D1112 T2326 Y2007Riddle-De-Dum! With a Vengeance...

Gunslingers love a good riddle. Whether it entails outsmarting a suicidal train, or just trying to pick up an Oddball before the timer expires, they will try and solve any puzzle.

Ever since a gamer self-tagged c0ld vengeance inspired the Halo Nation to create puzzle games in Forge, the TTL Gunslingers have been dabbling on their own to stretch the boundaries of Bungie’s 30 seconds of fun.

As an homage, they built a band wagon and jumped on board – with a vengeance all their own. The Gunslingers have added their own momentum to the movement of turning maps for Halo 3 into riddles. Cheers to you, Mr. Vengeance. Wherever you are…

Below, you will be issued a challenge by TTL Cuteness, TTL Bunny, and TTL mvuakali. Don’t let those adorable gamertags fool you. These Gunslingers bring a serious game. They have all the tricked-out armor and desirable ranks to prove it. When they are not chasing the brass ring of a good game in Matchmaking for Halo 3 over Xbox Live, they are entering the laboratory to create custom games that puzzle the gamer.

Warning: The following trials are not for the impatient.

You are now in the hands of TTL Cuteness, your host for this puzzling adventure…

UNSC Logical Development: Facility B
Access Fileshare
Gametype: “Facility B”
Map: “Facility B”

This former Spartan Live-Fire Combat Training Facility has been recommissioned to test the logic capacities of all UNSC personnel. If you would like to enroll, please submit an application here. Please note age, gender, and all relevant physical statistics and conditions.

Logic tests, once started, will last for 20 minutes.

Tests will be observed and will include proficiency exams in vision, physical strength, abstract thought, awareness, innovation, marksmanship and precision. This is an Oddball gametype designed to be played by one person at a time. It is more or less, a puzzle, and the objective is to simply grasp the ball within the 20 minute time limit. It is designed to be moderately hard, and we’re hoping it’ll take more than one try to figure out.

Quarantine Zone – Level Two
Access Fileshare
Gametype: “Quarantine Zone”
Map: “Quarantine Zone”

Post-Gravemind Infestations do not have the cerebral capacity to complete taxing mental exercises. All subjects must be run through a monitored Quarantine Zone.

Welcome to QZ-609! Please enjoy your stay. Please complete the tests set in front of you prove to unadultered homo sapien status. Also, please do not ingest any flood particles as they may lead to infection. Simply grasp the ball to end the test.

Testing may include, but is not limited too: Awareness, Observation, Innovation, Abstract Thoughts and Concepts, Spatial Perception, Basic Machine Operation, and Demolitions.

F.A.I.T.H. – Level Three
Focus and Innovation Training Headquarters
Access Fileshare
Gametype: “F.A.I.T.H.”
Map: “F.A.I.T.H.”

Welcome to F.A.I.T.H. (Focus and Innovation Training Headquarters)

Scores indicate you have excelled in previous test sequences and have proceeded to our next testing facility.

Please do not be alarmed by your surroundings, we have placed you here to test your ability to focus while under extreme pressure and in an unfamiliar environment. Your objective is again simple.

Please grasp the ball to end the training session.

Testing may include, but is not limited to: Exertion of Extreme Physical Strength, Awareness, Observation, Phobial Analysis, Abstract Thought, Marksmanship, Precision, and Certitude.

Fair Day Riddling begins now, gamer. Will you carry home the goose?

Posted by XerxdeeJ

Riddlers 5

  1. #LINK D1113 T0327
    TTL Snatch250 wrote...

    Just so you all know, these are all completly beatable with no tricks used. Using what has been provided to you in game already is enough to complete these puzzles as they were designed to be completed. Prepare to spend hours trying and failing at these untill you reach the goal. Once you do reach the goal of collecting the oddball, youll want to cry cuz it was all so easy, if only you knew the way from the start. Have fun banging your heads off of walls :D

    Good Game

  2. #LINK D1113 T0836
    Bunny wrote...

    Please enjoy your time spent with these puzzles. They are also available on mvuakali’s fileshare and my fileshare. We have worked hard and long on these puzzles and would love to hear any input.

  3. #LINK D1113 T1536
    Cuteness wrote...

    a joy to create.

    a joy to watch people figure them out.

  4. #LINK D1115 T2040
    Pony wrote...

    These puzzles are another example of not only Forge’s abilities, but the imagination and wit of my fellow Gunslingers. I expect to see more of these, guys. They are way too sweet to stop.

  5. #LINK D0214 T1531
    xxuriahxx wrote...

    This is awesome.I can’t wait to do this.

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