From the perspective of this gamer, the news coming from Bungie Studios this week is the most important update since Halo 3’s launch. Every citizen in the Halo Nation has been given a new lease, and a warning from the landlord.

All these worlds are yours, except Europa

Sorry… Wrong warning. Wrong landlord. Here is the excerpt in question from the Bungie Blog:

Ranked Big Team will be worth double EXP for the month of June. All restrictions are being removed. If Ranked Big Team does not perform well this month, it may be retired in July.

For those of us who love a solid, challenging 8v8 match, we have one month. The clock is ticking, effective immediately. The maker is watching, data mining, and keeping score. The fate of Big Team Battle hangs in the balance.

This gamer prefers an explosive battle between two teams of 8 gamers more than anything else afforded by the Halo Experience. No other combat scenario, no other playlist, can match the excitement and chaos of 16 gamers clashing on a battlefield like Valhalla or Rat’s Nest.

Big Team Battles are won by teamwork. The fog of war obscures the sniper who can carry his three friends to victory in a match of Team Slayer. The mechanized infantry can joined the fray. We have some room to stretch our legs and roll the machines of war. Every gamer has the chance to shine in the soft glow of heroism, and in our own way.

The question then becomes, who is with me?

Up until now, the prospects of matching up two teams worthy of a big battle have been slim. Finding the perfectly balanced match just took too long. A series of intruiging EXP weekends lured less patient gamers away from the RBTB playlist. The remaining several thousand of us were left with rank restrictions that kept us apart – when all we wanted to do was blow each other up.

No longer!

The safeties have been removed. The fight is about to get tough, and loud. The TTL Gunslingers are ripe to come out of hiding in BTB Social, to play the gametype for which we were built. Strikers, Guards, Pilots, and Snipers are set to play their role – interchangeable parts in the same good game war machine.

And – months of steamrolling poorly-matched teams of houseguests and clanless warriors have made us soft. That’s right. Playing against a team laced with quitters, private chatters, total strangers, and lily-white noobs has taken away our edge.

You want a piece of us? Now is your chance! We will be playing in Ranked Big Team all this month. The combined weight of our active roster will be thrown at our last best chance for a competitive playlist on a grander scale.

Warthog teams will be assembled. Defensive lines will be fortified. Blitzes will be called out and executed. Snipers will… Well, the snipers will do what they always do. They don’t take orders. Get us in your crosshairs and take us down.

Clan Challenges at TTL are suspended until further notice. The new Ranked Big Team playlist promises to deliver that which has been lacking from Halo 3. We aim to go and see that it is well-played.

Jump into the game. We will be there, insuring that it is good.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0603 T0811
    jayman007 wrote...

    Well said, Deej. Now that I’m back to getting in some Halo time, I will defiantly be helping out.

  2. #LINK D0603 T0831
    Cozmo23 wrote...

    Our clan size usually gives us 6 people on at a given time making us the masters of Avalanche, but if we happen to see you TTLers in the chaos of BTB we will give no quarter. :)

  3. #LINK D0603 T1010
    Slightly Good wrote...

    Sweet blog, actually I love your blogs. =) Hopefully we can man some TPA teams and meet yall in the fields.

  4. #LINK D0603 T1153
    TheJadedTarget wrote...

    As much as I would love to go against the Gunslingers in an 8 on 8 battle royale, I don’t have a team for that. If I can find some people who are willing to be matched up with all those haters you mentioned, I’ll be there. I’m not particularly fond of Ranked Big Team as much as I am of Social Big Team (Solely for the reason that I don’t have a large clan to roll with) but for clans like the TTL Gunslingers, RBTB is where the fun is at. Good luck in saving it, I always enjoyed 8v8 when coordination is involved.

  5. #LINK D0603 T1210
    Viktim Viktor wrote...

    The shot of the 3 red laden hogs rolling in convoy is so beautiful it brings a tear of joy to my eye…

  6. #LINK D0603 T1248
    Stuicide wrote...

