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If you have found yourself reading this column, but have never interacted with the TTL Community, you have tasted only a sliver of what lies behind the curtain of this domain. Over the weekend, the TTL Gunslingers completed a full facelift and overhaul on the portal that they use to write their own story about a never-ending battle.

Of course, this story is not just about one clan of gamers. It is about all of the clans that they meet in their quest for a good game. It is about the challengers who come to our house to represent theirs. The players in this tale leave their own round tables to make imaginary war against ours.

Led by a tireless Staff of Captains, the Gunslingers answer all takers of our open challenge. One by one, we match ranks and select matches. Maps and gametypes are exchanged for an evening of rivalry and friendly competition. Relationships are formed. One by one, we sample their game to see if it is good. Amidst the ever changing landscape of the greater gaming community, clans come and go. Alliances rise and fall.

A gaming community is lost without worthy opponents, left to wander matchmaking playlists in search of combatents who finish the fight and speak their lesson true. When the Gunslingers make new friends through the exchange of simulated gunfire, we hold on to them. We follow their respective campaigns, and keep them close for joint strike forces into the madness of Xbox Live.

Of all our lost time spent fragging faceless strangers via the world wide web, it is the friends that we have made along the way that best insure the good game. At the center of this storm is our forum. It is there that we share best practices and fresh recruits with our allies, in the hopes that will not disappear from the virtual landscape. New faces arrive in MidWorld every day. While our own imposed limitations prohibit us from issuing gunbelts to all of the TTL Allies, there is not one among them that does not fit the profile.

Our goal is to unite the clans. Xbox Live is a fascinating platform for social interaction. When gamers form up into platoons, the roleplay takes on a richness that goes well beyond your average free-for-all scenario. For the clans that patrol multiplayer playlists for Halo 3, we want to meet you. For the lone wolves that have always wondered what the clan system is like, we offer a unique shelter that is shared by many.

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  1. #LINK D0422 T0111
    Stuicide wrote...

    Truly a great snapshot of the “Halo Nation”.

  2. #LINK D0422 T0830
    XMixMasterX wrote...

    I’ve been apart of several small clans and one of just my closest friends. I’ve never really found my perfect spot in this Halo universe… I’ve found some good ones, but never great.

  3. #LINK D0422 T1211
    jayman007 wrote...

    Well spoken as always, DeeJ.

  4. #LINK D0422 T1301
    TTL mvuakali wrote...

    The updated site looks great.

  5. #LINK D0422 T1407
    Recon 3k wrote...

    Nice write up! Agree completely!

  6. #LINK D0423 T1037
    Maximobien wrote...

    I LOVE the “Join, or Die” pic!! I remember it from my undergrad history classes. It was created by Ben Franklin before the Revolutionary War.

  7. #LINK D0423 T2228
    L0co wrote...

    The site looks amazing. Our Content guys are amazing, I’m glad that they’re on board.

  8. #LINK D0424 T0704
    TTL Cleanbeats wrote...

    Great work. Get on that Good Game Network!!!! Join or Die!!!!

  9. #LINK D0430 T0924
    Jungle Animal wrote...

    Nice write-up. I wanted to pop in and say thanks for including TPA in the list of clans on the Join, or Die banner. I guess I will use the occasion to give an update on TPA. We are still going very strong, all of the original overlords are now running a very well managed World Of Warcraft guild. We just ran our first coordinated 25 man raid and downed both bosses last night (which is some sweet Teir 4 gear for our Guild). Some great gear was distributed to the members and we are progressing towards end game content and we are definately the best guild to join on our server. To give you guys a quick look at our numbers in WoW take a look at this link to see our members (Check out Junglejam specifically, he a terrifically awesome mage, lol).


    As far as Halo and the Halo nation, we are hoping that the new Halo overlords in TPA can build on the foundation that was established and continue TPA Halo excellence. Many of the original TPA are still on from time to time but we are rebuilding the Halo side with new leadership. I am glad to see that TTL is still rolling strong. Peace out.


  10. #LINK D0505 T2147
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Class and Gunfire, who would have thought this could exist outside of a James Bond film? Great write up.

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