D1012 T1446 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: September

Please join us in wishing the Official Clan of Tied the Leader a good game on their Third Gunniversary. That’s right…

We are, on this very day, three years old.

What a long, strange campaign it has been. 1,095 days ago, our original 7 members [all of them still Overlords in the ranks of the Gunslingers] began sending “Clan Invites” through Halo 2. At the time, we had no idea that our efforts would be so richly rewarded with friendship, camaraderie, and experience points.

Since then, we have not strayed too far from the cradle that incubated the seeds of our ever-warring video game community. Members have come and gone. Games have launched and been succeeded. Opponents have risen and fallen. The Gunslingers remain, devoted to their mission to enjoy the game, as well as each other.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a self-aggrandizing highlight reel? Don’t bother with singing that awful Happy Birthday song. Just click on the button that makes the pictures fly through the air. As always, our thanks go out to OboeCrazy for committing our finer moments to video and classical music.

Here is Quicktime for those that roll Hi-Res.

As we head into Year Four, our momentum is breakneck. Our SPARTANS [and Elites] are eager for a warfront expansion of Mythic proportion. We continue to answer the Call of Duty. Our COGs are ready to spin again in the Gears Of War machine.

And, of course, we are Prepared to Drop!

Happy Gunniversary.

Good Game…

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D1013 T0801
    Sunburne Goose wrote...

    Best one yet Oboe!

  2. #LINK D1013 T1010
    TTL Bjorni wrote...

    Quite a lovely scene you set there at the start. And then Deej feels the need to tear up all those lovely flowers with his Hog… tsk.

    Great Hog/Vehicle antics in this one!

  3. #LINK D1013 T1034
    Stuicide wrote...

    3 down, many more to go!

  4. #LINK D1013 T1649
    TTL Saej wrote...

    Loved the last shot of Tort and Deej. How frustrating that must have been!

  5. #LINK D1015 T1511
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Gawd I love watching these! Thanks OB, and Deej, the host with the most post! ...Toast ;-P

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