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A new week is upon us which means another community profile to kick it off. This week I had a chat with Tyler Treat about Game-Spectrum. GS is a site loaded with great game news, previews and reviews. Above all that it has a large community base. Sounds like a very well rounded site. Perhaps you would like to know more? Well look no further, here are Tyler’s answer’s to the questions.

  • How and when did your community start up?

    Game-Spectrum originated as an Xbox community site known as “Xbox Underground” in June of 2005. It was primarily composed of a few core members that met over at the Bungie.net forums as well as Xbox Live. Months after Xbox Underground was formed, we decided to “broaden our horizons,” meaning to cover more than just Microsoft’s big black box (and its upcoming Xbox 360). On September 19, 2005, Game-Spectrum.com was launched.

  • What meaning does your community’s name hold?

    The term “spectrum” refers to “an array of entities.” Tag “game” onto the beginning of that and you probably get what it means. In general, it alludes to our coverage of all aspects of the gaming industry, which brings forth our tagline, “Covering the entire spectrum of gaming.”

  • How many people call your community home?

    Game-Spectrum.com currently has 139 registered members, not all of which are active. Many users like to “lurk” the forums, looking for tidbits or other pieces of information. We do, however, have a base-member group that is quite active, and we’re always looking for more members!

  • How do you go about luring people to the community?

    We don’t really actively advertise GS, although that’s not to say you won’t see anything about us in affiliate publications. Speaking of which, we have numerous site affiliations. Nonetheless, most people find us on their own, whether it’s via a search, through Digg, or through word of mouth.

  • What are some unique bylaws that you all enforce?

    Game-Spectrum doesn’t necessarily enforce any unique bylaws by definition, but we do recommend that members are 14 years of age or older. In spite of this, we do promote a safe and friendly community. Our job is to keep gamers in the loop, but more important, give them an enjoyable place to converse about gaming.

  • What do you do to keep the members interested and coming back?

    Our main content, considering we’re a gaming website, is our unique reviews, editorials, news coverage, and other features. We also hold contests. Our most recent contest was a Battlefield 2142 wallpaper design contest sponsored by EA, in which we gave away copies of the game and official game T-shirts. Another thing that brings our members back is our tightly-knit community and lastly, our gaming clan. We give our users a voice, allowing them to speak up and give feedback and suggestions.

  • What other communities do you draw influence from when handling yours?

    There are many factors that influence the handling of our community. To name a few affecting communities: Xbox.com, Bungie.net, and GameSpot.com.

  • How is it different having your community associated with a news site?

    It’s different in that there’s way more to manage. For example, we have to keep track of the ever-shifting gaming industry, we have to push out unique, informative, and entertaining content, and we have to administer a public forum. But hey, it’s what we do!

  • What is the most memorable mile mark for your community?

    Without a doubt, the transformation of Xbox Underground to GS. Not only did it broaden our community’s perspective on the industry, but it marked the organization’s true beginning. This was a key milestone in Game-Spectrum’s history.

  • Any exciting things we can expect in the future?

    Absolutely! Most recently, we teamed up with StuffWeLike, an entertainment website, to provide users with streaming multimedia content such as game and movie trailers, music, interviews, and a boatload of other stuff. We also plan on having more contests and giveaways in the near future, along with a few other improvements.

    I’d also like to note that we’re always looking for dedicated staff members. We are looking for skilled writers that are knowledgeable about the industry. Editorial positions we are seeking include Xbox/Xbox 360, PS3, DS, PSP, Wii, PC, and “Hardware.” We are also looking for a PR manager, media manager, web designer, and a programmer. All jobs at Game-Spectrum.com are currently voluntary positions, but in many cases, free games and items are provided, and payment is a possibility down the road. So, if you’re interested, shoot an email to pr@game-spectrum.com.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this interview!


    Always a pleasure to profile such great communities as yours. Thank you for all the information about Game-Spectrum. Readers, be sure to drop by their site and have a look around. If you would like to stroll around their community then swing by their forums.

    If you know of a community, or are in a community that would like to be spotlighted in the Community Profile then send me an email at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com and tell me about it. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s profile. Stop back next week for another great community.

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