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Welcome everyone to this week’s 22. (In best baseball announcer voice) The person this week has been involved in gaming for a long time. He has made himself known for Halo for the PC and for the community surrounding him, the Cooked Gamers. He has been a devoted Bungie fan for quite sometime. He also was involved in the creation of the Halo Portable website (Mintz who?). Hailing from a LAN near you…. RRRRRRRapture! (Is it just me or do my intros get more and more confusing and odd…) Here is Rapture’s answers to our questions, and make sure to drop by his site as well for more information about him and other things going on in the gaming community.

  • Gametag: EA
  • Pet Peeve: Asymmetrical rooms. They creep me out in real life and in a video game. A close second is the spam I get on XBOX Live telling me how bad some kid hates the EA servers. Uh. I’ll send your request down to the networking department.
  • Your best moment of triumph: Besides tricking my wife into marrying me, passing a Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer course exit exam 12-months after having had the class. I had a lot riding on that exam, also.
  • Game that was the biggest let down: Basically any of the recent Madden games. They all seem the same to me. I guess that’s my fault, though. Once I find a version I like only the rosters should change. Not the entire control system, UI, or gameplay.
  • Closest you have come to death: Holy cow! It is amazing that my near-death story is much like Foo Mo Jive’s story. Actually, it’s uncanny how close mine is to his. The exact thing that happened to him happened to me EXCEPT the car that almost crashed into me was a POLICE CAR! My bad, officer. The police car raced after me into on coming traffic to catch me…as if I were going anywhere. The policeman and I met up at the next exit. We both caught our breath, pointed fingers at each other, had a laugh, and went home to change underwear. (Foo Mo Jive – you weren’t in Huntsville, Alabama a few years ago riding with me were you?)
  • What are you better at than anyone you know: I would say nothing. I like surrounding myself with excellence.
  • Little known fact: A megaparsec is 3.2 million light-years. Oh, about me? I was scouted out by the Pittsburg Pirates to play baseball when I was exiting high school.
  • Ideal business: I like what I do in working in a 3D visualization lab with some of the Army’s sweetest hardware and aircraft. But, eventually I’d like to develop real estate – particularly a couple of high scale private ski-lake communities. That’s a dream of mine. I’m a ski nut.
  • First game that had you hooked: Super Techmo Bowl on NES. Bo Jackson was the man!
  • Obi Wan or Gandalf: I believe in the Force. Besides, Gandalf hacks with nature. That could get him banned.
  • Celebrity Crush: Selma Hayek.
  • Who is on your Celebrity Plane Crash: I would be Evangeline Lilly from LOST and I’d be on there with her. We’d crash on a mysterious island with some mysterious black smoke, a 4-toed statue, and some DARMA bunkers. She’d clue me in on how the Hanso Foundation is controlling everyone with a giant magnet because, of course, Kate is a mole.
  • Supernatural Power of Choice: Flying. It must be so awesome to be able to fly. Save on gas, too.
  • Most expensive thing you ever stole: Nothing to speak of. Really. Uh. I’m not going to speak of it.
  • Favorite Arcade Game: Does Tetris count?
  • Last Gadget Purchased: I just bought a new Linksys Wireless router to hack and pump out more G-band. I’m now running four wireless routers that each serve a purpose, like streaming HDTV to different rooms via Media Center Extender or to wireless phones and laptops. I’m a gadget freak…errr…at least an 802.11 freak.
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas. I actually get a little down once that holiday passes. I look forward to it all year long. Christmas is about family and friends…oh, and the lights! This year I’ll be in another battle with my next door neighbor to see who can get the most lights on our houses.
  • Current trend you least understand: MySpace? I admit. I’ve got a profile (http://myspace.com/ea4). But I just don’t get how it’s so popular. Oh. And this Emo thing. What the heck is Emo?
  • Simon or Garfunkel: Garfunkel. He was a great cat. I did recently hear that he died in a comic strip several years ago. That was sad to learn.
  • Historical figure you would reanimate: I’d like to bring Einstein back to life. That guy was ahead of his time. He outpaced technology. If he were alive today he could really take advantage of the ordinary desktop computer to do some amazing research that certainly would have advanced his theories and our understanding of the universe. We’d probably be time traveling by now and be able to plug into the matrix.
  • Movie Quote: “You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?” – The Joker
  • Graffiti Tag: rapture y’all

    Hope everyone enjoyed. I totally agree about the “hacking with nature”. I mean how low can you go? There is no way Gandalf is a legit level 45 wizard, no way. Till next week readers when you see who we begged to do the 22 Questions then.

    (Editor’s Note: This is from the Dead Man’s Hand Blog that has since merged into the TTL Blog)

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