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Introducing a new feature at Tied the Leader: “Panel Discussions” will feature perceptions and opinions lifted from discussions held on our MidWorld Forum. The Tied the Leader Community is more than one blogger – more than one clan. This rogue column surveys many entities in the fan-driven system of gamer communities. Effective immediately, you can look forward to those gamers having more of a voice on the TTL masthead. Let’s kick things off with a question relative to DLC…

When it comes to new maps, do you prefer remakes? Or would you rather see something completely new and different?

Since the launch of their Xbox Live francise, Bungie Studios has gone to great lengths to keep the Halo Nation on its toes with downloadable content. Just when you knew the best objective route on Valhalla, you had to figure out where to take the flag on Rat’s Nest. Before you could master the laser dash on Standoff, we were introduced to the man-cannon shooting gallery that is Avalanche.

When the topic turns to new maps, fan feedback always turns to remakes. There are gamers who always want to “go home” to their preferred environs in Halo 2. Time-honored fan favorites like Wizard/Warlock or Midship are frequent entries on petitions to retro-fit Halo 3 to accommodate the old stomping grounds. The release of Heroic Map Pack saw enterprising gamers expressing their sentimentality by reForging sites of fond memories in Foundry. With the release of the Legendary Map Pack, legions of MLG-style competitors were silenced with the rebirth of Lockout/Blackout.

What is your preferred approach to DLC? Do you like seeing your favorite maps rebuilt for the fragging of a next generation? Or would you rather see your favorite game developers stretch the legs of their imaginations in the creation of never-before-seen battlegrounds like Ghost Town?

The dinh: I would prefer new maps. Variety is what makes me come back to Halo.

Stuicide: I love having new maps because they evolve in the way people play them and over the course of a few weeks, tactics advance and playing it stays exciting and unique. Compared to remakes, they lose a sense of “What do I need to do next?” Since people have battle tested them.

Gilthanis: While blackout is cool to have, it is not lockout. The little differences eat at me while I play it. However, I still would rather have a new map then a remake unless it was going to be an EXACT remake.

Fezzer: New. But a GOOD remake (like Avalanche) is nice once in awhile.

Sandman: While I enjoy new maps better, having the occasional remake/re-imagined map is fun too. Fighting on both familiar and new battlefields is what makes Halo great!

Quantifier: As I think back about maps like Relic, Terminal, Turf and Sanctuary; as much as part of me would be interested to see them ported to H3, I’d prefer to see brand new maps. Those were all new maps and I’m glad they made them rather than porting more H1 maps.

OboeCrazy: I want brand new. I never want a remake. Avalanche is an awesome map. However, I never played H1 multiplayer…so I never experienced Sidewinder the way many of you did.

Flatlined: In the past, [Bungie] used to answer that if you wanted to play Chill Out, or Midship, you can play Halo or Halo 2 etc. Well, Halo was never online, so the joy that was the Chill Out map, or Chiron, never was seen outside of LAN parties. As for Midship, Headlong etc, I am not sure I’d want to throw in an older title in when we wanna see the glorious Halo 3 graphics at work.

Tortacular: I want the developers to push themselves and let their imaginations rule. That’s how we get completely new experiences like Ghost Town’s vertical play.

Demagogue: It’s kind of fun to tread on familiar ground Halo 3-style as well stage battles in new territory where everyone is a ‘novice’.

BSG Gold: I would prefer new maps, but really anything off Halo:CE is like a new map, because it has never been exposed to Xbox Live before. What I really don’t want to see are any more Halo 2 remakes.

Fate: I love Ghost Town and would much rather spend my money on something new where everyone is figuring it out together. It’s much more fun to learn new ways to play a map from someone that beat you than rehashing the strategies that everyone used in H2.

BSG Alekat: You can’t put the remakes of Lockout and Sidewinder in the same category of course. I’m just going to say I like remakes like Sidewinder where the focus was on capturing the idea behind Sidewinder (epic flag battles), and perhaps holding onto a few familiar pieces like the bridge and snowy terrain.

