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Everyone enjoying The Beta? Well, sure we are. That much is obvious. The word is out on the streets. All of ‘em. And the word is good.

Everyone earning their keep? What do you mean, what do I mean?

As a beta tester, you have a duty to fulfill, Gamer! This ain’t a free ride. It’s not a sneak preview or a launch demo, either.

This is a Test. This is Test of the Emergency Fanboy System. Had this been an actual launch, you would have received a sweet ass helmet of which you could pics on your MySpace page.

Bungie needs your feedback. Are you delivering it? They are too busy working in their own house to come visit all of ours. Pouring our heartfelt love and careful analysis into our own secret forums is not helping them know that they got it right. Again. We need to be posting on their Halo 3 Beta Forum if we are to tell these people what they need to know.

Just right now, the fine fighting men and women in Redmond Washington are surrounded by packs of rabid naysayers on their own turf. Can we round up a squad of digital sportsmen to deliver some sound technical analysis on how the network might need to be tightened? This gamerblogger does not think that Bungie is so naïve as to be taking notes on every ridiculous post that finds its way onto their server, but it can’t hurt to insure that all sides of our community are contributing to the chorus.

You may ask yourself “Is this a stand up and fight mission? Or a Bug-Hunt?” It’s both, Spartan.

Perhaps, if you have found yourself reading an obscure blog about the politics of online multiplayer, you are the breed of gamer who does not travel the Bungie Forums well. Some of us deal in the King’s English. We tend to find that the Lowest Common Denominator can be deafening in the same environment in which EVERYONE collects their stats and their weekly updates.

Nevertheless, you must go. We all take from that place [see stolen graphics above]. It is altogether fitting and proper that we give back. Your patient and diligent hero-enablers at Bungie Studios have set a seat for you at the development table. It’s rude to stand ‘em up.

We are the beta testers. The Maker has invited us into the lab to go all crash-test-dummy in the joint. It’s our job to report back to the architects on the nature of the ride. The crash test dummy does not tell the designers what color the car should be – or how it might be, like, totally sweet if the hydraulics made it bounce. They let them know what has to be done to perfect the mechanics of the machine. We let them know what brings our ride to a tragic end.

Of course, we all have our own suggestions for how subtle tweaks in the game design might make us [individually] better at playing it. We will never, all of us, agree on those points. There is really no sense in arguing them in the first place. Issues like how the Battle Rifle fires or how the Hill looks are in the most capable of hands.

As closure on this article, don’t even post here. Go there. They need cooler heads to prevail over the dialogue. We have a real solid chance to make a positive contribution to this effort. If you are still reading this, it is likely that you are capable of giving them something better to work with than the purple jet bike sucks.

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