D0817 T1537 Y2008Gunslinger Plays of the Month: July

At Tied the Leader, this front page has been enjoying somewhat of a sumer vacation in recent weeks. Your friendly neighborhood gamerblogger will safeguard his pride by not asking if you had noticed.

We have been getting outside from time to time [no, really]. We are planning a LAN. And, of course, we are playing our favorite game. There is always time for that. When the green ring on the box comes alive, there will be blood.

There are times when it seems that not much more can be said about that. We have stated our case. We have chiseled our charter into what passes for stone in cyberspace. We have built our army and mustered our allies. We play the game for the opportunities it grants us to interact [either peacefully or violently] with our fellow gamers…
May the lead trade sides on several occassions throughout the match!

As gamers, the game is our stage. Here is a look back on some of our favorite plays, executed recently in the warzone lovingly maintained for us by the fighting men and women at Bungie Studios.

This assembly of highlights exists not to rub the noses of the fallen in their own blood, but to celebrate the fact that gamers are active participants in their own quest for entertainment. They are their own playmakers, their own closers, their own gold medalists.

Enjoy, as we have… Love, TTL.

p.s. Don’t miss Yours Truly at 2:15 in the timecode, executing a one-wheel reverse-endo in a Warthog – flag on board! They don’t pass out medals for that…

p.p.s. Mad props to Oboe Crazy for shining the spotlight on our better moments!

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  1. #LINK D0817 T1855
    TTL Demag0gue wrote...

    Always fun to watch these. :)

  2. #LINK D0817 T2050
    Cleanbeats wrote...

    Haha. Awesome. Sweet wheel stand Deej!!!! Gil should get more exterminations.

  3. #LINK D0817 T2148
    TTL Milk wrote...

    Loved it! I laughed out loud when Deej did that one wheel wheelie. Love the Big Band sound along with it as well. Great job Oboe!

  4. #LINK D0818 T0222
    TTL Bjorni wrote...

    Good stuff everybody! Thanks to Oboe for putting it together.

    Now about those exterminations for next month….....

  5. #LINK D0818 T1137
    TTL Chicka wrote...

    Awesome sauce!

  6. #LINK D0818 T1147
    AmericanNightmare wrote...

    I hope we keep doing these. I love watching this stuff!

  7. #LINK D0818 T1157
    Mondo Jay wrote...

    great music and clip selection,
    good stuff Oboe Crazy…

  8. #LINK D0818 T1350
    Goody wrote...

    Great work everyone and nice editing, Oboe!

  9. #LINK D0818 T1511
    TTL Gilthanis wrote...

    Awesome work, I love the variety of clips.

  10. #LINK D0818 T1830
    Tortacular wrote...

    Nice work once again on these!

    That Double Extermination was hilarious. STOP GOING UP THE LIFT!

  11. #LINK D0818 T1923
    TTL Nodak wrote...

    We should have a highlight reel of Oboe editing and putting these epic clips together!

    Nice work on the killing end too gunslingers! I love these and wait like a kid at Christmas for each new month!

  12. #LINK D0818 T2100
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    This was awesome.

    DeeJ, you have to be kidding me with that ridiculousness in the hog. That was nuts.

    Great work Oboe! I

  13. #LINK D0818 T2233
    FaithKeeper wrote...

    Wow! Why have I never seen one of these before!!! I loved that jumping no-scope to the turret dude on the hog at Rat’s Nest. DeeJ…beautiful “and-1” style driving lol.

    Oboe, you did an amazing job putting this together!

    I wonder if I’ve ever been on the receiving end of one of these videos…lol

  14. #LINK D0818 T2320
    Ray wrote...

    That was an awesome vid!
    The music was great, and the video effects weren’t too over the top, plus the footage was top-notch!
    It’s a shame I’m only 20…

  15. #LINK D0819 T0303
    Kylie wrote...

    Awesome guys. I should really get in on this sometime.

    Great work as always. That was some really badass footage

  16. #LINK D0819 T0639
    TTL Venus wrote...

    Great clips! Great Video! I absolutley love watching these each month. I agree Nodak, I would love a behind the scenes video of Oboe working on this….that would be even more entertaining!

  17. #LINK D0819 T1510
    Iming Nutzov wrote...

    Awesome all around! So neat plays of the month..from one-wheeled endos (do those even exist or did that come into creation when that happened???) to double exterminations. Well done all!

    PS Big ups to Oboe for her video mastery and putting this all together!

  18. #LINK D0819 T1836
    ttl ranger wrote...

    I love the one-by-one lemming attack that Chae Si held off. “Step into my meat grinder!”

    And the music when Fezzer is sneaking toward the flag is tops. Good show!

  19. #LINK D0825 T1200
    a lurking duck wrote...

    many, many thanks to oboe for putting this together. it was absolutely awesome.

    deej, you are a master of the puma :)

    i don’t have as much time for halo as i used to so it’s nice to see what i’ve been missing. keep up the good work everyone!

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