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Hello readers. Let’s get right into this. This week for the 22 Questions interview I turn the light on a gaming journalist and blogger. Not only does she have her own blog, Blow in the Game Slot, but she is also an editor for Destructoid [ Editor’s note: For more Destructoid love, see Summa’s interview ]. Sit back, grab a drink, and and have a read of my interview with Colette Bennett. Enjoy.

  • What is Your Gaming Alias:


  • What Age Did You Start Playing Video Games:

    I started playing Atari at 6, but the addiction didn’t really hit hard until I was 9 and got my NES.

  • Who Would You Say is Responsible for Getting You into Gaming:

    My uncle was the one who showed me the Atari for the first time, so he’s clearly the guy to blame.

  • First Game That Had You Hooked:

    The Legend of Zelda. I thought about it constantly when I wasn’t playing it.

  • Little Known Fact:

    No matter how far next gen technology goes or how flawless games look, I always find myself enjoying old 8 bit games a lot more.

  • If You Were to Make a Documentary, What Would it Be About:

    I love the idea of interviewing younger kids who are at that life changing point where they are falling in love with games. As a kid I was a bit of a loner and really would have loved to be able to talk about games with other people playing them. These kids are the next generation of adult gamers to come, so I would like to hear what they have to say about that future.

  • What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job:

    Being able to speak directly to other gamers. There’s always an interesting conversation to be had with another gamer, whether it’s the future of RPGs or who will win the console war.

  • How Did You Get Into the Gaming Industry:

    I started a Blog called Blow in the Gameslot in 2006. Not long after, I approached Kotaku and started writing feature pieces for them. In December 2006 Destructoid offered me an editoral position, and I’ve been happy as all hell ever since.

  • What Are You Better at Than Anyone You Know:

    I seem to be able to make people laugh, but I can’t say I’m better at that than anyone I know. My NES trivia knowledge is pretty hardcore, however.

  • Closest You Have Come to Death:

    I haven’t come remotely close. I hear it makes you feel very alive. Maybe I should try parachuting or something.

  • Last Gadget Purchased:

    I haven’t bought one recently, but I am in the midst of comparing smartphones so I can buy one. Its becoming necessary to have the internet attached to my hand at all times, which kind of scares me.

  • Song You Are Currently Listening to:

    Bjork “Joga”

  • Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Life:

    My mother. She is an incredibly kind and amazing human being who has taught me to pursue what I am passionate about and never accept mediocrity.

  • Favorite Movie Quote:

    This changes all the time. Since I just rewatched “The Wizard” last night, I think “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad” is my current favorite. I fell on the floor laughing.

  • Favorite Arcade Addiction:

    I have one, but the problem is I don’t remember the name of the game. It’s a Japanese import where you play with a partner and you both have a controller that is shaped like an upright rod with a circle of rubber below it. They are on the same track so you can “bump” your partner to the left or right. All the games are like minigames and you have to bump your partner out of the way in order to move through a maze or a race. My explanation sucks but this game is like crack. I could play it for hours.

  • What is Your Drink or Snack of Choice While Gaming:

    Water. I’m boring. I rarely eat when I play games.

  • Game You Are Looking Forward to the Most:

    Bioshock is my most anticipated game of the year. I’m also hot to see Assassin’s Creed and Crisis Core. In general I’d like to see something come out for the PS3 that would make the console worth purchasing.

  • Game That Was the Biggest Let Down:

    Children of Mana for the DS. What a waste. I can’t believe the amazing Mana series ended up like this.

  • Most Exciting Gaming Experience:

    Choosing just one is near impossible. Honestly one of my favorite recent experiences has been playing Alien Hominid for XBLA. That game makes me laugh out loud. I also can’t remember the last time I actually threw the controller across the room. More games need to make players react so strongly.

  • The Worst or Most Frustrating Moment You’ve Had Gaming:

    I haven’t been too frustrated playing a game lately. As a kid I used to bite my Nintendo controller in frustration when I lost, which is where the image idea for Blow in the Gameslot came from.

  • Ideal Game That Has Not Yet Been Created:

    I don’t know if its ideal, but I’d like to see an MMO with an engaging RPG style story come out. I think this could make a major impact on the genre. Bioware says they’re working on it, so we’ll see.

  • What Message Would You Send to Gamers Everywhere:

    Don’t disregard any idea you have about games or where they should go. Write it down and put it out there somehow. Your idea could become the next game, character or genre, but you have to get it out there so people can see it.


    Thanks so much Colette for the interview. I really enjoy reading your blog and its always great to check out your stuff [as well as all the other things] on Destructoid. It has been a real pleasure. Readers, be sure to drop by her blog and have a read. If you feel inspired enough then you could add Blow in the Game Slot as a friend on MySpace as well.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s interview. Stay tuned next week for another great person. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com.

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    I thought I was the only one who knew of Bjork! Wow. Good read.

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    Yeah I mentioned Bjork back to her as well. You know she is actually going to be the musical guest on SNL this next Saturday.

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    haah i still bite my controller when i get pissed

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