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Greetings from the ‘Tied the Leader’ Gunslingers Institute of Gamer Relations, reminding you to always reload when everything goes quiet.

Remember that statistic about adults being the controlling majority of the gaming consumer base? You can look it up. If you are a dude between the ages of 18 to 40 – and you play video games – there are more dudes just like you that are doing that than anyone else who is also. That’s your jungle in there, Caveman!

That statistic points to a silent war on the real homefront of any Big Team Battle. It’s a secret and subtle war played out in the home that serves as the point of entry into the game for any gamer. According to THESA, that’s a lot of homes. The only alternative to war in these environments is an eternal dialogue of negotiation with the Domestic Partner that holds real-life proximity to The Box.

The role of the Domestic Partner can be filled by any number of demographics: beloved wife, live-in girlfriend, saturday night girl, fishin’ buddy, ‘my fucked-up roommate’, and ‘this chick who won’t leave my fucked up roommate alone’ are common adversaries to a healthy gaming addiction. While many of the people found in these categories do not qualify as Domestic Partners for tax purposes, they do have real-life proximity to The Box. They are, therefore, a direct threat to the game. A fragile peace must be brokered if the game is to flow.

Sound familiar? Here is a case study. Meet Chae Si, newest of the TTL Gunslingers. In his description of the aforementioned threat matrix scenario, many of us can find mention of truths and common obstables.

Chae Si said: One of the more difficult situations I have been faced with as a gamer, is how to be a gamer and a husband of a non-gamer. First off, my wife is an amazing and loving person [XerxdeeJ EDIT: “blah, blah, blah, cut to the chase”] who has without fail supported all of my hobbies and passions. Then there was the xbox.

I started noticing that when I chose to play xbox she would become agitated. It was at that time that we had “The Talk”.

There are three things that bother her.

1. She explained that when I play I am focused in a way that is un-interruptable and that it’s tough to be cut off her partner like that.

2. Gaming seems lacking in value; unlike reading, playing guitar, playing sports, or even watching TV.

3. The third thing that bothers her is the grungy seedy side of gaming that she sees when I am on-line – from the lobby comments to the gamer tags. I mean, try explaining to your wife that it is ok for some 14 year old to call himself “UrMOMonMYwong” or something even fouler. (I made that up, but I HAVE seen worse and so have you)

We’ll sure we have! We been rounding up those ne’erdowells and turning them into the Praetorians for, well, a long time. We don’t talk about ‘em. And we sure and Hell don’t let our wives know about ‘em!

The real problem here is that you are breaking the first two rules of Fight Club. You had the talk? You can’t sell the flavor of the Kool-aid to someone who doesn’t like high-fructose corn syrup.

The confidential details of Chae Si’s case study reveal a successful treaty. In this scenario, the gamer is able to explain the benign nature of the pastime – yet defend the right to not “come and see what the Dog Whisperer is up to” when the flag is in play and a fresh Hog has just spawned. In order to elevate the experience of the role play, he has filled his headset with the chatter of team mates [good boys] instead of the constant wall of sound that erupts from a Rumble Pit.

The floor is open to recommendations for how these treaties are best ratified on your own personal turf.

This gamer employs a predictable routine of sweet-ass date nights interspersed among potential game nights. I am also uniquely allied with a Domestic Partner who gave me both of the Xboxes that have served my campaign. Top that!

This does not mean that she enjoys the sound of me calling out sniper positions at 2:00 in the freaking morning, but I am lucky that Mrs. DeeJ would rather have me roaring at the television than being vomitted upon by Hockey fans.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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    L0coM0tive wrote...

    How did I miss this one? Man! Good work DeeJ, Chae Si, it is a problem we all battle. I was lucky in the fact that my last girlfriend cooked me food and brought it to me on my gaming nights/days/weeks, she was very understanding. Then again, I did take good care of her when I wasn’t gaming, so she was patient when I was.

  2. #LINK D0130 T0006
    Stuicide wrote...

    Man, that’s a tough battle to figure out, especially when some ladies just don’t understand.

    Luckily, I once dated a girl who was not only into games, but better with a sniper than I.

    I’m no XerxdeeJ with the sniper rifle, but I can handle myself. This girl is still one of the sharpest guns this side of Mid-World.

  3. #LINK D0130 T0025
    Dweezle wrote...

    We can all only strive to be as good of a sniper as XerxdeeJ. He is so good we try to keep him away from it in order to bring a fair game.

  4. #LINK D0130 T0051
    bs angel wrote...

    Thankfully my husband supports my gaming 100%. As he tells his coworkers, the second I became passionate about gaming was the second I stopped moaning and complaining about the amount of hours that he works. He keeps my game pile stocked at all times so when he calls to tell me he will be home late, I usually don’t pick up the phone as I am in the middle of a game and he gets to happily leave me a message.

  5. #LINK D0130 T2110
    Stuicide wrote...

    Guess what I found in the dining room? Hmm.. angel?

  6. #LINK D0131 T1822
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    A bologna sandwich!

  7. #LINK D0202 T1738
    Quantifier wrote...

    no smores!

    I haven’t really had “the talk” with my wife, but we do have an uneasy truce/schedule. I have 2 designated gaming nights, sunday and wednesday after the kids go to bed (8pm). Both picked around her schedule too I might add :)

    Anyway, it works out for the most part, though when special game times/nights come up, it can get testy. I’ve tried to get her involved/into it, but she just ins’t and thinks I’m an uber geek, though she does admit that my gaming isn’t as bad as a lot of the sports-obsessed husbands within our circle of friends. I just wish she was more supportive.

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