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The Halo Nation is sheathed in a rich tapestry of vivid characters that play a role in their own grand war story. Each night, tens of thousands of us descend upon the grid in search of our own personal moments of glory. For every gamer who deals themselves into the game through the random chaos of Matchmaking on Xbox Live, there is that perfect hand that they all crave. Each of us hopes to be dealt a full-house with our favorite map, favorite objective, and [maybe, just maybe] our favorite weapon.

In a series of articles to begin now and continue indefinitely, Tied the Leader would like to take a moment to salute those master craftsman of mayhem who make a name for themselves by embracing their own combat specialty. These are the heroes of the virtual battlefield. They are the career snipers, wheelmen, defenders, demolitions experts, riflemen, fragmentation junkies, scouts, tankers, pilots, and rocketeers. When the game is afoot and the clock starts ticking, you will know where to find them. They are committed to their lesson and they say it true.

To launch the parade, this gamer has selected his very favorite breed: The Tail-Gunner. Specifically, Tied the Leader salutes the specialist rated above his peers for use on the M12 LRV Light Anti-Aircraft Gun as fitted to the standard issue Warthog. The Tail-Gunner is the arm-chair trooper that you want pulling revolutions on your turret platform – Chainhog or Gauss, take your pick. They pack the gear to kill while you steer.

With the exception of the occasional splatter, any Warthog Team is only as effective as its Tail-Gunner. No Master will get very far trying to run Bartertown without a Blaster. The Gunner is the fearless marksman who hops on board when its time to roll. While the other teammates are waving a Hog Pilot off with “Go away, I am sniping…” the Tail-Gunner is calling for pickup and dust-off. Hog pilots seek them out by player’s icon. They ask for them by ‘tag when the family car respawns magically and triumphantly in the garage.

These daredevil dead-eyes rule the battlefield when they find their zone. They wield the heaviest weapon in any theatre of combat served up by Halo 2. A true Tail-Gunner can pick an enemy combatant on the bounce out of the air with a bolt of charged particles. Masters of the craft take hapless noobs off their feet while they fumble to reload the rocket launcher. They keep their head on a swivel, picking out targets with mortal accuracy. When there are no targets to be found, they instinctively look off the nose of the ‘Hog, blazing the trail with a steady sweep of hellfire.

During a combat scenario in the Vietnam War, the life expectancy of the door-gunner in a helicopter was slight – 9 to 22 seconds, depending on which source you consult. While the length of time is in question, a seasoned Tail-Gunner from the realms of Halo 2 knows that breed of peril. They are the bullet-magnets that draw the flack when the chariot rolls through the badlands. Between the two gamers commanding the Hog, everyone trains their cross-hairs on the one dishing out the punishment. Far too often, the Tail-Gunner takes one for the team, so that the Hog may rush again – say thankya.

While the Pilot may chart the course, any Tail-Gunner worth his subscription fee is the Captain. Calling out targets as they rear their ugly helmets, the gunner describes the threat-matrix of the landscape. Among the TTL Gunslingers, there is one golden rule for this rare breed of hero: in a worst-case scenario, the Tail-Gunner dies with the ‘Hog. This is altogether fitting and appropriate. After all, any self-respecting Captain goes down with the ship.

Join us, fair gamer, in our salute to the Tail-Gunner. If you know a Halophile on your list who fits this description, leave a shout-out for them. Pin a medal on their chest with a comment below.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0219 T0203
    Pony wrote...

    Deej, I really thought you’d written some of your best work before this… but I can’t even find words to express myself. Honoring the daredevil himself, who is willing to stand completely exposed to fend off the enemy swarms is perfectly fitting. Great read.

  2. #LINK D0219 T0254
    CoB Nightmare wrote...

    Great article, and I thank all who do this dangerous job. Howmany of you have ended up at the end of my sniper rifle is besides the point, your job is invaluable for your warthogs survival. And thanks for all the killtaculars.

  3. #LINK D0219 T0309
    Ballistic wrote...

    Excellent summation of some of my favorite players. Glory to the Gunners!

  4. #LINK D0219 T0722
    Stuicide wrote...

    Since TTL is stock full of Drivers better than I who won’t flip over at the sight of a bump in the road, I hop on Tailgun when I see that magnificent Guass Cannon sparkling the daylight. Usually it ends with a bang, but when all is right in the world, a Hog Duo is unstoppable and can shut down an entire map. From taking down infantry to heavy artillery, dropping off the Offensive Rush or by trolling the perimeter of the our own base, they do it all. Hoo rah to the Tailgunner.

  5. #LINK D0219 T0759
    Demag0gue wrote...

    Here’s to the tail-gunner…

  6. #LINK D0219 T1302
    Alekat85 wrote...

    I’ve lost so many tailgunners as a driver, and died often as a gunner myself. I just love seeking out my dead gunner’s respawned player symbol and picking him/her right back up again.

  7. #LINK D0219 T1754
    Fezzer wrote...

    A gauss gunner with a good connection and a good driver is deadlier than any sniper, rocketeer, or tank driver.

  8. #LINK D0219 T1806
    Homicide wrote...

    SALUTE! Second to the sniper rifle the gauss cannon is my favorite weapon. Now if they only had stationary gauss cannons too. One of my favorite experiences on Xbox live was watching our own mudshovel go on a 50-0 tear. That’s where the “IN THE ZONE” saying comes from.

  9. #LINK D0219 T1921
    Suicidesamuraiz wrote...

    Road-kill… one of the four best squads to be in in all of Halo.

    I say Thankya Sai for this group, and will gun and drive and die to get a kill for TTL any day.

    To those who have driven me to my death—I say Thankee Sai.

    To those who have been sniped of the back of my hog—I saw thankee Sai. Let none call you a Ka Mai.

    To those who have died with me, this Seppe Sai says Thankee Sai.

  10. #LINK D0220 T0727
    Ender wrote...

    Your work is a pleasure to read as always Deej. To all those gunners I’ve lost, I’m sorry I didn’t keep you alive longer. To all those gunners I’ve driven to overkills, high five.

  11. #LINK D0221 T1243
    Quantifier wrote...

    I too salute our tail gunners. When I see a good hog duo on our team it significantly boosts my confidence. Many times I have seen a good hog team dominate, and even been on the receiving end of one on occasion to my great displeasure. The gauss cannon in the right hands is arguably the most efficient weapon in the game. Hats off to you tail gunners!

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