0304 T1735
    Eisen wrote...

    Just an idea for headhunter with your take on there possibly being a bonus with each kill it looks like you might get it from an actual headshot. Noticing the video during headhunter looked like every kill was a headshot. Other than that great video Hoov!

  37. #LINK D0304 T1743
    ChazFox wrote...

    This is a pretty good analysis. The only thing I’m having problems accepting is the Elite thing, but that’s just because I’m basically an Elite fanboy and would hate to have my ability to play as an Elite whenever I want taken away from me. Especially because that might ruin some awesome machinima ideas I and others may have for Reach.

    My thoughts on that are that Bungie likely have some balancing factors planned so that while Elites have some advantages, they also have some disadvantages, like the possibility of lower health that you pointed out.

    Either way, I really would like to see Elites and Spartans on the same side in gamemodes as they have been in Halo 2 and 3, and I hope the Beta clears everything up.

  38. #LINK D0304 T1751
    BSG Saucy wrote...

    Thanks Hoov, the only thing I would have added was the aircraft from the original trailer (the ones that the Spartans get into at the end of the trailer) could be the counter balance to the phantom in MP. I believe that they mentioned that it was playable in a previous podcast or update, or it could just be for single player. Either way great job!

  39. #LINK D0304 T1753
    Matt Man 276 wrote...

    I think active roster is joining in an on going game

  40. #LINK D0304 T1839
    albino wrote...

    yes im glad im tired of people gettin lucky with stupid no scopes. finally they cant no scope every time they fire. that means my stupid friend cant just unload a sniper clip on me and get a headshot. btw i think the brute shot will still be in there but now the humans have grenade launchers too. great job u did better than some of the others

  41. #LINK D0304 T1845
    Ethan wrote...

    this is gonna be awsome! i’d always want to go out with a big bang.

  42. #LINK D0304 T2004
    randy & jasso wrote...

    this is probably the best beta video info yet, but i think active roster is clan matchmaking: because rite after it said active roster it says clan lists, and rite after the guy snipes the blue guy in the head it says clan matchmaking, so maybe you should look more into that, but overall it was a great video, and thank u for insider information, and please comment more to this, and keep us updated on active roster.

  43. #LINK D0304 T2006
    deevany wrote...

    wow esto es asombroso la verdad todos los aspectadores se quearan callados al ver este impresionante vídeo ya los aspectadores que nada mas le gusta molestar A LOS halofans no sabran que decir Hante eta hermozura de juego: D

  44. #LINK D0304 T2015
    Jettstream wrote...

    I must have watch this video 10 or 15 times so far but TTL Hoovaloov analysis pointed out all kinds of things i missed. I’m so looking forward to this, i’ve even booked off work May 3,2010 as personal enrichment. so i’m ready to Reach!!!

  45. #LINK D0304 T2050
    RunningShovel wrote...

    I think Active Roster is a dodgeball kind of ruleset ie: Your buddy gets killed, you get a kill, your buddy gets back in the game. Whichever team eliminates the other wins. Could also make use of the Hero! medal from ODST ie: last man kills 3 enemies and wins the game.

  46. #LINK D0304 T2115
    TTL Thrashmaster wrote...

    Frinkin sweet. How the hell does he do that shit

  47. #LINK D0304 T2118
    dat_dude wrote...

    I hope Active Roster does have to do with clans, but when I first saw it I thought it meant players could drop in and out of game kind of like COD.

  48. #LINK D0304 T2334
    miiike wrote...

    yeah active roster probably means that people can quit and join during a match.. which is an awful idea and one of the main reasons why I hate COD. Although, I doubt they would make every gametype like that.

  49. #LINK D0305 T0012
    poopoohgoboom wrote...

    First off, great video. I like how you sectioned things up according to weapons, gametype and stuff.

    Nice catch on the radar dots changing color, by the way.

  50. #LINK D0305 T0020
    JimmyKuddo wrote...

    Details he didn’t comment on was the Rocket launcher, previously MIA, and the multi-player levels that look similar to Halo 2 maps Sanctuary, and Head Long.