Hard Boiled: I don’t want to see a developer stifled by public pressure to bring back old maps, because it will stifle gameplay. If I see Midship or Worlock mirrored in a map pack, I’ll play them the same way I played them in Halo 2. I don’t want to have to do that, I want fresh looks and fresh gameplay. That is what keeps me coming back.

Bunny: I love seeing what they do with the new graphics and abilities on the older maps. They never upset me because they really are a new map, they just happen to take a lot of features from the older maps.

CodeMonkey: I would like to see if the game developers can still ‘wow’ me. I want to see more of the game universe than before. I enjoy how Bungie tries to have a back story for each map as to where it is in the Halo universe. The storyline of Halo lends itself to many more possibilities for multiplayer maps and for DLC, I would rather see new visions of those places than remakes of old maps.

Jericho: You can never go home. To date (IMO) none of the remakes have lived up to my expectation with the exception of blood gultch/coagulation. Coag turns out to be better than the original.

Mondo Titan: The New maps have been way better than the remakes (with the exceptions of Coag and select others). i think that the reason for that is the game simply isn’t the same. no fall damage removed the danger/excitement from Hang ‘em High/ Tombstone. the slight changes in physics made memorable jumps/tricks harder, impossible, or nonexistent.

TruthPastor SBG: I am a vehicle guy so gaining Avalanche was great, but the other two maps don’t use vehicles (unless you count the mongoose) on Ghost Town. I feel that H3 is limited on its BTB game maps. I would much rather see big maps like Valhalla and Coagulation.

El Burritoh: I’ve played the old ones, and although I would love to play with the new gameplay on the old maps, I’d rather have new maps if it came right down to that kid of choice. Fortunately, Bungie graciously tries to please everyone! But… I would pay 400 points for a Midship remake alone. That map had a dynamic that is sorely missing from any of the H3 maps.

Mondo Jay: I’ve always liked to see the new and creative maps Bungie can come up with, and as much as I like re-imagined versions of old classics, they’ll never compare to that new car smell of maps like Ghost Town, Foundry, or Standoff… and honestly, if all the new DLC (Legendary & Heroic) had only been Remakes we’d never have newly formed classics like those…

Zeuz Patter: Halo3 is new. So should be the maps. New game-new maps. Hit me with your best shot! I want to fell in love again as I did with Valhalla in the Beta, as I did with Relic on its release.

VVilly: I think this is the best map pack for any Halo game ever, because you get a map from every game 1 from Halo CE, 1 from Halo 2, and a new one from Halo 3. Not everyone is going to like every single map but as a whole I think these 2 remakes were great choices.

Testa Killz: I think the biggest problem with remakes is that it puts unneeded constraints on the creators. Valhalla & Guardian are both great examples of why you interpret & honor the ideals of a map, rather than copy it’s text verbatim.

ooCRIMoo: we all have our different favorite old maps that we’d like to play in Halo 3. the developers could spend all their time remaking maps and STILL not satisfy everyone. It’s better for them to use their resources to make new favorite maps for us, so we have something to bitch about remaking in the next game – “Why won’t Bungie remake Ghost town? It’s my fav they must hate me”

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0507 T1646
    Mondo Jay wrote...

    great article..
    can’t wait to see more with perspectives like this…
    good idea DeeJ…

  2. #LINK D0508 T1522
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Most people want new, and I agree the focus should be on all new maps with fresh ideas abundantly laced throughout.
    I have only had 3 old maps I wanted to see remade. Hang’emHigh, check. Sidewinder, check. Prisoner, tbd. This map, love it or hate it, was the map that made me a never-say-die Halo player. My hope is that the remake would be nearly the same as the original only with updated visuals and a few innovative tweaks that only Bungie Studios could produce.

  3. #LINK D0509 T1120
    Viktim Viktor wrote...

    Great write-up. I like a mix of both new and old, though the opinions expressed above have indeed swayed me towards thinking that over-all new maps are for the best. In my perfect world, Bungie would do a quick port of the Halo: CE maps will minimal tweaks and focus the bulk of their energies on new maps.

  4. #LINK D0512 T1831
    El Burritoh, frito bandito wrote...

    New maps FTW!

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