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A brief from the Tied the Leader Intelligence Agency:

It’s fitting that our newest round of Downloadable Content for Halo 3, Produced by Bungie Studios [heretofore referred to as DLC] has been branded the “Legendary Map Pack”. More than the obvious successor to the Heroic DLC Pack, it features two maps that have achieved “legendary” status among the warring citizens of the Halo Nation. Finally, after thousands [millions?] of units of impassioned feedback, gamers will get the chance to view Sidewinder and Lockout through the next-gen prism of Halo 3.

As revealed in advance press from Bungie.net, the names have changed but the simulated combat scenarios are the same. Avalanche is a tunnel-ridden horseshoe of snowbound mayhem that some will remember from Combat Evolved. Blackout is the multi-level thunderdome and competitive standard that most will recall from Halo 2.

The remaining questions are to be answered later this week, through the impressions of those test subjects who have had a preview of what will be downloaded in the land-rush scheduled for April 15th. For many a gamer, this DLC is the answer to a plea or a prayer.

Any surfers curious enough to brave the waves at Bungie.net have witnessed the desperate cries of die-hard fans who could not fully love a new Halo game without a return to the scenes of their old favorite crimes. Never let it be said that Bungie Studios [a limited liability corporation] does not listen to the troops who fight in their cause for global domination.

Of all the new battlefields to be seen, this gamerblogger is most curious about Ghost Town. While it is intriguing to see our favorite battlezones put back under the microscope, this matchmaking denizen is more curious about the new tricks that the makers have up their sleeves. Launching a game and seeing it played has an inevitable impact on a creative process. It was late in the game of Halo 2 that my favorite map, a foreboding island we knew as “Relic”, exploded [very literally] onto the scene. It may be that our next favorite theater of pretended warfare is a place that no one has yet to see.

For the rest of you, April 15th represents your chance to put your money where your forum petition is. You issued the call. Bungie has answered with retro-teraformation of two legends from the lore of Halo multiplayer. Perhaps they even gave rise to a new classic amidst all of that decaying concrete. We need not debate the vaue of this offering. Price is set. Nothing left to do now but shoulder the flame thrower and vote with your wallets.

You thought you finished the fight? That propaganda was there to sell the story. So long as the online census remains strong, and the respawn clock ticks down, the fight need not end. Sound off if you will be on the front lines on opening day with an Oo-RAH! and a Battle Rifle. Time to muster for launch, ye Halo Gamer.

Check back with Tied the Leader this Friday, April 11th to receive a full tactical combat briefing from a Squad Captain in the ranks of the TTL Gunslingers who has experienced the gameplay that will spin off from these maps. Until then, he is sequestered in an undisclosed location with a zombie shotgun and a zippo – you know, in case he has to burn his notes.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

Legends 12

  1. #LINK D0408 T0305
    Jironimo wrote...

    Day one for me. With two of the most classic maps, one possibly future classic, incredible new forge palette, and screenshot filters this is a great deal.

  2. #LINK D0408 T0854
    Kinetic wrote...

    Don’t even try and pretend you’re a Halo fan, Jironimo. We all know you sail under the flag of Killzone.

  3. #LINK D0408 T1133
    TTL mvuakali wrote...

    Congrats on getting to play the new maps captain. Which was your favorite?

  4. #LINK D0408 T1139
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    L Askan is under gag order. He cannot share him impressions until Friday!

  5. #LINK D0408 T1154
    Quantifier wrote...

    Ghost Town looks very intriguing, and I can’t wait to check out Avalanche. It will be interesting to see if Blackout takes it’s expected place.

    Congrats on your good fortune L!

  6. #LINK D0408 T1214
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    I am too awaiting ghost town the most. Although it will be interesting to see and feel the remakes, its the new stuff that keeps me anxiously awaiting. We shall read indeed on Friday how L felt.

  7. #LINK D0408 T1216
    TTL Jericho wrote...

    I’m most interested in Ghost Town as well, since we all have an idea of the others…Ghost Town may hold the most surprises.

  8. #LINK D0408 T1229
    Stuicide wrote...

    I’m looking forward to Avalanche. I dig the Big Team Battles.

    I think even a game like Slayer will be interesting on that map.

  9. #LINK D0408 T1235
    Monte wrote...

    they all look amazing. That’s what I love about bungie though. They listen to the populace, determine who’s insane, and try to make their game better. How many companies would do that? I dare say, not one other one.

  10. #LINK D0408 T1432
    Maximobien wrote...

    For the multitudinous hours of enjoyment I will derive from the Legendary Map Pack, ten dollars is a worthy price to pay. I don’t understand why Bungie always scapegoats Microsoft for the cost of DLC. By doing this, they send the message that the new additions are not worth their price. Don’t sell yourself short, Bungie!

  11. #LINK D0408 T2143
    TTL Cleanbeats wrote...

    I will pull out Laskan’s toe nails one by one until he spills the beans. Or just wait for the maps,we’ll see.

    Looks great though. I can’t wait to run around on Blackout.

  12. #LINK D0410 T1557
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    I am so stoked about the new maps. Ghost Town is also the most intriguing, if for no other reason than it is the Unknown.

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