D0102 T2253 Y2008New Year. Resolution.

Happy New Year, Halo Nation.

Weclome back to the grid. Tied the Leader usually goes dark during the Holiday Season. Everyone else works so hard to wish you a Happy Holidays that we don’t have to! Hope yours was just fine.

Now that 2008 has returned our willing participants back to the controls, it’s Game On! We enter “ought-8” with a vengeance. In the coming weeks and months, watch this space for tournaments, contests, trials of wit and cunning, LAN Party Announcements, and Foundation Updates. For now, let’s take a moment to reflect on the persona that dominated our imaginations during our last spin around the sun.

The Chief had a rough year. Poor guy… He got tested, poked, prodded and re-engineered for a launch that made even Spiderman say “Gosh”. They fitted him for an uncountable number of armor permutations. He had to finish the fight billions of times over, and was blown to bits in every corner of two waves of multiplayer maps.

In his Honor, Tied the Leader would like to announce 117 Day. It is a celebration in his honor to occur exactly at 1:17 PM on 1/17/2008. Keep your browsers tuned to TTL for details.

To celebrate, we will be inviting clever souls to guess a riddle in the hopes of winning tantalizing prizes donated by people who wish to remain nameless so that you will not hound them for free schwag. The daring will ante up a modest donation to our Charitable Foundation to play. The answer will lie in the very community that shoots at us over the course of every 24 hour period. Anyone’s guess will be as good yours…

In the meantime, go check out somethingawful.com. The graphic that we so lovingly borrowed comes from Photoshop Phriday, and everyone over there is as amusing as The Sniper ZERO. Have I dropped enough names to allow me to pass around an image?

Peace on Earth.
Good Will Towards Men.
Good Game.
Go Play Halo.

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