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This Monday I am diving into the Matrix to figure out what is real? Actually, that is a lie, I am just profiling another great community. To be fair though I can’t help but think of the Matrix when hearing the name of this great community, Loading Reality. What IS reality? Well Loading Reality is a site that houses a community of gamers that gather to game together and talk about the games they play. Within this community there is a blog which serves as a writing tablet for reviews and regular podcasts. There is also a LR Forums which allows for any gamer to stop by, drop a word or two and interact with the community. Want more? Well you are in luck because I have plenty of information to fill your belly. I had a chat with Ryan, one of the leaders. Have a read.

  • How and when did your community start up?

    We officially kicked off LoadingReality.com about 2 months ago but the idea for our community has been in the works for about 6 months. LR was born from the ideas of many friends to create a gaming community that is, #1 about FUN and friendship. We had this grand idea in our head about a gaming podcast combined with a gaming blog and community which supported all types of clans and gaming systems. Over the last 2 months we have been rolling out our ideas and things have been coming together wonderfully.

  • What meaning does your community’s name hold?

    We bounced many ideas around as far as names and in the end the majority of us felt that Loading Reality was a great play on words and in the end I guess it means that we are just “real” gamers and “Real” friends.

  • How many people call your community home?

    We have over 30 on the Team (Staff) and just passed 130 members in our forums which we are very proud of since we have only been up and running about 2 months.

  • How do you go about luring and screening recruits?

    We are not what would be considered a Clan so we do not actively “recruit”. Our community is open to anyone no matter if you are in a clan or another community. The second you sign up on our forums your title will be changed to LR Member. Its a group effort and as long as people stay mature and respect each other they will be rewarded.

  • What are some unique bylaws that your community enforces?

    Id like to think that we are unique in that we have a core group of close friends who have been together for some time. This allows us to work as a GROUP and not as a structured clan like system where one person acts as if they are ‘over” all members . Everyones voice is important from the member who signed up on our forums today to the member who signed up 2 months ago . The only laws we have would be the basic… Respect every gamer…..Act Mature… No Cheating or Glitching of any sorts…..Participate and have fun!

  • What do you do to build camaraderie in your ranks?

    We have a number of ways that everyone can jump in and help out. We are rolling our a unique House system which I will detail later. We also have a podcast show called “The Weekly Upload” which has already surprised me with the number of downloads we are getting. Members will be featured on our podcast, which I think is a great way to show our members how much we appreciate them being with us. Also anyone can submit gaming news to our blog and if posted their LR Level goes up. We are in the process of developing an LR Level system which rewards each member when they participate in anything LR related.

  • What is the best way to get booted from your community?

    Luckily we have not had to boot anyone yet but the standard rules apply when on this subject. Remember respect and fair gaming is what we stand for. We are an easy going group but also enjoy good teamwork and want everyone at LR to have a great experience. If a member is creating a non friendly place for certain members to game then they will be asked to leave.

  • What games does your group prefer?

    Right now we are heavy into Gears of War, Halo 2 and will be fully supporting GRAW2 and the Halo 3 beta. We also will have sports leagues starting up soon.

  • What is your poison/passion: Do you like MLG, online ladders, recreational?

    Our Passion is simply gaming with each other. No matter what the game or setup in the particular game I am most proud of how we all get along as a group. We have come a long way together and every time I get a chance to jump into a game with LR members its a great time. If you are looking for just a great group of guys and gals to game with, stop by and join in.

  • Any exciting things on the way?

    Actually quite a few things are on the way as we roll out new sections and ideas to LoadingReality.com. We just drafted our teams for the first Season of our HOUSES concept which pits 4 Houses against each other in a League format. Each week Houses will compete against each other for season points in Gears of War and Halo 2. So far its been a big hit and even through the season has started we will accept new House members, so jump over and join in.

    We also just kicked off another blog based on our own Kari (TheDonWan) who is blessed to be located in the heart of MS and is VERY connected to the Bungie team and other high profile Xbox personalities. She will be blogging about her experiences and will have exclusive interviews with all sorts of well known gaming personalities. You can find her blog at kari.loadingreality.com.

    Also stay tunned to our weekly gaming podcast called “The Weekly Upload” , we kicked off our guest list a couple weeks ago with KP from bungie and we have some big plans for guests in the future.

    In closing I’d like to thank Dweezle and the TTL Community for all the great work they do for gamers all over the world. Its an honor to be asked to be on your Community Profile. We have many team members who really do enjoy gaming and getting to know your members.


    Thanks for the info Ryan and good job at getting the site rolling. It has a ton of features so plenty of room to personalize. Congrats to Kari as well for getting her own blog, but interviewing gaming personalities? No one does that… (end sarcasm and irony here). Readers make sure to stop by their site and check out a podcast or two and browse through their forums. It is a cool community and between selling lemonade and perching like a bird, I enjoy all my games with members from LR.

    If you know of a community, or are in a community that would like to be spotlighted in the Community Profile then send me an email at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com and tell me about it. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s profile. Stop back next week for another great community.

    Posted by Dweezle

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    Quantifier wrote...

    Another good spotlight Dweez! I really like their name. LR seems like a great new site i’ll have to go visit soon. Sounds like they got some cool things going on and they even have their own high profile blogger too!

  2. #LINK D0222 T0938
    Protonova wrote...

    Excellent Spotlight!

    The LoadingReality community is a great place to be if you enjoy talking about gaming, and with the recently launched internal house system, its really easy to play competitively with a great selection of people.

    Check the LoadingReality.com homepage for the latest in Gaming news, submitted by LoadingReality.com members.

  3. #LINK D0222 T1916
    Kyle wrote...

    Thanks for the spotlight guys!

    We’re a group of gamers who just got together and wanted to bring REAL news to the community. We have ways for even members to join help out and post on the blog or they can just sit back and join in on our House concept and play in week to week matches.

    We look forward to anyone stopping by to say hello or join in on the great gaming community over at Loading Reality.

  4. #LINK D0222 T1924
    Spage wrote...

    Thanks for this and everything there is true. I swearz. Except that Netprints bite people….so watch out for him.

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