  51. #LINK D0305 T0030
    JimmyKuddo wrote...

    randy & jasso wrote… “this is probably the best beta video info yet, but i think active roster is clan matchmaking: because rite after it said active roster it says clan lists, and rite after the guy snipes the blue guy in the head it says clan matchmaking”
    That wasn’t in the original MP Trailer, that is what Hoovaloov said through text because he didn’t want to jinx it. We can only hope were right about the whole Clan thing.

  52. #LINK D0305 T0225
    undried wrote...

    GREAT video analysis, though I saw two other things that I had previously missed (and they went unmentioned in your video):

    Check out the end when the “Active Roster” part plays. Thanks to the slowed-down video, two phrases can be seen:


    But wow, nice work with all of the finds!

  53. #LINK D0305 T0243
    Hoovaloov wrote...

    :) undried, I added those in there kind of as a subliminal message, that’s what I hope Active Roster means! If it was legit, it’d probably be all 3D text like the rest. Sharp eyes!

  54. #LINK D0305 T0545
    gerif wrote...

    the best analysis ever seen. well done guy! wow.

  55. #LINK D0305 T0644
    jonny2 wrote...


  56. #LINK D0305 T0951
    TTL Nodak wrote...

    The force is strong with this one.

    Excellent video Hoov. Remind me never to try to sneak anything past you.

  57. #LINK D0305 T1122
    randy & jasso wrote...

    well thank you for the clarity on active roster so keep us updated

  58. #LINK D0305 T1222
    Frogwart wrote...

    Thanks for the video, Hoov! That was fantastic. This will be more fun to watch and consider over and over than the beta trailer itself.

  59. #LINK D0305 T1305
    Blinkgun96 wrote...

    More intelligent than IGN and it touches on more. BRAVO TTL

  60. #LINK D0305 T1351
    B0RN 2 DOMIN8 wrote...

    Excellent video Hoov! I have watched it several times already.

  61. #LINK D0305 T1404
    The Rescue Chip wrote...

    My guess for active roster was a drop in drop out similar to call of duty which could be less horrific than it sounds because of the noticeably larger team and map sizes (the only thing i felt you didn’t mention otherwise fantastic job i didn’t catch a few of those)

  62. #LINK D0305 T1416
    VG Guy wrote...

    Do you think you will be able to use Covenant weapons like the needler while not in the Invasion playlist?

  63. #LINK D0305 T1511
    Infoopawoo wrote...

    Totally awesome analysis! All the new armor equipment and custom ability speculations are cool. Gonna watch it a few more times!

  64. #LINK D0305 T1546
    Nik wrote...

    These were all excellent observations. I’m hoping that ‘Active Rosters’ means something like clan rankings rather than being able to quit and join mid-game.

    Also, I don’t think that Bungie will limit Elites to Invasion-type games. Maybe they’ll allow the player to choose in Custom Games and Social Slayer playlists. If not, I’m hoping for a playlist or gametype that will allow for Spartan-Elite mixed teams.

    (I’m can’t comment on a Halo trailer without expressing my disappointment for not including Brutes. Come on, they would fit right into Invasion!)

  65. #LINK D0305 T1647
    Advent wrote...

    Dude this was great. Many props to you.

  66. #LINK D0305 T1810
    vince wrote...

    I say this is… a fine review. IM KIDING!! ITS FUCKING AWSOME!!

  67. #LINK D0305 T1924
    Mike wrote...

    nice work with that. the 3d radar thing doesn’t look very good. I hadn’t considered half the things you did. 9/10

  68. #LINK D0305 T2048
    Phri wrote...

    Interesting thoughts, I hadn’t noticed the elites being exclusive or that they seemed to exclusively had dodge. This is a pre-beta though so there may be more.

    Far as the Phantom goes I could see that as playable, it looks about the size of the Falcon which was mentioned in an update as the warthog of the skies…the warthog being a major MP vehicle. So it would make sense I think. I only hope that if that’s the case that either vehicle can carry passengers as well as gunners. It could be like Bad Company, showing intro-outros as well but I could see it as viable. That does make me wonder if the player count has finally gone up though.

