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You meet the most interesting people in the Friends and Family phase of The Beta. For this gamer, the experience has been completely different from any other LIVE-enabled Halo engagement. Everyone you meet is glad to see you and thrilled to be fighting you. Even as I informed one gamer that he was my first car-jacking victim in Halo 3, he laughed and said “Glad to be of service!” as he was swiped from the cockpit of a Ghost [my Ghost] and dumped onto the snow.

Penny for your thoughts!

Just the other day, the TTL Gunslingers exchanged buckshot with the creative forces behind the Penny Arcade. Fan-struck? Sure. Why not? This was not a Clan Challenge in the official tradition that we usually follow around here. This was more of a serendipitous meeting on the path that leads to Halo 3.

Having said that, can we interest you in a Jeep? C’mon, fellas. Stick around.

Many of us wish that things could be like this forever. An invitation-only clubhouse filled with gamers that love the game and respect the other people who play it? Sign me up. How much do I have to pay? Scratch that question… Just bill me.

Being among Friends and Family has been a distinct pleasure. Everyone that this gamer encountered during our short preview was the sort of opponent that we aggressively seek out at Tied the Leader. I even enjoyed serving as the mop for a couple of Cavegirls who used me to clean up Valhalla. And High Ground.

And now, it’s all over.

Here come the masses, people. Time to batten down the hatches. Wipe that smile off of your face and close that mouth, Gunslinger. You are likely to find a tea-bag in it if you are not careful. Can you lose your thick skin in a period of time so short as one week? Yes. I think you can. The terrors of Xbox Live are coming for you. They have something to prove, too; knowing that many of us have had a head start on them. Our chevrons will incite rage and fury. Gunnery Sergeants will become targets of opportunity for the Griefers.

Some of us are prepared for what is to come. Some of us welcome the chance to teach a total stranger a lesson in gamesmanship and manners – all at the same time. We realize that Xbox Live is a microcosm for the world in which we live. There are friends. There are allies. There are worthy opponents. And there are enemies.

Oh, Yes. It’s the gamers in that last category that are the most fun to defeat. After all, who wants to defeat a friend? Or family?

Now. This is for all you new people… Welcome to The Beta.

And I mean that. You will dig it. The table has been set well. You are only fashionably late for the party. Nothing wrong with that! Remember that you are still exercising a privilege through your participation in this test phase. Remember that you serve at the pleasure of Bungie Studios. We will expect the best from you, until you give us reason not to…

As gamers, we still have our accountability. If you listened to the TTL Live Report from the Halo 3 Press Event, you heard Michel Marriott from the New York Times talk about how gaming can teach us something about ourselves. Even when you are gaming from behind an assumed name, accountability is possible. It is even rewarded. Each of us has a chance to cultivate a reputation that will open doors. If the Friends and Family experience has taught us anything, it should be that.

Game on.

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  1. #LINK D0516 T1042
    TTL Demag0gue wrote...

    I can’t wait. Beta download commences tonight.

    And if ka wills it, there will be water.

  2. #LINK D0516 T1133
    Stuicide wrote...

    For those about to game, we salute you.

  3. #LINK D0516 T1243
    DTS pastor wrote...

    great write-up Deej! Regarding your point above about paying for such an experience, I seriously thought to myself, “how much would they need?” I’d probably be willing to pay extra for a timmy-free environment, but then again, you’ve got a good point about the thrill of defeating those mongrols!

  4. #LINK D0516 T1657
    ScrewChiller wrote...

    Greatness. I can’t believe I was involved in a match with the Penny guys. I’m famous.

    Great article Deej. One truely great thing that has not garnered the spot light on the Matchmaking functions is the feedback option. HALO NATION, all men and women who are honorable in combat, Brothers and Sisters of TTL, use that feedback option. It is not there for looks. Don’t waste a true gift from MS. We have the option to stay clear from habitual quitters and the like ilk. I hate those quitting timmy bastards. Use that function give feedback stay away from the quitting garbage that trolls our holy ground.

    -is going to name next kid Bung or Bungietta


  5. #LINK D0517 T1638
    narfridden wrote...

    if any kid bothers me i just hit leave feedback, avoid this player for whatever reason, probably trash talking or profanity, and i never see them online again, there are only like 15,000 people online right? I’ll weed out the bad ones soon enough!! That’s one of my favorite parts of the beta!! Negative feedback!!

  6. #LINK D0517 T2116
    Ballistic wrote...

    Those were the Penny Arcade guys? Did we win? I remember seeing those short names and wondering if I was in the presence of fame.

  7. #LINK D0518 T0733
    El Burritoh wrote...

    Remember your Voice options, newcomers. Set it to Team and Party Only to automatically mute the other team.

    Now if only I didn’t have to set it that way every time…

    I have a theory that verbal abuse would either slow down or at the very least not matter if everyone used their Voice options to shut them up.

    If a tree cusses you out in the middle of the forest, but you’re not really around to hear it, does it matter?

  8. #LINK D0518 T0830
    Stuicide wrote...

    Why? Did you hear something Burritoh? Was that Oak Tree insulting me again?

    Why I oughtta take a chainsaw to it.

  9. #LINK D0518 T0912
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    There is no chainsaw in Halo.

  10. #LINK D0518 T1351
    ScrewChiller wrote...

    Deej is right use the flamethrower!

  11. #LINK D0518 T1458
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    Or the needler…

    Awesome write up DeeJ. I was able to get my hands on the beta for about a half our yesterday. Simply incredible.

  12. #LINK D0522 T1243
    MR2NoShoes wrote...

    I had the opportunity to play soop and ballistic on Valhalla. Chatting for a bit after the game (which TTL won) was one of my most enjoyable experiences in the post game lobby thus far.

    Contrast that experience to the many times I have been wishing for some soap or tobasco sauce (for the unwashed mouths of those trash talkers), and I, too, am very sad that there is no real effective way to filter out the “dirt” of xbox live.

    Thanks again fellows. I hope to see you during Halo 3 BTB gametype matchmaking.

  13. #LINK D1229 T2329
    Term papers wrote...

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