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The 22 Questions are back this week with videogame enthusiast Christiaan Allebest. Do you remember the community profile of Game Almighty? Well Christiaan is the founder and mastermind behind that artfully presented gaming site decked out comic book style. Christiaan has had an interest in video games for a long time and has been behind a few projects here and there. Game Almighty is still running strong and you can also find him at his own site. Enough of the simple chat, let us get down to the details. My interview with Christiaan is below. Have a read and enjoy!

  • What is Your Gaming Alias:


  • What Age Did You Start Playing Video Games:

    6-8, not really sure.

  • Who Would You Say is Responsible for Getting You Into Gaming:

    My parents. My Father was an early adopter when I was young – he was one of the first people to run out and buy a VCR, microwave, etc. So one day, years ago, he brings home a computer that took up a dining room table’s worth of space. It was gigantic. I started spending a lot of time on that before I graduated to the Apple II and then the Atari 2600.

  • First Game That Had You Hooked:

    I would have to say Combat on the 2600. My brother and I would play that for hours.

  • Little Known Fact:

    I have been stuck in quicksand twice.

  • If You Were to Make a Documentary, What Would it Be About:

    Sex. [Editor’s Note: Never breed a Master Chief and a Locust. You will wish you never had eyes.]

  • How Did You Get Involved In the Gaming Industry:

    I started doing some consulting on video game investments. I was at a military academy for part of high school and didn’t really have access to video games so I would read magazines to stay on top of what I was missing. Once I graduated and could play video games again whenever I chose, I still spent more time reading about them (and the industry) than playing them. A friend of a friend had quite a bit of money and was approached to invest in a video game related company. I was taken along so I could tell him if it was good place to put his money. Riding back in the Limo with him I discouraged him from putting his money into the project. He did anyways and things went bad. After that he realized I actually knew what I was talking about he recommended me to his friends and that’s when I started to see that what I knew about my hobby started to have real value to others.

  • What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job:

    The people I work with. When you start out you are excited about the games, the t-shirts, the travel, and the advanced looks at games everyone is drooling to play. Then it becomes the people you get to work with and the chance to shape the future of the industry.

  • Strangest Hobby You Have:

    I am a collector. If I somehow end up with three or more of something, anything, I feel the need to display them and get more. Right now I am on a big weird controllers kick – if there is anything out there that isn’t a standard gamepad or joystick I am fascinated by it.

  • Closest You Have Come to Death:

    That’s a tough one, so I will just throw out a few of the ones that come to mind: quicksand, a tiger, car accident, botched surgery, and a lightning storm.

  • Last Gadget Purchased:

    The chainsaw game controller for PS2 from Resident Evil 4.

  • Song You Are Currently Listening to:

    Oh that’s embarrassing. What bad timing! But I will be honest – Brooks & Dunn’s Hillbilly Deluxe

  • Favorite Ending For a Game, Movie or Book:

    Like most, I love it when the good guy wins and overcomes tremendous obstacles and himself. When I come away from something wanting to be better – that really sticks with me. I would have to say that my favorite movie ending can be found in either Braveheart or Saving Private Ryan.

  • What Person Has Had a Large Impact on Your Life:

    Besides my wife, I would have to say my Father. He is my best friend, mentor, partner, and confidant.

  • What Movie Inspired Game Would You Love to See:

    Red Dawn or I would like to see Monolith (made NOLF) do a take on the old Disney movie Condorman.

  • Favorite Arcade Addiction:

    Again embarrassing – skiball. It’s those damn tickets and the small plastic toys.

  • What is Your Drink or Snack of Choice While Gaming:

    Orange juice.

  • Game You Are Looking Forward to the Most:

    Like everyone else, the one in my head I have been working on for years. If only I had time…

  • Game That Was the Biggest Let Down:

    Lately I have been let down by games from the past. Another Editor here and a good friend, Chris Jensen, has got me into retro gaming lately. Most of them are still great, but when you are a kid everything is amazing and larger than life. Going back, most them are still fantastic, still some of them just don’t live up to my grandiose memories.

  • Biggest Change in Gaming in the Last Year:

    Sony’s trip. Fanboy or not, you have to admit that things didn’t go as planned. Sales were not what they expected, feet kept ending up in people’s mouths, and they took a lot of what they had for granted. I think there will be some long term changes in the industry in regards to marketing as a result of this.

  • Ideal Game That Has Not Yet Been Created:

    Megacorp Video Game Publisher Tycoon

  • What Message Would You Send to Gamers Everywhere:

    Other than go to GameAlmighty.com and that it helps us start to change the industry? Well excepting that, I would want everyone to realize that every time they are buying a game its just as if they were standing in a booth on elections day – you are voting. Where you spend your dollars is where the industry will go. Like crappy licensed movie games? Buy ‘em and you will get even more. Like games that think outside of the box and strike of into uncharted waters? Buy something from people like the guys over at Introversion. And if you like a game enough that you would buy it, then do buy it. Reward the developer’s efforts and tell the industry, “I want more of that.”

    Wise news that seems like it would be obvious, yet sometimes people don’t realize that effect of their choice to purchase or not to purchase a game. Thanks so much Christiaan for the interview. Readers, be sure to drop by Game Almighty. If you are a comic reading gamer like myself, or even a game playing comic-er [something like that…] then you will be sure to enjoy the site as much as I do.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s interview. If you know of anyone who you think deserves a little time in the spotlight then feel free to send me an email. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have as well at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com.

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    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    Great message! Consumerism as Democracy. I go see any Sci-Fi that Hollywood produces for the same reason. I am trying to indicate that I want more. How else are we going to break the back of this whole wizard craze. Buying power is power.

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