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Each of the TTL Gunslingers brings with them a special skill that enriches our little community. Some are webmasters. Some are strategists. Some are even singers [although only the smallest of parties will find themselves host to their secret songs].

Our own El Burritoh is an artist. Samplings of his graphics are made available for you at H3Junk. He designed our Gunslinger Shield and the site that bears it. His work has been proudly displayed previously on this blog, including poignant parodies of ubiquitous advertising campaigns that only a Halophile could love. Every once in a while, he posts something that simply must be shared with the general gaming population.

Today, he stopped by with a lesson on how a little Photoshop goes a long way. Check out his graphics, posted below. We have all seen [and been amused by] Halo screenshots. These look like paintings, if not photographs. They make a mean desktop wallpaper.

Download 1280×650 or 2475×1256 versions.

Download 1280×650 or 2475×1256 versions.

Here are some notes from the maestro himself:

Here is an image I worked up in PS today. It’s a composite of several screenshots. I locked down the camera and took several shots by panning to the side. I did three rows that way, covering top, middle, and bottom. Then in Photoshop I used a simple option that takes all the pictures and tries to assemble them as best it can, “side by side.” For those of you with PS CS3, I was able to use the Lens Blur filter with a wacky mask to create the cheap depth of field effect. I have to say, taking screenshots is one of the coolest features in Halo 3. Go Bungie! Maybe we could persuade them to add multiple “lenses.”

Maybe, Burritoh. Although one would have to say that our wish list for needful things at Bungie Studios is getting shorter and shorter.

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  1. #LINK D0205 T0121
    Pony wrote...

    Nice lookin’ work Burritoh! I have the bottom one as my background already.

    Good front pager, Deej. Keep it up.

  2. #LINK D0205 T0459
    TTL Gunslinger "Gunny" wrote...

    Great work El!

    What an outstanding screenshot.

    You got talent kid.

  3. #LINK D0205 T1432
    bs angel wrote...

    The depth in those images is just phenomenal. Truly amazing shots.

  4. #LINK D0205 T2009
    TTL Nodak wrote...

    Awesome work Burritoh!!! You are very talented.

  5. #LINK D0206 T0221
    TT L Burritoh wrote...

    Paintings? Say that gives me an idea…

  6. #LINK D0208 T1346
    aStressedOutDad wrote...

    Thanks for posting the image. I have neither the talent nor time to make one. The large image fits beautifully across my two screens at work.
    Very NICE

  7. #LINK D0209 T2123
    Biggs v2 wrote...

    If you don’t mind, could you elaborate on how you actually took the shots, mine don’t seem to fit side by side in photoshop so to speak.

  8. #LINK D0222 T1132
    Kylie wrote...


    As an aspiring graphic artist, and of course a over the top Halo fan, I have no words for your work.

    Keep it up

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