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This article accompanies a Tied the Leader LIVE REPORT from the Halo 3 Press Event, held at BLVD in NYC.

Were you able to gain access to the Halo 3 Beta on Friday, May 11th? If you did, and you scored a kill on a gamer with a ‘tag that started with “H3NY”, you fragged a journalist in New York City. That is banned by the Geneva Convention, you know. We’ll overlook it, though. This time, at least.

As part of Bungie’s tireless campaign for world domination, members of the media were invited to a night club to jack into the Halo 3 Beta. Their opponents were the vanguards from the Friends and Family wave of beta-testers, shot from a cannon into an alien battleground. Similar parties raged simultaneously on the coasts of numerous continents. The outbreak of the new War of the Halo Nation broke out in several other theatres of combat. San Francisco. London. Sydney. Hollywood.

‘Tied the Leader’ was humbled with an invitation to attend the Halo 3 Press Event held at New York’s BLVD nightclub. While various affiliates represented their respective press outlets, this gamer represented our warring little community. Of course, the game was a target of opportunity, with access to the Beta made available on screens larger than the windshield of a Warthog. The game, however, could wait. My chief curiosity was how the free press would report on our Halo Nation.

The impending release of Halo 3 represents far more than just another title made available at your local game retailer. The social impact behind the phenomenon of online multiplayer gaming makes our coveted finishing of the fight a bonafied news item. We, the gamers, become a subject for scrutiny. As games bring us together, in either friendship or conflict, we emerge as a unified demographic – rather than a lost tribe of geeks isolated from society by the idiot box.


To illustrate this phenomenon, ‘Tied the Leader’ offers a LIVE REPORT from the scene. We reported on the reporters – as well as the architects behind the game. We welcome you to give it a download. Gain an inside perspective from the party-goers who attended this event. This is not a review of the game. There will be many chances for all of us to swap war stories from the chilled vistas of Snowbound. Instead, we invite you to share in a dialogue with the journalists who will be reporting on the Halo Nation as it migrates to its new home.


Oh, and enjoy the rest of these pics…

On the Bowery in NYC
Exterior: BLVD
“Two men ENTER!”
Proof that not all Propaganda is bad
You know you want this in your house
Mongoose test drive
Shooting with the wrong weapon
Frankie delivers a combat tutorial to the press corps
Just 1 of 18 LIVE-enabled gaming stations
It’s quiet – too quiet…
“Ball Taken”
Slaughterhouse in the back room
Louis Wu stopped by to tell us about a Mjolnir costume he is making
The couple that Slays together… well, you know
WARNING: Gameplay experience may change after frequent and repeated visits to the open bar


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  1. #LINK D0514 T0056
    TTL Stuicide wrote...

    Those are some amazing pictures. The Podcast is great. Love the music.

    Very well edited.

  2. #LINK D0514 T0057
    TTL Wayn0ka wrote...

    OH yeah! Nice scoop maestro! Did you get drunk and have shopping cart “Hogtied” warthog races outside? I’m sure everyone is excited about the Beta, but this has to be the #1 way to kick it off. “Ball Taken” photo… how pissed was the dude about having to take that picture? That’s classic.

  3. #LINK D0514 T0058
    TTL Gunslinger wrote...

    Outstanding interviews Deej. It sounds like it was a great time. Open bar FTW!!!!! Thanks for representing TTL so well and diligently. All this time I thought it was so cool to be invited to play H3 early, but you have shown me how truly awful sitting at home alone with the Beta was.

  4. #LINK D0514 T0103
    TTL Ninja wrote...

    I throughly enjoyed the read and the audio. Very nice work Deej.

  5. #LINK D0514 T0114
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    That’s friggin’ awesome. I had no idea you were at that event. I read about it at halo.bungie.org earlier today. That’s rad. The podcast is well done as well. I agree with the consensus of gaming becoming a social activity, instead of a girlfriend-warding hobby.

