D0218 T2244 Y2008An Invitation to the Gun Show

Since the launch of Halo 3, the gaming community that provides editorial fodder for this gamerblogger has been doing what they do best. I am talking, of course, about the Gunslingers. When am I ever NOT talking about the Gunslingers? For a long time now, this column about gamer culture has been their spotlight.

And what do the Gunslingers do best? They run a damn fine challenge. Be it Humpday, or any day, an arranged meeting between two teams of gamers is the finest application of the TTL Mission. All of our talk about a good game would be rather empty if we didn’t have the chance to share it with other websites that unified quality gamers into battle clans.

An entire staff of Challenge Captains are backed by dozens of able-avatared Gunslingers who are at the ready to host an evening of your preferred variety of combat. You pick a match. We pick a match. Each team walks the course. Plans of attack are hatched, rehearsed, stress-tested, and re-engineered. Defensive grids are plotted. Offensive rushes are mapped. Slayer strongholds are staked out.

The random chaos of Matchmaking is a gift. Night after night, we thrive on meeting new and [potentially] interesting people, and killing them. Yet, taking matchmaking into one’s own hands offers its own special reward. The chance to know one’s opponent in advance adds tension to the match-up. When two clans converge on one game, a healthy rivalry stokes the flames of adrenaline.

When the contest is over, and the fog clears, another staff of Content Managers insure that the telling of the tale finds its way onto the pages of our clan site. Whether we win, lose, or tie the leader; the results of the clash are entered into record. The purpose that drives this sequence of bloody events is not to exercise bragging rights, but to honor the clans who went out of their way to bring us a good game.

Since Halo 3 opened up its new environments to our bloodlust, here are some of the brave gamers who have sought us out in an arranged evening of simulated warfare. We serve them up as the sort of gamers that you should take on for yourselves, assuming you have taken us on first…

O7AH [a longtime ally and opponent] clashed against us in a recreational battle of wits.

OCR [Outcast Reborn] sharpened their knives and brought their ever-competitive spirit against us.

PraetoriaGuard [Lord Gideon and the webring sentries] took a break from their defense of Rome to tie the leader – quite literally, in fact.

2old2play [one of many] came to gamble their social secutiy checks in a clash between fully-grown adults playing a game of make-believe.

Le Medioctrity disarmed the Gunslingers with their charms in an invitation to disaster.

Halo 3 Junk set aside their tireless campaign of statistical analysis to thump heads with some people on their leaderboards.

8 Bit Brigade evolved into hi-def to claim the prize as our first challengers in Halo 3.

To the challengers who have come, we say thankya. To the challengers that remain, we say “Get thee to MidWorld!”. Assemble a flock of your finest assassins, and set a meeting…

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0219 T1027
    Bunny wrote...

    It is my pleasure to be one of the few to be able to put some of these together int he TTL structure. They bring not only our community together, but they also allow members from other communities to come by, preach their word, and hang out for an hour or so. We usually have a few of our people head out and find a new forum to lurk on from time to time and we usually pick up a few people from the process as well. Be on the look out for some more challenge write-ups in the near future as we have some more great group passing through on a challenge.

  2. #LINK D0219 T1242
    fabian wrote...

    my team is worth a challenge

  3. #LINK D0219 T1758
    Compton wrote...

    Thanks for the mention guys. As always its great to play with/against the slingers.


  4. #LINK D0219 T2339
    Cozmo23 wrote...

    The Gunslingers and team Oprah… I mean O7AH have seen some epic battles.
    TTL + O7AH = BFF :)

  5. #LINK D0221 T2114
    Monte wrote...

    cozmo, you’re a funny dude. Good write up Mr. Deej. Challenges are a great way to meet new people and have a great night. I’ve always enjoyed the ones I’ve been lucky enough to participate in. Bringing a good game is where it’s at.

  6. #LINK D0222 T1507
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Good times and great games! Who knew you could make friends by shooting at them?

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