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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing someone I had been itching to learn more about. He has definitely made his mark on many of the communities you all enjoy. This week I talk with the one and only JVB. Below are his responses. Enjoy.

  • What is Your Gaming Alias:


  • What Age Did You Start Playing Video Games:

    8 Years Old

  • Who Would You Say is Responsible for Getting You Into Gaming:

    Nobody really. I just remember going to the local Grocery Store to play Asteroids.

  • First Game That Had You Hooked:

    Qbert. Damn that was a great game. I got 4 million points one time to beat the high score.

  • Little Known Fact:

    I love Creamed Corn.

  • If You Were to Make a Documentary, What Would it Be About:

    Wow, it would be about my adventures in the gaming community. I would run around to everyones house on my friends list and film them.

  • What Communities Are You Involved With:

    I’m with Podtacular, Seatag.com and GamerCast Network. Also I’m an Xbox Ambassador.

  • What is Your Favorite Part of What You Do:

    I love helping people in the gaming community, podcast, websites and people on Xbox Live.

  • What Are You Better at Than Anyone You Know:

    Not much..lol. I guess it’s my ability to make people laugh.

  • What People Have Had a Dramatic Impact on Your Life:

    My Grandmother. She raised me and my brother from the age of 6. She sacrificed everything to make us who we are today.

  • Closest You Have Come to Death:

    Oh man. I almost hit my car against a divider beam. That really scared the hemorrhoids out of me.

  • Song You Are Currently Listening to:

    Warlock by Skinny Puppy.

  • Favorite Ending For a Game, Movie or Book:

    One of the best endings I have seen in a game has to be from Condemned: Criminal Origins. That ending made me want part 2 so badly.

  • Favorite Movie Quote:

    “See you at the party Ritcha” Arnold Shwarzenagger in Total Recall.

  • Favorite Arcade Addiction:

    I would have to say UNO for Xbox Live Arcade. Its simple but oh so addicting.

  • What is Your Drink or Snack of Choice While Gaming:

    My unique Red Bull ice cream sundae. That thing rocks.

  • Game You Are Looking Forward to the Most:

    Halo 3. The Podtacular community has grown to such large numbers, and Halo 3 would expand it even more.

  • Game That Was the Biggest Let Down:

    Brute Force. Oh man, I thought Microsoft Studios had a winner. After playing it for 3 days, I had to trade it in.

  • Most Exciting Gaming Experience:

    The first time I got on Xbox Live. I could not believe how much fun I was able to have by hearing other people while playing.

  • The Worst or Most Frustrating Moment You’ve Had Gaming:

    I’d say whenever I got matched up against modders during Halo 2. Damn that spoiled it for a lot of die hards.

  • Ideal Game That Has Not Yet Been Created:

    Good question. I would like a football game where every position is manned by someone on Xbox Live. For example, I would be the Quarterback and you would be my running back, while someone else played center, and so on. I hope that makes sense.lol

  • What Message Would You Send to Gamers Everywhere:

    To enjoy what you have around you now. When I grew up as a gamer, I didn’t have all of the choices and features that you guys have at your disposal. We had no Live, no cameras, no blue ray. It was straight up gaming, and nothing else. The big 3 (Nintendo, Microsoft,Sony) are giving gamers everything they have in these new consoles. This is the greatest era of gaming, so be thankful that you guys are a part of it.


    Great responses JVB! Thanks a ton for the interview and for all you do for the community. Readers make sure to drop by the GamerCast Network and check out all the sites there. You may find some sites you haven’t stopped by yet. Let me assure you they are all worth a look.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s interview. Stay tuned next week for another great person. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com.

    Posted by Dweezle

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  1. #LINK D0324 T1916
    Liquilife wrote...

    Daaahh! I knew you liked cream corn! Good stuff.

  2. #LINK D0325 T1738
    JVB wrote...

    Thank you for including me in the ” 22 questions ” segment. I hope my answers were somewhat entertaining.

    If you guys need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

  3. #LINK D0326 T1420
    Dialpex wrote...

    Wow.. these were great! JVB is indeed a great asset to us and to the gaming community in general. We’re glad to have you aboard JVB.

    Once again.. great job Dweezle and the guys from TTL. You guys rock!!!


  4. #LINK D0327 T0133
    XerxdeeJ wrote...


    How you been? I need to pay a visit to Podtacular again. On the mic!

  5. #LINK D0327 T1629
    Alekat wrote...

    Great interview. I think his idea for a football game is pretty good, and it could become a reality with xbox live. I don’t even like sports games, but that I would have to try. FPS sports game FTW!

  6. #LINK D0327 T1805
    zeuz patter wrote...

    Redbull ice cream sunday! And i thought I had heard it al!

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