D0322 T2354 Y2008The Gunslinger Theme

Did you hear the one about the contest to create your own Xbox 360 operating system theme?

We did. We even created an entry of our very own.

Of course, when I say “We”, I am just taking credit for the work of our very own El Burritoh. I do that a lot on this blog. I make no apologies for this. After years of berrating the Halo Nation for having bad manners, it’s nice to hand the reigns over to an artist.

Everyone should enjoy Mr. Burritoh’s art. He’s got a knack for texture. He deals in lead, and wood, and stone.

If you want to vote for him, make your way to 360 Theme.

Maybe you are a TTL Gunslinger. Perhaps, you are an Ally in our Community. Or, it could just be that you have a weakness for cowboys.



Posted by XerxdeeJ

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    Jogos Grátis wrote...

    I liked the last theme. I’ve casted a vote too :).

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