    Active Roster seems very unspecific to me. Clan’s have rosters, though it referring to join in progress (another needed feature) makes almost as much sense to me. Notice how in the Active Roster part of the video though, that a gold spartan kills a gray spartan. Either the clip is misplaced or the reference applies to non-team activities as well.

  69. #LINK D0305 T2254
    Depar Repad wrote...

    If you look very carefully after the ghost flips over the spartan with the “lock-down shield” armor ability, a team mate fires a rocket which hits him in the back. The ensuing explosion then makes it seem as if the shield has burst off. The rocket is visible for only about three frames, so the slow-mo version helps. (The rocket appears from ground level, on the lower left-center side of the screen.)

  70. #LINK D0306 T0125
    Doomrobber wrote...

    You rock, man. This was really interesting, especially the “3-d radar” that you mentioned.

  71. #LINK D0306 T0200
    Mondo Titan wrote...

    Well done Hoov. You’ve got some keen observation skills going on. Maybe it’s just cause I was so caught up in the awesomeness of the video, but I missed alot of that.

    I dont mean this against you, but I kinda hope you’re wrong about the Elites vs Spartans. I dont know if people will enjoy being forced one way or the other (read: I dont want to be forced to be a Spartan). But I also missed the size difference between them initially, and we know how our Bungie Buddies like keeping things balanced. Food for thought. Well done man.

  72. #LINK D0306 T1150
    AddiCt3d 2CHa0s wrote...

    Very appreciated write-up. I had no idea you could glean that much information by watching the trailer with a studied eye!

    No longer will we have to say…”by the thingy in the one place!” ;D

    Thanks for sorting this out and sharing.

  73. #LINK D0306 T1525
    Anyonomous wrote...

    Very good, IGN could never match this but aside from that, what if they only showed spartan v spartan what if theres elite v elite. Also when one person is camping around the corner with a grenade launcher and the spartan with a gravity hammer comes, freeze it, heavy armor is it not?

  74. #LINK D0306 T1828
    AJ wrote...

    Active Roster:

    I believe active roster will be something included in COD games. When a team-mate leaves a game, some other person may join in their place. Possible?

  75. #LINK D0307 T0015
    Por Que???? wrote...

    Grenade launcher!?!? I played Halo to get away from nube toobs…. :’(

  76. #LINK D0307 T1048
    NominalMuffin wrote...

    Hoov, that was totally kick-ass, hey, if you have Xbox Live, please add me, my name’s NominalMuffin (no spaces), I’d love to talk to you on your ideas on what campaign will be like. :)

  77. #LINK D0307 T1912
    2347 wrote...

    Really like the review although think there may be more things in it.
    Also wish you could have more players in a game.

    Invasion looked like MAG Domination.
    Taking out objectives

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    College Research Papers wrote...

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  79. #LINK D0308 T0609
    Animesanta wrote...

    Depar Repad wrote…

    If you look very carefully after the ghost flips over the spartan with the “lock-down shield” armor ability, a team mate fires a rocket which hits him in the back. The ensuing explosion then makes it seem as if the shield has burst off. The rocket is visible for only about three frames, so the slow-mo version helps. (The rocket appears from ground level, on the lower left-center side of the screen.)
    ——————————————————————He’s right you know.. think he means lower RIGHT though

  80. #LINK D0308 T0704
    jake wrote...

    i dissagree with the elite healt bar thing the bars are bigger so its saying 1 bar is equivalent to so and so spartan bars so the elite can take more damege b4 losing a health bar

  81. #LINK D0308 T1442
    Jon wrote...

    great! analysis; we think the mystery weapon is the spartan laser.. but you may be right!
    Wish Bungie would create destructible environments though….I agree IGN Rewind has nothing on this …

  82. #LINK D0308 T1608
    harry wrote...

    love it man !!!!! that hade every think i wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks dude ;)

  83. #LINK D0308 T1654
    philip wrote...


  84. #LINK D0309 T0123
    Evan wrote...

