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Announcing the launch of Tied the Leader Studios. During the Halo 3 Beta, it came to our attention that there was legitimate multimedia muscle in our community. As we slayed and played on the first 3 Multiplayer maps of Halo 3, a Gunglinger named TTL Hoovaloov emerged as a machinima auteur.

You may remember him as the architect behind L Askan’s Beta Carotage [WMV and MOV]. Or you may not. The point of the matter is that machinima is so effortless at the controls of Halo 3, that gamers who never hassled themselves with puppeteering and editing will be lured into the scene.

Please welcome TTL to the Table. As an amusing meditation, we offer you LagtaculaR. Rather than a rant against the inevitability of network congestion, this is a whimsical look at how the rules of our virtual world are bent when the machine breaks down.

Hoovaloov can frame up his creative process better than I. Here are some Director’s Notes from the man himself:

I made this video as a fun way to look at something all gamers experience – lag. Last week, I was playing a game of Halo 3 online when all of a sudden, I was spasmodically warping around the map and people were randomly dying. It was so funny at the time that I had to watch the Saved Film to see how it thought the game played out. I started messing around with neat camera angles and panning shots, and pretty soon I had decided I was just going to make a video about it. It was a completely unexpected idea, but I wanted to showcase the game because it told a story so naturally. Soon the ideas were flowing, and I had it all edited within three days of playing that game. It was fun to see how lag can make even the most strategic game of Team Slayer devolve into utter chaos. I hope you all enjoy it!

For those of you who crave a higher quality than the immediate gratification of YouTube, we offer versions of LagtaculaR in both WMV and MOV formats.

Cheers, Hoovaloov! Give the man his props, Constant Reader.

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  1. #LINK D1029 T0200
    Sunburned Goose wrote...

    Amazing, I really enjoyed that. Not the lag, the movie of course!

  2. #LINK D1029 T0914
    TTL Nodak wrote...

    Hoov man that was awesome!! Yeah. I put 2 exclamation points. You deserve them both!! I did it again. That was cool enough to deserve a double double.

    Nice work man. Seriously.

  3. #LINK D1029 T1135
    TTL L askan wrote...

    The man has a gift.

    Bravo Hoov.

  4. #LINK D1029 T1137
    TTL Gunslinger aka Gunny wrote...

    Excellent Hoov! What an talented guy you are!

  5. #LINK D1029 T1212
    Locke wrote...

    Outstanding. 2 Thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

  6. #LINK D1029 T1302
    Quantifier wrote...

    beautiful cinematography – though the plot advancement was minimal ;-)

    Great job turning lemons into lemonade!

  7. #LINK D1029 T1306
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    Bravisimo! Award winning momento, legendary photography, Wow. Youre really good Hoov, really really good.

  8. #LINK D1029 T1544
    Hoovaloov wrote...

    Awww shucks. :D

    Thanks guys! I’m really glad everyone is liking this so much!

  9. #LINK D1029 T1629
    narfridden wrote...

    who did the music for it?

  10. #LINK D1029 T2116
    SUcked wrote...

    wtf was that? horrible song, vid sucked. Try again next year.

  11. #LINK D1029 T2124
    TTL Pheonix Sam wrote...

    The first little bit had me laughing pretty good. It’s a lot funnier to watch than be part of.

    I liked the song, too—it seemed to capture the confusion.

    What was up with the ghosts, though? Were people trying to pilot them, or what?

  12. #LINK D1029 T2237
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    SUcked said: “wtf was that? horrible song, vid sucked.”

    You see, Hoov! I told you that we should have rolled with a no-scope montage set to death metal. But, does anyone listen to DeeJ? Nooooooooooooooooooo…

  13. #LINK D1029 T2302
    Hoovaloov wrote...

    Well, DeeJ, I was all for it, but you could only find one no-scope in your Saved Films, and it was on a guy that was in black screen. :D

  14. #LINK D1102 T2112
    SUcked wrote...

    i was jking, it kicked a$$!

  15. #LINK D1105 T0857
    Bunny wrote...

    It was amazing and I pity the fool who hasn’t seen it!

  16. #LINK D1110 T1544
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Ha, just finally got around to watching the vid. Not my taste in music but a lovely song regardless. Great camera skills.

  17. #LINK D1114 T2113
    SameBIG CHIEF wrote...

    Dude watching you chase the guy around while beating him down was hilarious

  18. #LINK D1124 T1646
    Cleanbeats wrote...

    great vid Hoov!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at the beginning. hilarious!!!

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