D0921 T0232 Y2008On a solid Foundation.

Fellow gamers, enemy combatents, trusted allies: Lend me your scroll wheels. Take a moment of respite from the battles we pretend to fight, and entertain an update on the other mission at Tied the Leader.

Mind you well, this is not a donation drive. We do what we do because we wish to add weight to our interactions as a community. Consider this is a reinforcement of our original statement of intent.

There has been much talk on the numerous points of this webring about the TTL Foundation. It’s a pet project that the founders of our community created together some time ago. Since then, we have stood fast to our pledge to raise money for the warriors that fight without the luxury of a respawn. Our most recent distribution came on the heels of the LAN Party we produced on Memorial Day.

As gamers seek to express themselves at TTL, it has become inevitable that money changes hands. When any of that money ends up in our hands, the proceeds of that revenue do not benefit this gamerblogger – or anyone else who calls themselves a Gunslinger. It does not pay server fees. It does not line our pockets.

Rather, it goes to charitable institutions that benefit wounded combat veterans. Do you want to know more? Our current partner is Azalea Charities. It is their hands that deliver the aid for which we pay.

Much to our surprise, this altruistic experiment has caught the attention of gamers beyond the borders of our community. Take My7hos, for instance. He’s a gamer we hardly know. Yet. The carefull placement of the 7 in his tag indicates a Bungie loyalist, and that is a fine place to start.

If you cruise the boards of HBO [and how else would you know this article went live?], you may have seen mention of his auction. Halo schwag is up for grabs, friends. When the bidding war goes silent, the fruits of My7thos’ labor will come our way. There, it will not stay long. From our coffers, it will be dispersed in total to the charitable partners that do the work that makes our wishes become reality.

One gamer will not change the world. Yet, as a community, we are capable of truly great things. We are grateful to My7hos for his solidarity, and for his support.

And we wanted you to know.

Game on.

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