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POP QUIZ: What is the most dangerous weapon at your disposal in the playing of Halo 3 on Xbox Live?

The Battle Rifle? The Sniper Rifle? The Spartan Laser? In the right hands, each of these impliments of war can certainly be deadly factors in the outcome of a match.

At Tied the Leader, we would submit that none of these are the ultimate power weapon. In our experience, Teamwork is that which wins battles. The Headset and the Friends List are mightier than the Sword, or the Rocket Launcher. The wingman off your shoulder is more reliable than the weapon in your hand.

When a squad of gamers agrees to cooperate as members of a unified team, something magical happens. Their respective skills are amplified to a higher degree. When the individual functions as something larger than themselves, they become more formidable than they could be on their own.

I am talking, of course, about Clans. Now, it is no mystery that Clans are often reviled by the general population of gamers that inhabit Xbox Live. There are some that suspect them to be bully cliques that thrive on shaming newcomers into a submissive posture. There are poor sports who bemoan the tactical advantage that they create for their members. In response, some gaming bodies eschew the very notion of the word “Clan”, due to the bad static assigned to the term.

The Clan System has long been a backbone of the Halo Nation. In the playing of Halo 2, our rosters and command structures were built right into the game. As the title that launched our mission goes the way of the Forerunner, it is up to us to sustain the momentum that was put into motion for us on the plains of a place called Coagulation.

Enter the Good Game Network. Throughout our campaign against randomly matched warring parties in Halo 3, we have banded together to keep our home fires burning. At the time of this posting, 16 venerable clans still share war stories and create action for one another in the games that we love to play. We are also assisting one another with recruitment. That is where you, the reader, comes into the picture. Long-time-reader, no-time-poster? Well screw that. Ante up and Get Some.

It has been said that the Halo Nation is in a state of recession. Those loyalists who still play Halo 3 week in and week out may detect a thinning in the ranks of willing SPARTANS at the ready on their Friends Lists. This is a failing of no one. It is simply the way of things. Attention spans shorten. New options lure XP-hungry gamers to devour fresh gamerscore every season. Virtual warriors migrate to new and unstained battlefields. The world moves on…

When a population of gamers shrinks, what you end up with is a group of people playing a game because they truly want to; not because it is the only option in the marketplace. The fat is burned off the body politic – the awesome boiled down in a crucible. We have weathered these long winters before at Tied the Leader. In the twilight months of Halo 2, we took on gamers from various other clans that had succumbed to their own intertia. We padded our rosters with ringers and new friends like the spoils from a war of attrition.

In the opinion of this gamerblogger, there is nothing more rewarding than being a member of a Clan. The finest moments of my imaginary career in the service of the United Nations Space Command deal not with personal glory or imaginary medals. They are memories of flawless performances on the part of a real team working together to execute a maneuver cultivated in their very real playbook. Over time, the Clan stops being the means to an end, and starts being the reason why you play.

If you are a “mature” gamer over the age of 21, you are invited to join this party. This is a time ripe for consolidation. Now is for getting organized to sustain the Oo-Rah. Perhaps you have always thought that joining a clan was for other people. Yet, here you are… reading a blog about a video game. That must have taken at least two of three curious jumps. If your interests took you this far, perhaps you can come a little further.

Consider the MidWorld Forum your placement agency in the middle of a pretended warzone. We are in the Nation building business every day, finding good homes for the solitary soldier in search of an army. In a time of stark opportunity, we are hiring… so long as you speak your lesson and say it true.

Staffers from over a dozen Good Game Network Affiliates are standing by, anxious to make your acquaintance. New clans waging their upstarts in our house need boots on the line for inspection. Some are casually recreational. Others are fiercely competitive. Some are brand new. Others were matching their players icons when you were asking “What’s this Halo thing that people always talk about?” There is a flavor on our menu to suit the tastes of anyone who plays a good game. You need only knock on the door.

As Bungie dropped the curtain between us and their next killer application, an unmistakable challenge was issued: “You can leave that Lone Wolf stuff behind.” The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the street-date of the next bout to take the first step in that direction. The following question can be answered now:

When we Fall into Reach, and all of the citizens who fled the Halo Nation to answer a different Call come back to roost, who will be covering your six?

