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This Monday I delve deep inside one of the adult gaming communities out there. Readers of this blog shouldn’t be strangers to adult gamers. Although not all of you are of age, we chat about 2old2play from time to time, not to mention Tied the Leader is a mature community as well. Fairly recently I stumbled on The Adult Gamer community. To learn a little more about them I had a chat with Ron, aka DjeRyu, and asked him some questions to learn more about their community. Below are his responses. Enjoy.

  • How and when did your community start up?

    TAG (The Adult Gamer) was created back in August of 2005 for adults who enjoy games but don’t like putting up with all the craziness and immaturity that we often find in open public rooms.

  • What meaning does your community’s name hold?

    This one is pretty self-explanatory: You gotta be an adult. Helps if you play games, too.

  • How many people call your community home?

    We have about 650 people registered on TAG, 171 of which are “full members” (more on that in a sec).

  • How do you go about luring people to the community?

    We don’t really try. We actually have as many people find us on their own (google search) as we do that join on the advice of a friend but, however they find us, most people enjoy our community enough to spread the word themselves.

  • What are some unique bylaws that you all enforce?

    First, there’s the obvious one: You have to be 21 to join TAG or be sponsored by an official member. That’s the second, not-so-obvious one: In order to be considered for full TAG membership, you have to be a little more active than your average lurker. 3 months, 30 substantive posts and 30 (or so) gaming sessions are required to be eligible, then the other full members vote each month on the people who made those requirements. We also have a rule in place stating that we will not abide by any cheating, glitching, or using exploits against other people (more of that maturity theme. :D )Lastly, one of the most unique aspects of TAG is the way it’s governed. There is a council of five, who are elected every six months by the members, whose job it is to make sure everyone behaves and to keep the site running smoothly. Our most important rule though: Have FUN! :D

  • What do you do to keep the members interested and coming back?

    We are almost constantly running some type of community event. Right now, we have the TAG Olympics going all month long. In the past we’ve had our own on-site tournaments and ladders. Also, we have contests for our site, itself: The header banner on our forums changes every few months… created and voted upon by the members of TAG. Basically, we have a “family feel” to our community.

  • What other communities do you draw influence from when handling yours?

    Lots, actually. Everything from IGN to 2old2play, even TTL

  • With many adult communities out there is there hope for more mature gaming as a whole?

    I think so. Honestly, I never thought that TAG would get more than a hundred or so people signed up but, we have that many visiting every day!

  • What is the most memorable mile mark for your community?

    I don’t know if it could be called a mile mark but, I feel that raising ~$1700 for Child’s Play 2006 in TAG’s 1st Annual Charity Tournament last year was our proudest accomplishment, so far. We held a tournament in Gears of War with a $10/person entry fee. That, combined with other donations from TAGgers ensured that some kids have something fun to do while going through some not-so-fun times. You can read all about it in February’s issue of the TAG Newsletter.

  • Any exciting things we can expect in the future?

    We’re working on some changes over at TAG: new design, adding blogs, (hopefully). We also have the TAG Olympics running right now. There’s always something fun and exciting happening at TAG. Come check us out and remember… HAVE FUN!


    Thanks for all the great info Ron. Efforts are underway to try and arrange some challenges with you all in various games. I would recommend any other communities to do the same. You all seem like an amazing group of gamers. Anyone that puts having fun at the top of their priorities is OK in my book.

    If you know of a community, or are in a community that would like to be spotlighted in the Community Profile then send me an email at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com and tell me about it. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s profile. Stop back next week for another great community.

    Posted by Dweezle

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  1. #LINK D0312 T2019
    xTagx BBQ Chef wrote...

    We welcome anyone from TTL to come by and visit us….were a friendly bunch. we only shoot our friends (in game of course).

  2. #LINK D0313 T0749
    xTAGx Jerzy wrote...

    I will second what BBQ said, over at TAG we are a relaxed bunch of guys/gals. We are constantly bringing our new members into the fold, alot of us cleanup out Friend Lists regularly just to make room for the new guys. We have a great “Welcome” committee that does a crack up job with making everyone feel welcome. Our ages range from I beleive our lowest “Sponsored” member is like 17 and the ages go up to the late 40’s I beleive.

  3. #LINK D0313 T0952
    Stuicide wrote...

    Great write up Dweezle, I like hearing about this community, sounds like a great place.

    I am intrigued by their method of voting in new members and all of that stuff. New people in charge every 6 months? That’s awesome.

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