    JadedTarget, You can always find good and willing gamers at our forum, come by and make some friends.

    What kind of community are you from?

    Also, O7ah, TPA, and Cirque all being represented in BTB I see. I hope to meet several of these parties tonight.

  7. #LINK D0603 T1327
    Alekat wrote...

    RBTB must be saved indeed. Halo playing in general will probably increase as more and more schools let out.

  8. #LINK D0603 T1657
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    Who needs clan challenges when you can have many one the same night? ohhh wait… I should´t have said that….

  9. #LINK D0603 T1949
    Rell192 wrote...

    I find nothing more enjoyable than BTB. I shall play often for the cause.

  10. #LINK D0603 T2019
    Vash wrote...

    Well, I just play social big team battle. I don’t see much point in ranked big team.

  11. #LINK D0603 T2141
    XerxdeeJ wrote...


    Really? No point at all?

    I just play Social BTB also. I spend a majority of my games chasing people around the map after the majority of their teammates have quit. I take on opponents who have just met one another. I communicate with my team, while my opponent leaves their headset unplugged.

    Will the addition of rank solve these problems completely? No. But it will draw a more serious breed of gamer into the big leagues.

  12. #LINK D0604 T1034
    OcR Defkism wrote...

    Count OcR in. we will be going in as a party, hope to match up with some of the other communities out there.

  13. #LINK D0604 T1428
    Bunny wrote...

    All of the game time that I can devote will definitely be spent in RBTB.

  14. #LINK D0609 T0942
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    The big team experience is the golden cup in Halo. IMHO
    My wife once woke me concerned I was in the middle of some horrible nightmare, but it was the opposite. It was Halo 16×16, and the maps were bigger then ever. Each team boasted extra weapons. And there was no lag! It was incredible.
    I understand not every one is so passionate about big team, and that we may never see Halo teams exceed 8v8. The fact remains it is my favorite multiplayer experience in gaming period, and the thought of losing it makes me sad. Go Play Halo

  15. #LINK D0612 T1659
    MrPink4200 wrote...

    This is what’s bring me back…. As for my answer…. I’m with ya!

  16. #LINK D0622 T1146
    CN wrote...

    I am quite happy to see that the vision of a city upon a hill has come to pass and grown to be more than I ever imagined. Congratulations to all. It looks like the whole gang from olden times is still there. Very impressive. Continued good luck and best wishes. And apologies of course…

    Names in my ears of all the lost adventurers my peers,
    How such a one was strong, and such was bold,
    And such was fortunate, yet each of old
    Lost, lost! one moment knelled the woe of years.

  17. #LINK D0701 T2250
    Sarge Tomzilla wrote...

    I was lucky to find myself on the side of two TTLers in Team Slayer once, and was lucky to be on that team. I loved BTB back in the day, but due to router and connection problems, as soon as I get into any decent sized match of epic proportions, my poor connection kicks in and promptly gives me a game of either lying dead with “Respawn in x seconds” for over a minute or more, or walking into walls. If only my connection was better :(

  18. #LINK D0722 T1822
    GhosterOriginal wrote...

    Ranked BTB is as much fun as Lone Wolves. Too often in BTB people work separately, instead of as a team, failing to communicate with each other. More communication would increase excitement and participation!

  19. #LINK D0920 T0317
    drunknhobo 91 wrote...

    lol..drunknhobo 911 here, i loved playing with yall, especially ttl-alcapone or whatever. I played a bomb match vs yall on standoff months ago. my fileshare was loaded full of pics and clips of me annihilating you guys. it was great, i went +46 against yall and i think i was the only one playing on my team. its because of bk’s like ya that make btb so fun. recuit more TTL and keep btb alive. i like having a 3/1 k/d ratio against yall. fun time. cheers to ya boozed fellas

  20. #LINK D1027 T1029
    caboose506 wrote...

    hey my clan is looking for more players! so if ur in just email me and ill put your skills to the test…...

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