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Welcome back to the sprawling vistas that are pastiched together for us, courtesy of El Burritoh and Photoshop. It took a map pack of Mythic proportions to inspire its return, but we are proud to announce an update to the hidden gem of the TTL webring at Haloramics.

This is but a sneak preview of what awaits you, and what is yet to come. The horizons of Assembly, Orbital, and Sandbox have been stretched to reveal their majesty. Once these environments join the lineup of potential matchmaking battlegrounds, their beauty will become an afterthought. For now, let’s gaze upon them from the relative peace and quiet of the full Haloramics gallery.

As always, if you like what you see, our site provides a full tutorial for how you can switch to a wide-angle lens of your very own.

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  1. #LINK D0224 T1749
    Fezzer wrote...

    Those are beautiful. Amazing how Bungie crafts such fine masterpieces that are just killing arenas when you get right down to it.

    Part of what makes Halo awesome!

  2. #LINK D0224 T1845
    Burritoh wrote...

    And these maps are all….MADE IN AMERICA!

  3. #LINK D0225 T1122
    epic grunt wrote...

    dud that long one is amazing. you have to do that to all the halo maps. dud that.. just wow the clarity it looks hand drawn. good job. good job.

  4. #LINK D0225 T1217
    Alien Emperor wrote...

    What just two?

  5. #LINK D0225 T1242
    x black kn1ght wrote...

    These are some pretty sweet images that show how awesome these maps are.

  6. #LINK D0225 T1322
    Tyler wrote...

    To Alien Emperor:

    Theres one or two more here: http://haloramics.tiedtheleader.com/index.html

  7. #LINK D0225 T1431
    Quantifier wrote...

    Thank. you. Bungie!

  8. #LINK D0225 T1650
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Muy Bueno!

  9. #LINK D0225 T1906
    My name isn't Dick wrote...

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful tear.

    And by the way, Flood was here!

  10. #LINK D0226 T1107
    Sword wrote...

    Simply beautiful! Amazing the shots that can be captured.

  11. #LINK D0310 T0251
    olanmills wrote...

    Any word on when the full size images will be available again?

  12. #LINK D0310 T2159
    Burritoh wrote...


    No, not sure when I’ll get those back up. But I wouldn’t give up.

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