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This past Friday marked the thirtieth 22 Questions. The point of these has always been to let you, the reader, see a little insight to those in the gaming community around you. Whether it is a developer, a fellow blogger, a clan leader, or someone that makes gaming movies or comics, with each interview I hope to show a little info on the people that comprise the gaming world we all live in.

While it is called the 22 Questions, it has always been about the twenty two answers. What makes good answers? Good questions. What is a good question? Now that is for you to decide. I have decided to remove four of the questions, and replace them. Here is where you come in. I am going to replace them with questions that the readers have suggested. Would you like to see something answered by those interviewed here? Well speak up and suggest some questions in a comment. Here are the ones being removed. Tip your hat to them, then forget all about them.

  • Most Expensive Thing You Ever Stole
  • Favorite Holiday
  • Current Trend You Least Understand
  • Simon or Garfunkel

    Everyone has stole something small when they were little, or a wife’s heart later on. We all like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I think even those that are are emo don’t understand emo. Even though Art Garfunkel has the best hair of the two, Simon is clearly the better singer. Wave good bye, and welcome in a new set of 4 questions.

    Great answers come from great questions. Great questions come from you.

    Posted by Dweezle

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  1. #LINK D1210 T1823
    Suicidesamuraiz wrote...

    I have a few questions off the top of my head that I would like to hear from other gamers.

    1). Ideal game that has not yet been created
    (Sample: A bounty hunter themed sand-box/RPG where you must seek medical help to either replace damage/lost limbs as a form of healing, and could augment yourself with cybernetics. Once you have the MP3 installed in your head, you can make custom sound-tracks. Different endings depending on “how human” you are when you finish the game.

    2). The worst moment you’ve had gaming (i.e. did you toss a controller, let loose like a sailor, or kick your system? (I’ve done all three… TTL, thanks for saving me.)

    3). Favorite ending for a game, movie and/or book

    4). Character (game/movie/book) that you most resemble, or wish you could be.

  2. #LINK D1210 T2128
    Vironex wrote...

    Funny. I recently created a list here:


    (Not spam, I promise!)

  3. #LINK D1211 T0310
    CoB Nightmare wrote...

    Hi Vironex, how about…

    1)CbN or FB (obviosly FB)
    2)Biggest want for Halo 3
    3)Suicidesamuraiz’s- the worst moment in your gaming so far…
    4)What do you eat/drink/where do you sit when playing xbl at home

  4. #LINK D1211 T2333
    Suicidesamuraiz wrote...

    How about, for the short term…

    “What do you think the “X” button does?”

    That could provide some humor.

  5. #LINK D1212 T1353
    CannonFazha wrote...

    Try these on for size:

    • Favorite Bond (or Bond Girl)

    • Full Caf, Half-Caf, or Decaf?

    • Could God microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it? (I don’t expect you to use that, I just want to know the answer)

    • Which cartoon character is the sexiest?

  6. #LINK D1215 T1502
    Vironex wrote...

    He went with one of mine, do I get a cookie?

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