D0715 T2212 Y2007Open Letter to our Challengers


Thanks for kicking our asses. No, really. Upholding your Roman tradition, you came, you saw, and you conquered. Veni, Vidi, Vici, indeed!

It was a good time. The Gunslingers are not above a solid thrashing. Truth be told, it was refreshing. Steamrolling over unranked, mismatched opponents in Big Team Battles had made us soft. We needed a fierce wake up call, and you rang our bells. You reminded us of how a formidable opponent plays. We were thrilled to simply have you all stay in the game to the end. That was real nice, for a change. Conceding to you the win – again and again – was a small price to pay for good games against good gamers.

We posted a recap, so everyone who came to check out the Gunslingers would know that you sent us running for cover with our hats on our backs. The closest we could come to holding our own against you that night was to Tie a match on Coagulation. I know what you are thinking: “A tie on Coag?” Believe it, people! Otherwise, you outslayed us, controlled that hill, and blew our base to kingdom come. Cheers.

Win, Lose, or Tie, we were grateful to answer your challenge. It is, after all, our favorite way to game. Matchmaking rarely sends us people with character of your caliber with whom to butt heads. We’ll be seeing you. Check your six!

8Bit Brigaders!

Thanks for the rematch. We like you cats. It’s not just because we seem to win when we play.

Don’t get me wrong. Winning is fun, but its not why the TTL Gunslingers are in business. We wanted to seek out the finest citizens of the Halo Nation – and kill them.

A challenge issued by the 8Bit Brigade is a sure thing in a world full of unsafe bets. It’s a good time had by all. Always. We learn a few things about honor and sportsmanship every time we game with you. You are gentlemen – just the sort of digital sportsmen that we hoped to lure to our forum when we built it.

We posted a recap of our matches with you as well. It’s not up there to glorify the scoreboard, but rather to let everyone know where to go calling in search of a good game – after they have challenged us, of course!

The TTL Gunslingers can only hope that this sort of action will keep rocking steady until late September. With a whole staff of Challenge Captains within our ranks, we can only wonder who else is out there – still playing the game as a team. Our doors are still open to the gamers who continue to call Halo 2 their battleground of choice.

Is there anyone else? Tied the Leader is calling you out, one final time. In the twilight days of Halo 2, we need to stick together – now more than ever. Please consult our forum for all of your gaming needs! Suit up and throw down your gauntlet.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

Challengers? 7

  1. #LINK D0716 T0204
    TTL Gunslinger wrote...

    I was lucky enough to participate in both of these challenges, and I can’t say enough great things about the two communities mentioned above…Outstanding communities with outstanding sportsmen who bring an outstanding game.

  2. #LINK D0716 T1012
    Quantifier wrote...

    I was fortunate enough to play in the 8BB challenge, and want to echo the statements of appreciation made. 8BB is right at the top of my list of friends to game with. They have the best collective attitude/approach to the game – it’s a game, and therefore meant to be fun – which it always is with them!

  3. #LINK D0716 T1136
    TTL zeuz patter wrote...

    Yeap, thos 8Bit Brigaders are one the must play for evryone. Theyre fun, respectuful and good. They are a Challenge but worth anybody`s time. I havent played with PretoriaGuard, but theyr reputation proceeds them as well. Hope to get a chance soon.

  4. #LINK D0716 T1535
    Eisen Feuer wrote...

    wait- Deej, where you even there? XD

    hehe yeah but seriously, good games. I’ve found myself playing with TTL doodz every night recently. a lurking duck and I hit double team for HOURS last night. It was awesome.

  5. #LINK D0718 T0433
    bs angel wrote...

    I adore both PG and 8BB. They both rock. Thanks for the good times guys!

  6. #LINK D0719 T1231
    Quikthnkr wrote...

    PG and 8BB are fine allies to have. Thanks for bringing the game guys (and gals).

  7. #LINK D0809 T1405
    Nodak wrote...

    Thankya big for the kind words and great games. I enjoy gaming with TTLers a lot.

    I’ve heard such good things about PG that 8BB might have to check them out sometime.

    It’s all about fun and meeting new and interesting people.


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