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If you are a constant reader of this masthead for gamer culture, you are no doubt acquainted with a gamer by the name of Oboe Crazy. Being a woman, Oboe is subjected to only the finest behavior of her warring peers. Being a Captain of the TTL Gunslingers, it just so happens that she has dozens of teammates to insure that her griefers are met with swift retribution.

If you find youself doing a dance on our Oboe, there is likely a Gunslinger lurking just around the next corner with a particular interest in seeing you suffer.

The joke is [in fact] on you, my sweet idiots.

Good game.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D1214 T2149
    tyler wrote...

    lulz, thats good shit right there.

  2. #LINK D1215 T0836
    RevDotNed wrote...

    THAT made my day (and it’s only 6.32 in the morning).

  3. #LINK D1215 T0949
    CYBRFRK wrote...

    Nice weekly focus on the moron series.

  4. #LINK D1215 T1000
    ConsumedFever wrote...

    the problem is, if you point out the advantage you have over humpers, they just might stop, then were would the free kills come from?

  5. #LINK D1215 T1151
    Sarge Tomzilla wrote...

    Ah, I always love to see that happen to those idiots. Great video

  6. #LINK D1215 T1354
    Shadow wrote...

    just goes to show, don’t teebag in shotty snipers

  7. #LINK D1215 T1533
    Rabbit Lettuce wrote...

    haha i like mine at 0:50

    “i see a dot he must be downstairs”


  8. #LINK D1215 T1749
    Mondo Titan wrote...

    ya, that was cool Rabbit. couldnt even see you coming till * blam *.. the snipers match on Construct was a good angle too. just enough to see the guy in the background Avenging the death! hahah..

  9. #LINK D1215 T2340
    Ragingterror wrote...

    That was rather satisfying. :)


  10. #LINK D1216 T1748
    Blinkgun96 wrote...

    one of those looks like me, the one on blackout towards the end with security helmet/shoulders/and kantana body please look up that ones gamertag if you please

  11. #LINK D1216 T2155
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Blinkgun, if that is you, what makes you think we owe you any favors or have any interest in satisfying your desires? If you think that was you dropping a teabag, why don’t you put some effort into growing the fuck up?

  12. #LINK D1217 T1041
    Robin wrote...

    It wasn’t until I watched until the end that I realized that the idiots being cleaned from the gene pool were genuine, bona fide, un-staged idiots.

    Tragic. Incredibly satisfying video. =)

  13. #LINK D1217 T1432
    Blinkgun wrote...

    1.you obviously cant read very well
    2.if you cant then ill spell it out slowly
    i…d…o…n…t… ...l…i…k…e…t…o…t…-...b…a…g. so in conclusion thats probably not me then

  14. #LINK D1217 T1601
    Blinkgun96 wrote...

    i apologize for the above statement i suffered from a rare diseas called irritability at any rate i would like to mention that its funny how you get openly hostile to someone who thinks someone in this video has the same armor permutation, and even more so that after automatically becoming a A-hole you call me immature… now that aside ill look at all my team games on blackout to see if ive even played against a “Oboe Crazy”. Now i will explain my t-bagging history to both entertain an enlargethis comment by starting off that im 16 so now that thats over with because im sure you all care, ive “messed” with the corpses of the recently deceased in a video game, in most cases its been when im losing and very irritated or as retaliation to someone who did it to me and to that person only for the remainder of the game. irrational anger is a terrible curse that all people carry that changes them into different people and whats worse is that it often makes old or possible friends into mortal enemy’s im hopeing thats what you were suffering from because id hate to think you take this seriously.

  15. #LINK D1217 T1607
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. #LINK D1217 T1858
    SHAGGYDEATH wrote...

    I hate teabagging morons and I hate them even more when they have no skills and and get a lucky kill. Maybe one day they will grow up…until then I can only hope that they get teabagged on the school playground for real by a 300 pound guy who has not washed his balls for a week.

  17. #LINK D1217 T1942
    Blinkgun96 wrote...

    to XerxdeeJ-what no response? id like one. i dont even care if its rude or not.
    to SHAGGYDEATH- it seems 2850 people haven gotton a “lucky kill” on you.

  18. #LINK D1217 T1948
    IRObot42 wrote...

    1st blinkgun you type too much
    2nd you were kind’ve an ass XerxdeeJ
    3rd answer his questions so he’ll GO AWAY

  19. #LINK D1218 T0118
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    Blinkgun, I don’t even know what you want from me. I am not going to investigate Oboe’s game history to determine if that was you or not. Frankly, I don’t care who that was.

    Consider that your response. Have a nice day.

  20. #LINK D1218 T0636
    Blinkgun96 wrote...

    didnt i already say that i looked at my game history and couldnt find “TTL Oboe Crazy”? what i want is why you wrote such a dickhead response.?

  21. #LINK D1218 T1205
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    Oh, that! My response came from the fact that you came here to openly admit that you teabag people, and then started making requests for us to launch an investigation to determine if you made the cut of that video. As if we care. Then I told you to grow up, which you obviously still have yet to do.

    Get cracking! The future is tomorrow.

    You are a teabagger. I am a dickhead. Get past it. We are not meant to be friends.


  22. #LINK D1218 T1247
    Fezzer wrote...

    Good stuff. Always fun to avenge your teammate by nailing those goofballs.

  23. #LINK D1219 T0048
    Surgeon wrote...

    What’s worse? Dropping the bag or failing your team while dropping the bag? The world may never know.

  24. #LINK D1219 T2029
    Blinkgun96 wrote...

    first you were a dickhead before i even said i teabagged so who need tos grow up. second y exactly is it a big fucking deal?

  25. #LINK D1219 T2318
    IRObot42 wrote...

    First Blinkgun dropit
    Second XerxdeeJ im really sure he never wanted to be you friend.
    Third you tell him to grow up yet you insult him due to a misunderstanding and now hate he/she even more so though niether of you have or ever will meet in person.
    Fourth though it may sound i have taken blinkguns side i remain neutral in this matter though it is none of my business.
    Fifth(last one i promise) stop telling blinkgun to grow up even though he is immature for bringing this up again and again, you are no better, ive already stated that hateing for no reason is childish, all he wanted was to no who that look alike was, though he couldve done what he ended up doing before hand, the fact that he publicly asked if it was him was no great evil and you had no right to react hostily also last i checked people teabaggin in a “VIDEO GAME” should not reduce anyone to tear so if you react that way why are you playing video games online where people being dickheads is the norm

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