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This Monday I am checking out another great gaming community that got their start on Bungie’s built in Group function. In fact our very own Midworld Forum for Tied the Leader saw its first version under the Bungie servers. What a great way in incorporate the community in with the developer. Thumbs up goes out to Bungie. I digress though. Time to work out that scroll bar and clean out your eyes. Check out the information below about Games in Action, courtesy of Maximum Fear. Enjoy

  • How and when did your community start up?

    Way back in January 2006 I created a group on the website Bungie.net (the official site of Bungie, the creators of Halo and Halo 2). The site has lots of community features and I really enjoy it there. I created the group and named it Games in Action, thanks to co-founder Goldhawk who had a book on his desk called Maths in Action. So yeah we stole our name from a math book.

  • What meaning does your community’s name hold?

    Games in Action means exactly what it says. Our site is all about video games and getting our community/members to input and interact with us as much as possible. Hence the action part.

  • How many people call your community home?

    The original group on bungie.net had just over 1200 members. Once we moved onto the site we had to restart the member counter. I think right now we have nearly 2000 members, but not all of them are active, I would say only 10-20% of that number actively use the site and forums unfortunately.

  • How do you go about luring people to the community?

    I wouldn’t say lure, but what we put across when we want to show new people what we can offer is that you, the members make Games in Action. Our site is all about the users interacting and sharing. Most of the reviews, news stories and mini-games are submitted and posted by our members, not the GiA Team.

  • What are some unique bylaws that you all enforce?

    Our forums are pretty lax, we don’t enforce many rules strictly but we do try to keep it a fun and enjoyable place for all.

  • What do you do to keep the members interested and coming back?

    The content we offer is really good and we offer new stuff everyday. We also organize tournaments, such as the Halo 2 Team SWAT tournament we held a while back where we offered $200 to the winner. The big thing this year is the Halo 3 Tournament kicking off on Halo 3’s launch day. First prize is a whopping $5000. But the main thing that keeps members coming back I think is the actual atmosphere and how enjoyable the forums are for everybody.

  • What other communities do you draw influence from when handling yours?

    I would say that the main community we draw a lot of influence from is Bungie.net A lot of our most active and all of the GiA Admin team are members of Bungie.net, are all active there and all met each other there. But we all are part of other sites and communities all around the web.

  • How is your community different than any other community?

    I would say that its the way that we run things. Like I have said earlier, we don’t have a set team that write all the articles and reviews etc: Most of our content (around 80% of it) has been created by our members.

  • What is the most memorable mile mark for your community?

    We have had a few, like the 25,000 posts mark, the 1000 member mark. I think the best thing for us though is how active we are now and that we have alot more people online on a night posting more in the forums.

  • Any exciting things we can expect in the future?

    Well I mentioned our Halo 3 tournament, which is called Shock & Awe earlier. That is probably the biggest event at GiA this year. But we also have another major announcement. We have sponsored a MLG team this year for the MLG leagues. The team is called Girls in Action (to keep the GiA tag). So thats another big thing this year.


    Thanks for all the information Maximum Fear. Readers make sure to drop by the Games in Action community and check it out. It is a great community.

    If you know of a community, or are in a community that would like to be spotlighted in the Community Profile then send me an email at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com and tell me about it. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s profile. Stop back next week for another great community.

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