  6. #LINK D0514 T0117
    Snatch250 wrote...

    Very nice job. Thank you so much for representing TTL to the highest degree. Thank you Bungie for everything youve given ux, And thank you fellow Gunslingers for being apart of the Good Game that we all love so much.

  7. #LINK D0514 T0119
    TTL Pheonix Sam wrote...

    Awesome interveiws. I loved the “Halo 3 this November comment,” which the guy caught. Sly indeed…

    It was cool to hear about the people who reveiw the games, especially the Washington Post (?) guy who spoke of the new veiw of gamers.

  8. #LINK D0514 T0119
    l Milk l wrote...

    Did somebody say open bar?

  9. #LINK D0514 T0120
    l Milk l wrote...

    Joking aside…great coverage Deej. I loved the interview with Frankie…”don’t touch my ball”...priceless.

  10. #LINK D0514 T0211
    Tortacular wrote...

    Awesome job Deej.

    Outstanding pictures and the audio is golden. A number of quotables on there as well as some valuable perspectives.

    I liked the point of view being explored by the New York Times fellow.

  11. #LINK D0514 T0317
    El Burritoh wrote...

    Xerox, with the report, FTW!!!

    Solid coverage Deej! Did the ball taste like a salty peach?

  12. #LINK D0514 T0707
    ImAMovingTarget wrote...

    That’s great coverage deej! Job well done guys.

  13. #LINK D0514 T0730
    TTL Dren wrote...

    Wow awesome time you must of had. Loved the interviews, never new you were such a hard hitting reporter. Maybe someday we will get that humpday challenge.


  14. #LINK D0514 T0804
    DTS pastor wrote...

    Great podcast and write-up! We should all be proud that our reputation has proceeded us in the community at large and that we have been graciously invited to the table on so many occasions. TTL is truly becoming a cornerstone of the Halo Nation. Well done everyone!

  15. #LINK D0514 T0839
    Chae Si wrote...

    Wow, ... those are some impressive interview skills. Thanks for all the hard work Deej, and thanks for being such a great representative for what we believe in (although some of us do believe in defence)(jk).


  16. #LINK D0514 T0902
    TTL Cleanbeats wrote...

    Good stuff man!!!!! Looks like a really fun time.

    Glad that our little community has such a positive reputation with the larger community.

  17. #LINK D0514 T0905
    Ma Duece 50 wrote...

    Great interview! Looks like the party was a blast.

    Soooo close to getting a November launch date confirmed…

  18. #LINK D0514 T0927
    TTL Goody wrote...

    Nice, Deej. Did you get like a 100 of those Halo 3 Beta t-shirts? Can I have one?

  19. #LINK D0514 T1210
    bs angel wrote...

    Excellent write up and podcast!

  20. #LINK D0514 T1217
    ScrewChiller wrote...

    Deej, awesome job at the podcast. Maybe that should be new feature for TTL. Thanks for representing.

  21. #LINK D0514 T1244
    Dweezle wrote...

    Good job Deej, it was a good listen, and nice coverage with the photos and write up as well. Well done.

  22. #LINK D0514 T1413
    Locke wrote...

    Great work guys!

    Excellent photography, and the podcast was great.

  23. #LINK D0514 T1823
    VoltRabbit wrote...

    Spot on! Wonderful write up, interview, and photos. “Ball taken” Lmao!

  24. #LINK D0515 T0959
    Tiamat (9Hells) wrote...

    Very good with all photos, and interviews. Loved the music nice, and can not what for Halo3

  25. #LINK D0515 T1929
    TTL JLDragon wrote...

    Nice photos and everything. Damn, that is pretty awesome. It looks like a man couldn’t not enjoy himself there.

  26. #LINK D0528 T0040
    Quantifier wrote...

    Nice read and pics DeeJ. Sory i’m so late to read this (but i was playing ambassador to a certain tropical locale).

    btw, like your taste in TTL Schwag! ;-)

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