D0622 T2158 Y2008AtLANtica, Version 2.0

It has been said that you should never return to the scene of a crime. Fortunately for the TTL Gunslingers, and a few distinguished guests, that same pearl of wisdom does not hold true for LAN parties – especially when the scene in question is a beach. Thus, on Memorial Day weekend, Tied the Leader held a repeat performance of last year’s AtLANtica event.

Telling the stories engendered at a LAN party is always a tricky proposition. Photos from the scene usually end up depicting faces frozen in a mask of tactical concentration. The camera is rarely trained on the attendees when the party erupts into exaltation. The competitive electricity in the room escapes the snapshots. The tension and suspense of live competition and social camaraderie defy illustration.

Thanks to the video stylings of one Sunburned Goose, this problem is solved in living, breathing high-definition. We bid you welcome to come along with Goose on his journey. Should you crave a higher resolution of this video documentary, register for a login here, and access the Downloads menu in the lower right-hand corner.

All told, 37 attendees graced us with their presence, their gunfire, and their company. Through the execution of a [not-so] silent auction, $1,200 was raised to benefit wounded combat veterans via the Tied the Leader Foundation. It was, after all, Memorial Day!

Special thanks go out to all who provided discounted services, contributed personal funds, or donated schwag to serve as fodder on the auctioneer’s block. They include: Bungie Studios, Electronic Arts, EE Knight, Hoover AV, JINX, Microsoft, Steve Downes, Red Bull, Los Jacklos at Easton Exchange, and Venus.

This event was many things. It was a vacation. It was a tournament. It was a live assembly of the membership from a virtual social network. It was introductions among new friends and reunions among old friends. It was a fundraiser for charity. Above all else, it was a party.

Tied the Leader is a community that finds it roots in LAN Parties like this one. When we played Halo: Combat Evolved, we didn’t have Xbox Live. We didn’t have hotel meeting spaces or 40” plasmas, either. Events like this one are always a much-needed reconciliation with the truth – that we are gamers in a clan to enjoy ourselves, as well as to enjoy the company of each other.

Next stop… Chicago. For the third time. After all, if one scene is worth returning to, so is another.

To those who attended AtLANtica, 2.0: Thank you, and Good Game.

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  1. #LINK D0622 T2346
    Stuicide wrote...

    They get better every year. To old friends and to new ones!

  2. #LINK D0622 T2351
    Alekat wrote...

    Incredible video Goose. I think you really captured something wonderful there.

  3. #LINK D0623 T0730
    TTL Thrasymachus wrote...

    oh i am sooo excited for chicago

  4. #LINK D0623 T0758
    Dweezle wrote...

    It was great meeting so many people again and meeting others for the first time. It sort of sucks when you have to go back to work the next week. Here’s to Chicago!

    Good game everyone!

  5. #LINK D0623 T0853
    Sandman wrote...

    Nice video Goose, but ummmmm isn’t your camera supposed to be turned off during take off and landing?

  6. #LINK D0623 T0959
    TTL Nodak wrote...

    WOW!!! Great video man! That looks like a lot of fun. I was wondering about filming planes before, during and after takeoff as well.

    Good thing you look like an honest person!

    And to think that all of that was for a good cause.


  7. #LINK D0623 T1002
    Mondo Jay wrote...

    great video goose,
    looks like alot of fun was had…
    and alot of money went to a good cause…
    congrats guys…

  8. #LINK D0623 T1020
    HardBoiled wrote...

    Great video guys. Looks like you guys/gals had fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

  9. #LINK D0623 T1050
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    I reeeeally want to go to ChicagoLANd!

  10. #LINK D0623 T1057
    Vemis wrote...

    Goose!!! Fantastic job!!! Beautiful video. My favorite part is the TTL on the beach!! That rocks!

    I cant wait to see you all in Chicago!!!


  11. #LINK D0623 T1556
    TTL Sindekiero wrote...

    It was an awesome first LAN for me and it was great to make a lot of new friends, I can not wait for next year.

    Great video!

  12. #LINK D0623 T1640
    whachamacalzmit wrote...

    Goose, that was amazing! You shouldn’t have done such a good job, because now we’ll have high expectations for Chicago ;P

  13. #LINK D0623 T2003
    ttl ranger wrote...

    Excellent video man!

  14. #LINK D0625 T1427
    Quantifier wrote...

    Fantastic video Goose and MAD Props to all!

  15. #LINK D0630 T0954
    goody wrote...

    Goose, that was great! Nice work! I wish I could have been there.

  16. #LINK D0702 T0907
    Sword wrote...

    Great work Goose. Impressive video recording and editing. I have got to join in sometime.

  17. #LINK D0704 T0134
    ChuckieJ wrote...

    Thanks again for the awesome LAN party. The TTL crew did a great job organizing it and the video is awesome.

  18. #LINK D0705 T0956
    Snipercidal wrote...

    Wow. I wish I knew about this earlier. I live about a half hour away from Satellite Beach and would have loved to attend. Are you coming back to FL again?

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