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Hello everyone. It has been a little while since the last Community Profile. Rest assured I am here to bring you a profile to quench your thirst in this drought. For this week’s profile I had a chat with Kevin Baird about VideoGameNews.com. Although the name is misleading [as currently the site is Gaming-News.info] I assure you the site is awesome none the less. This community is based around video game news and their own podcast. For more information check out what Kevin Baird had to say about it below. Enjoy.

  • How and when did your community start up?

    The radio show started in June of 2004. Previous to that, VideoGameNews.com just ran general gaming news articles and reviews. Some folks at DigitalAlias offered to redevelop the website to make it more themed towards the radio show. I agreed, and after that was finished in the late summer, the community started to form. We hit a peak listenership during iTunes launch of podcasting, where our show peaked at #18 on the top 100 podcasts. There were only about 3 active podcasts that dealt specifically with video games, so that helped our audience boost. Now there are hundreds.

  • What meaning does your community’s name hold?

    Honesty. For better or worse, we’re honest and we speak our mind. The folks in our forums are very active and attentive to the topics we discuss. They lend their hand to benefit the show and the website when asked, and I think everyone feels a part of something. I think part of the reason for this is trust that we’re not trying to steer folks in the wrong direction just to fill our pockets or sell someone else’s products. We try to live up to that trust, and in return, they put up with our shoddy quality control issues.

  • How many people call your community home?

    Well, we have around a thousand registered users on the website, but only about 100 active posters. Which is large enough for a good conversation string, but not overly difficult to manage. According to our podtrac ratings, we have somewhere around 1500 unique listeners to our radio show every week.

  • How do you go about luring people to the community?

    Word of mouth, and whatever iTunes or other podcast listings grace us with. There is really no good way to advertise what it is the show is about. Although after I rewrite the website, we may try a limited advertising campaign.

  • What are some unique bylaws that you all enforce?

    Just about anything goes, except for posting porn pictures or anything illegal. Otherwise, the forums and radio show are open ended. We’re not trying to put down rules, as life is complicated enough.

  • What do you do to keep the members interested and coming back?

    We give away prizes, and try to stay engaged (Well at least I do) with the audience. And I also try to provide useful information they can’t get from other places. By being in a community, everyone leverages their experiences to produce a well educated forum. It’s actually a pretty decent community of folks who are passionate about what they are into.

  • What other communities do you draw influence from when handling yours?

    I don’t really base our radio show or the website off of anything anyone else is doing. I think our listeners and members appreciate this, because it doesn’t feel canned.

  • How is your community different than any other community?

    While we do have our fair share of younger dudes, a large portion of our members and listeners are middle aged adults. Seeing as how I’m 35, Larry is 37, and Brian is 39, we relate to folks our age, while at the same time have the proper amount of insanity for younger listeners to enjoy.

  • What is the most memorable mile mark for your community?

    Either when Microsoft made me a Games for Windows MVP, or the time I called customer service from a nutritional product supplier and after getting my name asked if my show was still on. I figured he had the wrong guy, but he knew of Brian and Don (The old host) so that came as a shock, and was pretty cool to know people all over the world were enjoying what we were doing.

  • Any exciting things we can expect in the future?

    Not in the immediate future, but we’re rebuilding the website and producing some very unique content that will differentiate itself further from anything else you’ve seen before. The radio show will just continue along until someone, someday, realizes our genius and funds us in such a way for us to produce something more quality. If that doesn’t happen, that’s cool, we’ll continue doing it until we’re all laid up or fighting cannibals in a post apocalyptic universe.


    Thanks so much Kevin for all the info. Maybe we will hear more from you later ;-). Readers, be sure to drop by their site and have a look around. Want to discuss something or find out even more, then look no further than their forums, drop in and say Hi.

    There are plenty more communities to profile but my mouse only clicks so fast, so be sure to let me know if you know of any that you are a part of or would like to know more about. Nothing would please me more than to get spammed with emails of awesome communities to look into. That is a problem I look forward to. If you know of one then send me an email at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com and tell me about it. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s profile. Stop back next week for another great community.

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