    Great video, best analysis yet. I do disagree with your active roster theory though. I believe active roster is similar to COD and that you join a game in progress. You may still be right though your *spoiler clan theory is reasonable. keep making great vids

  85. #LINK D0309 T0143
    Evan wrote...

    Edit: I did not make My previous comment clear; I meant one would join either A: a never ending game in the middle of it Or B: a REALLY long game

  86. #LINK D0309 T0200
    anton wrote...

    Good spot on the radar!! I’m almost certain active roster just means drop-in drop-out, like… well… almost all FPS games these days. Also, good thinking about Spartans versus Elites. I thought that just meant all games would have a spartan team against an elite team, but it’s true that the trailer either shows full teams of spartans fighting each other, or a spartan team fighting an elite team.

  87. #LINK D0309 T0510
    Jono wrote...

    Active Roster = Drop in / Drop out
    This is what i heard on The GameSpot forums, when I asked.

  88. #LINK D0309 T0715
    MutantHalo dude wrote...

    I think active roster is clan matchmaking because for a second in active roster clip watch and it flashes for a second and then it disappers

  89. #LINK D0310 T1112
    wormman215 wrote...

    the only problem i have with the multiplayer beta is the fact that one guy was using a hammer but in fact humans did not meet the brutes until after the discovery of the first halo

  90. #LINK D0310 T1255
    Dr D04K wrote...

    considering we never see battles over 6v6, I’d say 1:00 is showing a radar being jammed…maybe the other armor ability icon is radar jammer, which isn’t too different from the icon in H3.

  91. #LINK D0310 T2326
    Krunk Tank wrote...

    Watch when he uses the over shield and the ghost explodes, you can see a rocket or some projectile hit the spartan and blow up everything around him. Thats no EMP.

  92. #LINK D0312 T2359
    Nacho wrote...

    wormman215 wrote…

    the only problem i have with the multiplayer beta is the fact that one guy was using a hammer but in fact humans did not meet the brutes until after the discovery of the first halo

    Wormman, this is true, but at no point in the storyline of halo do spartans shoot eachother in the face. Its just multiplayer, man.

  93. #LINK D0313 T0917
    Aleo wrote...

    I agree with practically everything. Excluding the different compass part. I believe that since you only see that while flying that it is something that changes when the jet pack is in use. Also, it looks incredibly similar to what you see in flight simulators.

  94. #LINK D0316 T1951
    TTL Killer wrote...

    Dang, Hoov. I was going to post to say great job on the video, but it looks like so many people have already. So I won’t.

  95. #LINK D0326 T1855
    caseylakes wrote...

    First of, amazing analysis.

    I thought Active Roster is the ability to leave and join a game, but then after all the penalties players get when leaving a game, I am starting to doubt my theory, and yours makes more sense.

    Using your theory maybe a clan leader has the option of “add to clan roster” when they are in a players profile. Then other players will be able to see that clan’s roster from an option in the players profile.

    The roster will be a table of all the players in that clan, their rank within in the clan, games they have played, games they have won / lost and maybe post-game statistic information.

    God, that is a great idea, if I am completely wrong, they should add that in…

  96. #LINK D0327 T0315
    anthony wrote...

    hay hoov after the the spartan punch the usher guy in the chest one guv the Spartans look like he evade after a melee you can see the melee and see a action go wear his head ducks and both feet are about to leave the ground so evade not just for elite’s yes they only show the elites doing it but what i see is a guy evading hay if you were getting shot wood you evade to the right in the same motion

  97. #LINK D0327 T0317
    anthony wrote...

    after the punch Sean tho only guy that melee and see it

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    so close and i still cant wait let me get a hoorah if you are like me


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  104. #LINK D0103 T1851
    escort wrote...

    hay hoov after the the spartan punch the usher guy in the chest one guv the Spartans look like he evade after a melee you can see the melee and see a action go wear his head ducks and both feet are about to leave the ground so evade not just for elite’s yes they only show the elites doing it but what i see is a guy evading hay if you were getting shot wood you evade to the right in the same motion

  105. #LINK D0118 T0029
    Evony Guide wrote...

    Invasion is a very great thing. scary yet challenging.

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