D1206 T1519 Y2007Clan System - REBORN!

It is our profoundest pleasure at Tied the Leader to report that the Clan System is once again alive and well – and thriving on Xbox Live. Prior to the most recent Xbox Live Dashboard Update, there were rumors spreading throughout the gaming community about what enhancements were slated for automatic installation.

When the news became official, as was expected, a Clan List to augment one’s Friends List was not included.

Then, a whisper campaign started… Something about the ability to see Friends of Friends on Xbox Live. It was puzzling, but it held promise. Would we be able to send Game Invites? Or just Friend Requests?

As is with all things, the TTL Gunslingers count on nothing until it is installed and working on our machines.

Since the update, we are using new tools for networking among gamers to better unite what was our Halo 2 Clan. Actually, the potential for uniting gamers into cohesive teams, groups, or communities under this system has far more reach than the extra friends list was “cheated” into the code for Halo 2.

Allow us to provide a case study for how we are using this new pearl of functionality. We have even drafted some network diagrams to tell the story in pictures…

That is a TTL Gunslinger. Isn’t he adorable? He’s a good gamer, but he needs friends. That is why he joined a clan, after all…

In Halo 2, our hero [The Gunslinger] could sort his Allies and his Clanmates on two lists… One for his Friends, and One for his Fellow Gunslingers. It worked well for him. He could rely on his Fellow Gunslingers for solid covering fire and planned strategy, but still had Friends among the gaming community at large. In a hostile zone like Xbox Live, after all, one cannot have too many friends.

When Halo 3 launched, the clan list that had always been home to his Fellow Gunslingers vanished like a spent bullet casing. The gamer who wrote the blog for Tied the Leader was being really obnoxious about making sure that The Gunslingers had each other on their Friends Lists now. The Gunslinger had to say goodbye to some of his more casual friends. His clan had grown beyond the reach of his Friends List, so he even had to lose some of his Fellow Gunslingers as well. This made The Gunslinger sad.

After the most recent Xbox Live update, however, the Staff at Tied the Leader announced the implementation of something called “Peering Points”. Apparently, they were silver gamertag accounts that existed for no other purpose than to allow The Gunslingers to find one another in a specific game.

Using the newly arrived “Friends of Friends” feature, The Gunslinger was able to access lists that served as active rosters for all of his favorite games. To join his Fellow Gunslingers in a game, all he had to do was look at the people on the Friends List for the Silver Account that was named after said game. This cleared a lot of space on The Gunslinger’s Friends Lists for some of the Friends that he had been missing. This made The Gunslinger happy.

Not only that, but the gamer who wrote the blog for Tied the Leader could organize The Gunslingers into clusters for all of the titles that they were playing. This made the gamer who writes the blog for Tied the Leader happy.

Say thankya!!!

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  1. #LINK D1206 T1604
    wayn0ka wrote...

    Who writes this stuff? NOOB! Nice picture noob!

  2. #LINK D1206 T1610
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    It’s not a picture, you jackass!

    It’s a network diagram.

    I hate you.

  3. #LINK D1206 T1618
    Quantifier wrote...

    Thanks for the new system Major nelson & Company!

    If people can’t understand that, they shouldn’t be on LIVE. Maybe we’ll see some of the old clans return now.

    Oh, and I thought Gunslingers should be the guys with the white hats ;-)

  4. #LINK D1206 T1638
    Quikthnkr wrote...

    The visual aids really bring the point home. Well done. Hopefully some of our competition out there can use what we are teaching them here to organize their reistance.

    It has been a shame lately seeing some of the more venerable Halo 2 clans fall to virtual pieces.

    Well spoken and well said. If anyone is thinking of forming a clan or group and is unsure of how this works please stop by our forums.


  5. #LINK D1206 T1728
    Pony wrote...

    Excellent description, and I love the third person point of view! I bet you got an A+ in Art class, didn’t you?

  6. #LINK D1206 T1913
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    So basically I need to buy Silver now? So do I go to a jewel strore and ask for what? I really dont understand… mesa sad, mesa confused…
    Mesa has friends, lots of friends!

  7. #LINK D1206 T2013
    Kylie wrote...

    Who needs Adobe?

  8. #LINK D1208 T1811
    TTL Stuicide wrote...

    I was confused, until I saw the visual aids.

  9. #LINK D1209 T1531
    Alekat wrote...

    It is pretty sweet. When I’m in a party looking for more people for some BTB but everyone on my friend’s list is unavailable, I go searching through other people’s lists and start inviting people.

  10. #LINK D1211 T1034
    TTL Nodak wrote...

    My only question is who is the gunslinger that is alone in the inside circle of Halo 3, COD 4 and GOW?

    j/k Nice write up and use of visual aids.

    I like being a happy gunslinger!

  11. #LINK D1211 T1105
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    TTL Nodak wrote… “My only question is who is the gunslinger that is alone in the inside circle of Halo 3, COD 4 and GOW?”

    Given the volume of our community, each “Gunslinger” depicted in the diagrams represents several gamers. If I was forced to choose one, I would go with TTL Lansdown. He is our local renaissance man, and has served as a TTL Captain in each game.

  12. #LINK D0128 T1946
    Surgeon4567 wrote...

    You know I was just going to start a thread asking if you guys were doing anything like this. I had seen Louis Wu bring this up a few weeks ago at HBO and thought it was a hell of an idea. This should come in real handy!

    Woot! First comment… by me.

  13. #LINK D0226 T2147
    mister bubblesz wrote...

    i would like to follow and learn the way of the gun slingers. please show me your ways. i have searched far and wide for a clan who helps each other in times of need. and times of loss shields.my gamertag is the name i put in.

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