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If you are a gamer, you never stop learning something new. The pastime is always throwing new horizons at you, and getting there is rarely the same experience as last time. To be a hunter of good game, you must follow the herd.

It could be that you just have to learn a new control scheme. Perhaps you force-feed yourself a crash course on how combinations of magic are wielded to obey your commands. Maybe you even develop an understanding of geology so that you can build your own Starfleet out of the ore you mine from your homeworld [the horrors].

The bottom line is that this ain’t poker. The cards change – usually just at the moment when you are getting really good at playing them. The deck doesn’t just get shuffled. It gets tweaked, retro-engineered, and rebuilt.

That bouncy car you drove in version 1.0 might become nimble and balanced in version 2.0; only to become a lumbering tank of mayhem in version 3.0. You roll with the punches. If you are a multiplayer gamer, you do.

A lot of gamers don’t like this sort of change. They fight it at every turn. Their favorite weapon gets nerfed. Their favorite map is not rebuilt – to spec. The delicacies of the physics that they knew as truth must be relearned. Some of these gamers end their ascent. Some of them go quietly while others launch grass roots movements to legislate change in the development community.

You see the lost ones in Internet Cafes, trolling through their 6 year old version of WarHammer, running like an afterthought on a brand new laptop. If you watch them closely, you can see them glancing over their shoulder, hoping upon all hopes that someone will tap them on the back and say “Oh My God! You still play that too? Me and the fellas here were just on our way to a WarHammer LAN Party!”

The Halo Nation just had to make its second leap to a new construct. That’s always a risky move. Have you witnessed attrition? Did some of the gamers on your friends list not make it into the howling dark of Halo 3? For them, we can only pour some hydrogen-injected ice on the ground.

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    TTL Stuicide wrote...

    I still think that Super Mario Kart pwns MarioKart 64 or MarioKart “Double Dash” on the Gamecube.

    I wish they didn’t have to change the basics of what Mario Kart is. They also need to bring back the old maps! They were symmetrical so they were perfectly balanced and no one would be at a disadvantage.

    The new maps and games tried to do things that are unecessary and I’ll be playing SMK forever with my best friend instead of playing those other posers online.

    Super MarioKart for Life.

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