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Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0216 T0017
    Quantifier wrote...

    Having always been a GDI type, and as Deej referred to as long-time reader, no-time poster almost 4 years ago (I followed this blog for nearly 6 months before making myself known), I took a chance and submitted my recruitment application. I became a Gunslinger about 3.5 years ago now and there’s little else I could recommend more to anyone out there than to seek out and join a clan. Your gaming experience will almost certainly improve dramatically. Knowing you are working in unison/goofing off with your teammates is huge, whether your definition of fun is Sweet Jumps and betrayals, or competing at a very high level. Get Some!

  2. #LINK D0216 T0807
    Ray wrote...

    Bravo! This blog post is one of many examples why I admire your clan!

    Once my life settles down a bit, I will be applying. Hopefully before the Reach beta.

    See you on the battlefield! =)

  3. #LINK D0216 T0857
    DDAY10thMTN wrote...

    Great read DeeJ….
    I can state from personal experience in my short xbox existence that the difference between gaming by myself and gaming with a clan, no matter which clan, is like night and day…
    I’ve had the honor of fighting alongside Gunslingers and Cirques so far and I can imagine all clans in the GGN are as curtious and as accepting as these two.

    Had I hidden in the shadows, I would have no idea there was such an event as “Operation Sweet Jumps” or that there was a town called “Shotgun City”.....

  4. #LINK D0216 T0945
    NEC VAYDER wrote...

    Good read as always.

  5. #LINK D0216 T1610
    AddiCt3d 2CHa0s wrote...

    Having a team that is on the same page takes matchmaking to a whole new level. Having friends you can laugh with and work towards a common goal with at the same time enriches the gaming experience. Through the GGN I have found both, in an environment that encourages a positive experience.

    Interclan challenges and mixers have been the cherry on top!

    I would encourage anyone looking for these things to come on in and introduce themselves!

  6. #LINK D0216 T1633
    TTL FaithKeeper wrote...

    Great read, DeeJ.

    I echo DDAY that gaming with friends is infinitely a better experience than entering a match by one’s self.

    If anyone is reading this blog and without a gaming home, I strongly recommend you take the leap and visit the forum…there are friendly faces/avatars awaiting your arrival!

  7. #LINK D0216 T2036
    TTL Thrashmaster wrote...

    It sounds corny but I enjoy my gaming experience a ton more since joining TTL. Its not TTL that makes it great but rather the teamwork and interactions with my fellow clanmembers that really makes me enjoy my online experience. We have all had interactions with others online that have left a sour taste. Now I can just mute those people and get on with enjoying my time with friends. I would strongly encourage everyone who games online to look into joining a clan. There are good ones and ones that wont give you what your looking for in an online group. If curious the Good Game Network has a host of time proven good groups of guys and gals that have a great online presence. I happily fill up my friends list with anyone that runs in that group. I am not a joiner and shunned clans for a long time but I am much happier and enjoy my gaming experience a lot more since joining a clan. Anyway enough of the typing time to get back online. Great post as always Deej. See you in Matchmaking

  8. #LINK D0219 T1034
    ScrewChiller wrote...

    Well said Deej. The average Loan Wolf has no idea what he / she’s missing. The greatest thing is to be in a lobby with a group of Gunslingers. Assignments are taken and given without any resistance. Friendly jabs and pokes are issued. Then when your dialed in the plans are carried out with deadly efficientcy. I’m telling you guys it is a thing of awe to be in a Gunslinger war party. You are missing the best thing LIVE has to offer.

  9. #LINK D0226 T0043
    rookie77443095 wrote...

    yeah um im just looking for a clan to except me if u want me in your clan just send me a friend request

  10. #LINK D0305 T1919
    legendary rdm91 wrote...

    Ah, I have started a clan but am MIA for now: LEGEND is it’s name. We are a helpful, not so serious clan. If you have would like to join just sling a message at my gamertag: legendary rdm91. And I will see if I can get an officer to test you out. Have to have to have atleast 10 kills behind the officer in order to be accepted. Typical slayer match and you get to chose the map. Cheers.

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