D0912 T2356 Y2007This is how the game ends...

Greetings Halo Fans! Finally, the story can be told. News from the front lines of the gaming industry this week has pointed to copies of the anxiously awaited Halo 3 leaked onto ebay.

In the wake of this announcement, Tied the Leader was not to be outdone. This act of piracy and unauthorized e-Commerce represented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in rogue Internet Journalism. Thus, we pooled our collective lunch monies and we scored ourselves a copy!

Since then, we have been frantically storming through the campaign on Easy! That’s just how we roll. Now that we have emerged triumphant from the story mission, it is our pleasure to share with you all the pearls of narrative for which you just cannot wait.



10. The Master Chief and Sergeant Johnson ride “Brokeback” on a Mongoose – not that there is anything wrong with that.

9. Cortona upgrades her behavioral profile to “Vegan 2.0” in order to defeat the Gravemind in a triumphant battle royale.

8. The light that is emitted by the Ark only kills Nazis.

7. For only 200 Microsoft Points, gamers can download a skin that enables them to play as Chuck Norris.

6. The Arbiter survives the war, and settles down in the MidWest to become the industry-leading owner of Dodge dealerships in the region.

5. The Warthog achieves a turbo boost when its exhaust manifold is injected with Mt. Dew Gamer Fuel.

4. The Brute Chieftain climbs atop the Empire State Building for a final boss fight against a swarm of angry UNSC Hornets.

3. The Chief’s helmet comes off at the end, and he looks just like Bill Gates.

2. There is an intermission in which a kickline of Flood Warrior Forms perform the dance number from the video for Michael Jackson’s ‘THRILLER’.

1. Last line of the credits? “To Be Continued!”

You heard it here first!

Try to contain your jealousy. You will get your turn…

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0913 T0103
    TTL Drizz wrote...

    Ok… I really just have one question… Where in the heck did you get that insane picture? Thats the funniest thing I have seen in awhile! Good read!

  2. #LINK D0913 T0424
    a lurking duck wrote...

    lol, the tetris piece is my favorite in that picture!

  3. #LINK D0913 T0732
    J23 wrote...

    Srry. That was f*cked up. But quite funny. So i guess i should buy my car from the Arby and not worry about any damn Nazis, then huh?

  4. #LINK D0913 T0747
    TTL Demag0gue wrote...

    I love number 2. I can just visualize that kickline. Actually, that’s kind of a disturbing mental image…

  5. #LINK D0913 T0755
    ScrewChiller wrote...

    You forgot the part about the Panda bears and pink ballons.

  6. #LINK D0913 T0852
    silvergirl wrote...

    omg, thats funiii but did u know over one million people already ordered halo 3

  7. #LINK D0913 T0917
    TTL Stuicide wrote...

    Cuz this is THRILLEERRRR…

    And with the new Chuck Norris skin, there are no melees only roundhouse kicks, which result in an insta-kill.

  8. #LINK D0913 T1036
    Captain Spark wrote...

    6. The Arbiter survives the war, and settles down in the MidWest to become the industry leading owner of Dodge dealerships in the region.

    I dribbled coffee down the front of my t shirt when I read that.

    Where’s that stain remover:)

  9. #LINK D0913 T1114
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    Now that`s Funny! Can`t wait to see that brokeback mounting! Ja!

  10. #LINK D0913 T1142
    Deadguy wrote...

    Funny article! I loved the Bill Gates as master chief one! I wonder how much he’d have to pay for that. I’m sure even Bungie’s got their price.

    The image is from the Official Xbox Magazine I beleive. The article it was from was funny too, it discussed how Halo 3 was going to have triple weilding among other perks.

  11. #LINK D0913 T1507
    YellowBanshee wrote...

    Actually, the image was originally featured in the April 2006 issue of Game Informer magazine, on page 77, in their annual “Game Infarcer” parody. The article in Game Informer did mention ‘Triple Weilding,’ however, so I think you’ve just confused your sources a little.

    Also, number 8 was the only one on the list that made me laugh.

  12. #LINK D0913 T1636
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    You are a hard man, YellowBanshee!

  13. #LINK D0914 T1646
    Snatch250 wrote...

    I dont know what you guys have been doing, but ive been playing halo 3 for months and months. did I pirate a copy? no. am I a tester? no.

    want to know my secret? sleeping. everynight when i lay my pretty little head down to rest, I grab my Sniper and Finish the Fight.

    What have you been doing with your time?

  14. #LINK D0914 T1649
    Nodak4Ever wrote...

    you had me going until you got to #7 DeeJ. Because everyone knows that a chuck norris skin would cost WAY more then 200 pts. ;)

    awesome article. i laughed through the whole thing.

    Curious though does the seller’s location in Quebec, Canada has a secret meaning?

  15. #LINK D0914 T1757
    Possumdude0 wrote...

    200 was a typo, he meant 200,000,000.

  16. #LINK D0915 T1817
    smnr wrote...

    do the dodges come in the special banshee purple color? Does the Chuck Norris master chief have a beard? oh soo many questions!!

  17. #LINK D0917 T1209
    Locke wrote...

    Haha, I still have that Game Informer with that pic on it!

    I was always partial to the quaterback throwing a missle…

  18. #LINK D0920 T1950
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    Drats! Ruined!

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